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PTD recruiting World of Tanks

3:49 pm, January 24, 2018 PTD is looking for more members for World of Tanks, we are older clan and play many different games but we are looking for members that play WOT. If interested please contact me in game Krankyr or in [..] View

MUST READ tips and tricks for beginners!

3:03 pm, January 9, 2016 1.Don't buy a premium tank just for the lols,wait till you have 3k battles and you know the tanks,especially the high tier ones.You can buy a low tier premium earlier,but wait till you have at least 3 [..] View

MM Fix(for tiers/wait times)

3:03 pm, January 9, 2016 Okay so the simple fix is to combine East & West servers and move to a Central server based out of Kansas/Missouri. This would give everybody from the farthest locations a chance to have about [..] View


3:03 pm, January 9, 2016 OK, so I just played for about Two Hours with my SU-76M Tank Destoryer and my Toldi III to roll in some dough, and I'd say I played about 13-14 matches.    All of them were against T [..] View

Wish it were worth it

3:03 pm, January 9, 2016 Wargaming, consider this as my official complaint, which i realize is 0 considering the number of players you have, but as somebody who has (and can again) built two, full 100, roster clans that made [..] View

Whats your Go-to favourite tank? and Tank type.

3:03 pm, January 9, 2016 Until recently I had to say Crommy B... As much as it makes you feel like you need a shower if you get top tier MM, I LOVE the challenge it provides when its bottom tier, I run premium consumable, Ram [..] View

Do We All Need To Chill Out?

3:03 pm, January 9, 2016 There was X5 event at Christmas and lots of "interesting" games during event.  So Claus needed break for while and go see Star Wars The force Awakens to chill out.  Not sur [..] View

Legionnaire / Platoon Mate Here

4:03 am, January 9, 2016 Logging back into the game for the first time in about 3 weeks (been busy over the holidays).   I could use a platoon mate or two, preferably close to my stats for some pubbing, any tier from [..] View

Colored Premium Shells

4:03 am, January 9, 2016 I think that there should be color ranked premium shells. normal premium shells should be blue rank. lets make an example chart: normal silver shell:237 pen, 356 dmg, worth 0.5 gold white premium shel [..] View

Whos tired of this?

4:03 am, January 9, 2016 ****** him at the end of a game I was in my lehf arty and he in a cromwell with 15 damage left. after the game i get this response. Sorry i outplayed you and you drove in front of my arty so i could s [..] View

start of the tier XI Russian construction. Just some stats and names to start off with and change

4:03 am, January 9, 2016 ST-II (after the IS-4) 2650 HP 739-1,158 dmg 360/300/320 armor 289-432 pen 18.33s reload time 0.5 accuracy 24 kph 1km view range 450/350/375 turret armor 36 TTS 24 TS 500k XP cost 10mil silver cost 50 [..] View

WZ-120 or WZ 111 1-4

4:03 am, January 9, 2016 Hey guys I'm getting my third tier 9 tank and I'm thinking what should I pick between the two. Played both per-requisite tanks (t-34-2/110) and I'm very comfortable on how they work (gun depression, a [..] View

Oh look another MM post

4:03 am, January 9, 2016 I don't know how many times this is going to be brought up but here it is again. MM post #32498752938475     WG needs to replace their horrible excuse for a MM system. So tired of g [..] View

Tiger 1

4:03 am, January 9, 2016 Is this tank OP or am I just strangely good with it? I have around 70 battles in it and I average 1300 damage, got 9 high calibers, 2 top guns, and an MOE % of 70 and have an XVM of 76(out of 100) in [..] View

Before The Battle Begins...

4:03 am, January 9, 2016 Hi tankers o/   Do you quickly move from tank to tank, tier to tier, battle to battle? Doing so may be detrimental to your winrate. Check out the vid to see a few suggestions about things you [..] View


3:03 pm, January 8, 2016 Dang, I want to get back to working getting the Bat Cave Garage going soon as the garage is back to normal, I do not feel like changing the paths.xml so I will wait but I did start working on it again [..] View

Which tier is the most fun?

3:03 pm, January 8, 2016 So I can't quite put my finger on it... I've got upto 3 tier 10 tanks and tier X leaves me with a horrible taste in my mouth. Yes it is fun doing the most damage but its also freaking idiotic having 1 [..] View


3:03 pm, January 8, 2016 Ok so I've been playing this game for a while...clearly not a newbie anymore but for some reason I still make newbie mistakes.  Please take this opportunity to learn from my stupidity. &n [..] View

Hi guys! How do I get through the AMX M4 MLE?

3:03 pm, January 8, 2016 I'm not a very good player so I haven't been going all the way through the tiers, still trying to learn all I can before getting a tier 10. Any who what can I do to make the AMX M4 as not pathetic as [..] View

Clan Wars Campaign Too Crowded

4:03 am, January 8, 2016 Wargaming:   Why add Tier 6, 8, and 10 Clan Wars if you're going to undo it by forcing everyone to play on the same tiny map? It's too crowded...too many people in tournaments...bids too high [..] View

Doddering old Poop LFC

4:03 am, January 8, 2016 That's right, I'm old and dont really care.   I am looking for a clan to hang out and sometimes platoon and stuff. Dont really care much about Clam warts anymore(2.0 ****** it for me) I might [..] View

im sick and tired of my SPG-7 mission

4:03 am, January 8, 2016 i have every other one done but I have played all day and MM keep ******** me over by either putting me in top tier matches or games where there is 1-2 TD's/SPG's a tier higher then me then when i fin [..] View

MmmMmm! Food, Consumables

4:03 am, January 8, 2016 So I have seen that some people use authentic foods while playing. I thought this silly till I tried it myself. The consumable/food really does work for improving game play. Here is a good site for ge [..] View

Live Steam of PC Game Client

4:03 am, January 8, 2016 WG and anyone else, you may likely have difficulty with playing when the game client starts up while they do the live steam. Some how, the video plugin they use, at least on my Windows 10 laptop, thro [..] View

Those outclased matches...

4:03 am, January 8, 2016 Those outclased matches... 8 super heavy tanks vs 1 heavy on our team plus us... how to deal with them?   these matches are coming more frecuently lately... how can i deal with them? [..] View


4:03 am, January 8, 2016 I was going through the hull blazes on the external options, and while the flags are interesting, it seems the designers/developers would have thought to add the state flags of some of the more 'indep [..] View

"British Lag Hacking" Can someone translate?

4:03 am, January 8, 2016 First, the replay, go ahead and skip towards the end. Anyone care to explain what the heck a "Lag Hack" is supposed to be, and why [..] View

TKO is rebuilding

4:03 am, January 8, 2016 TKO (Tank Companies Only) has been around since 2011.  Over the last year or so we have had a decline but we are currently starting to rebuild.  We are looking for people who are int [..] View

My do you hardly ever get maps like Pilsen and Overlord.

3:03 pm, January 7, 2016 Ok, so this past month I have played a lot of Wot for my standards (20-25 battles daily, on average). I mainly play Tier 6 and 7 games but I also ply lower tiers and I have only got Pilsen twice n the [..] View

Is there a good Chinese tank?

3:03 pm, January 7, 2016 So, I have a Chinese crew at 99% on their 3rd skill, almost to their 4th skill  . . .  What is a good/interesting/great for it's tier Chinese tank to put them on . . . ?   N [..] View

Is E 75 Best The Tank in Game?

3:03 pm, January 7, 2016 Which tank have no problem when bottom tier?  Which tank is monster when top tier?  Which tank has best armor in game? Whcih tank have great gun with high alpha? E 75!  Is E [..] View


3:03 pm, January 7, 2016 It's amusing how many believe that a 60+% win chance by XVM means an automatic win.  It doesn't.  At all.  You still have to play a decent strategy.  You can't just [..] View

So the IS-3A has been around for about a month now, let's talk about it

3:03 pm, January 7, 2016 On paper, it looks like an IS-3 that trades mobility, gun handling, and some token amount of turret protection in exchange for superior DPM and a faster standard shell. In practice, that's pretty much [..] View

Skirmishes strongholds guide from eu community

3:03 pm, January 7, 2016 Found this gem on eu forum compiled by "schmek" . Looks really good to of those things I whish I found when I first started.. [..] View

The Skoda T50 and TVP 50/51 are what the BatChat should be.

3:03 pm, January 7, 2016 These tanks have gun handling that allows them to put in work early...along with a reload time that doesn't mean that the game is over before your 2nd clip loads.   BatChats biggest issues ar [..] View

Why this game has gone down the drain

3:03 pm, January 7, 2016 It's NOT MM, it's NOT XVM either...   It all started last year when they released the campaign MISSIONS to acquire 4 tanks. Missions are great, if and only if they include the need to win the [..] View

Quickybaby haters

4:03 am, January 7, 2016 Hate on all he has done with his popularity after watching this video. I dare you. View

Missing resolution in settings.

4:03 am, January 7, 2016 I have a missing resolution setting. I know it's minor and I can play in windowed mode but I don't wanna. The setting that is missing is 3840x2160 @59hz full screen. I've tried a lot. Deleted pref fi [..] View

Fix the %#@& HT6

4:03 am, January 7, 2016 I bought the Japanese HT6, in tier 6 and some tier 7 fights it can do well or at least hold it's own - in tier 8 battles it is simply a dead duck.  I brought this issue up on a tech ticket - [..] View

How many battles does it take?

4:03 am, January 7, 2016 Once I got into a Tier V light tank my experience per battle took a dive. I'm wondering about how many battles it was before you started to feel like something other than a sponge for AP, is it common [..] View

Pravda Girls High School is now recruiting!

4:03 am, January 7, 2016 Pravda Girls High School    Hello comrades! We are a brand new clan, that is currently recruiting active social members! What we are looking for, -Active -Social ( we don't bite or s [..] View

wot internal looking for clan

4:03 am, January 7, 2016 it seems that the internal wot "looking for a clan" that is offered isn't monitored and kept fresh by wot so it seems that this venue has to be made as an additional "looking for clan&q [..] View

Tell me how: ht15/spg 15

4:03 am, January 7, 2016 Hi guys. First of all, i have the skill to do both missions but i think i dont have the right tank, the hts i have are the 50 100 and kv3 50 100 is good for dealing dmg but i do 2k in a good game, (ye [..] View

Mod question and a heavy tank question

3:03 pm, January 6, 2016 Was there an update recently that effected the mods?  Was using Jimbo's xvm mod which failed about 2 weeks ago.  Tried to get Deengie's(sp) to wok but that doesn't load.  Wa [..] View

Put in option to opt out of your WGLNA league emails

3:03 pm, January 6, 2016 I don't mind occasional email about deals or what not but I seem to get a lot of these WGLNA and I like most other players could care less about league play.  Please add or direct me to a pla [..] View

And they wonder why players quit and dirve into the water....

3:03 pm, January 6, 2016   How about addressing the severely broken pay out system! 536 more in your face damage then the next player in the game but because I didn't get a Battle Hero award I get punched in the fac [..] View

Very low FPS for High End Hardware [SOLVED]

3:03 pm, January 6, 2016 Hey, and thank you for viewing my thread. I recently did a system restore. I downloaded all my usual programs back with all my mods and such. Went to play a game, and came up with 25-30 FPS. When befo [..] View

Premium Shop Stock

3:03 pm, January 6, 2016 Does anyone know when they will re-stock the premium shop? It looks like a sold-out soon to be closed car dealership. Just rubbish old tanks?? Looking to buy the IS3a that was availalbe in december bu [..] View

We Want You!

3:03 pm, January 6, 2016 Tankers And Titans are recruiting all tier players for training, platooning, Strongholds and tournaments. We’re a fun and respectable group of older guys. Striving to be one of the [..] View

Arty Map graphical glitch

4:03 am, January 6, 2016 Not sure if this is the right place to post, I get what almost looks like "Artifacts" when using arty on the map looking at targets. Items on the map like trees the cap blink and look like g [..] View

I love the PING when *** hits the fan.

4:03 am, January 6, 2016 I love how this game shoots the ping between 800-999 ping when the real action starts and goes back to normal when I die. This has been happening way to often since the last update. Before the update [..] View

1 v 7 Win! Kolobanov's, Pools, 13 medals!

4:03 am, January 6, 2016 Had a Killer game!       Total Medals Include: Kolobanov's, Pools, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Steel Wall, Defender, Spartan, Ace Tanker   Medals n [..] View

"An unhandled exception is occurred."

4:03 am, January 6, 2016 Okay.   I went to go launch WOT and this popped up: "An unandled exception is occurred. The application will be restarted." This has NEVER happened to me. Last time I played WOT was [..] View

Rough start

4:03 am, January 6, 2016 Started the night with 3 wins and 8 losses. It seems as though I get placed on teams that either team damage/ **** each other, *******, leave a flank or both flanks open, drown themselves, pl [..] View

Centurion Action X discount chances

4:03 am, January 6, 2016 Before I drop 6 million to get the Centurion Action X, I thought I'd ask the rogues gallery if anyone has heard of a discount on the tank/line before of the FV4202 mission(s). I have not, but it would [..] View

LFC 1900/2400

4:03 am, January 6, 2016 Better late than never.    Looking for a clan for the upcoming Campaign.   10's - E5, T57, E-100, VK72, IS-7, AMX-50B, FV215, Bat-25t, Patton, STB, 121, 140, T-62, 263, E3, [..] View

First game 18 % chance

4:03 am, January 6, 2016 to win, Needless to say we didn't even come close to winning and I didn't spend a dime here and only played 1 game,   If  WOT and MM can get any better then I can play Armored Warfar [..] View

[LONER]        The Loner Clan

3:03 pm, January 5, 2016 The Loner Clan is a refuge for players who want to be in a clan but also want to do their own thing. I originally created the Loner Clan when there were missions that only gave benefits to players tha [..] View

Well this was a stupid decision by WG...

3:03 pm, January 5, 2016 I tried to buy a month of premium time  yesterday and my card was declined by my bank, plenty of cash in account, but the bank does not allow transactions overseas apparently, so oh well, i g [..] View


3:03 pm, January 5, 2016                                     &a [..] View

Is British Heavy Line Worth It?

3:03 pm, January 5, 2016 One thing you get in British Heavy line is great guns! What else? Some players say not much!  what you think?  Is British Heavy line worth it?  Watch Conqueror replay. & [..] View

List the most important skills you have learned as a player.

3:03 pm, January 5, 2016 Peek-a-Booming outside of sniper mode. Allows you to aim before you come around the corner heavily reducing exposure time. Early damage wins games. Don't expect your team to carry your weak early gam [..] View

Optional Buttoning Up

4:03 am, January 5, 2016 Explanations and comments below. Specific values are only suggestions. The tl;dr version:   Players can decide in Settings if they want to have the option of controlling hatch status in non-o [..] View

LF Platooning/SH Clan; 2k Overall, 2k Recent

4:03 am, January 5, 2016 Hey guys,   Looking for a platooning clan. I can be on 3-4 nights a week due to 2 jobs. I'm looking for a mature group of people who don't care about cursing and such. I can use Teamspeak 3, [..] View

Conclusions: General Map Questions 2015

4:03 am, January 5, 2016 For those of you who are interested I submit the results of my 'General Map Questions 2015' which  you may still find in the Polls and Surveys section of the Forum. I thank the respondents wh [..] View

Irish Rogues recruiting casual tankers/agus Éireannach ♣

4:03 am, January 5, 2016 Heya tankers! IRE is recruiting casual tankers for platoons and stronghold battles; just need to have a teir 6 tank you are confident in for strongholds, but other than that lets see those T1-Cunningh [..] View

No On Track?

4:03 am, January 5, 2016 After the enjoying loading a lot more HE and getting more dmg from the last on trunk massion I was read for the next one. Then Jan 4th comes and I check the mission and news tabs. No on track tu b fou [..] View

Oooh, I put lernin' inta practice

4:03 am, January 5, 2016 Someone was poking around a corner with his heavy tank and I shot at what I could see which was his drive sprocket. I damaged him and tracked him. Then I thought "ooh, I have a high rof on this h [..] View

New player here

4:03 am, January 5, 2016 Hello all, I play WOWP and know nothing in WOT and i have some questions. -what is the difference between WOT, WOT xbox/ps4, and WOT generals? Is it possible players from 3 kinds of WOT get in the sam [..] View

Can we stop this? (Rant)

4:03 am, January 5, 2016 It has been seen time and time again and it really annoys myself and probably you as well, i know WG is a business and needs to make money, but seriously? At the time of posting this 'player' has 489 [..] View

Looking for a competitive clan

3:03 pm, January 4, 2016 You obviously can see my name. Everyone just calls me Stand. You can already tell that I'm a baddie : ^) I'm pretty sure if I rerolled I'd be yellow-ish. But dem premium tanks that aren't for sale any [..] View

G1r-2 pairs of tracks?

3:03 pm, January 4, 2016 I just got the Renault G1R, and I gotta say, it's cool looking. However, I noticed that it's track arrangement is weird. It looks like 2 pairs of tracks, b/c the inner "pair" is misaligned w [..] View

Jagdpanzer E-100 Glitch?

3:03 pm, January 4, 2016 It's been happening a few patches now, I've noticed it happens in most tanks I play; we all know the classic hugging a TDs rear tactic in battle. However, I find myself unable to fire and/or [..] View

WZ-120 help

3:03 pm, January 4, 2016 So I first made a thread like this long ago when I first got the WZ. I was doing very bad in it.    Then I got the second to last gun and top turret. I was then playing it l [..] View

-NoFear- is Recruiting

3:03 pm, January 4, 2016 New Year, New Clan looking for players with 5k battles and a W8 of 900 to 1000.  These players will have teamspeak or download it.   -NoFear- is not looking for R.H [..] View

My collection of 9.13 bugs.

3:03 pm, January 4, 2016 Hello everyone! In this month I collected and pictured the bugs I have seen after 9.13 patch. Hope you enjoy.  Bugs I have found: Strange smoke effects       &n [..] View

ways to make this a great game

3:03 pm, January 4, 2016 Dears sirs,    i have a suggestion or two about how to make this a great game.   1. Offer arty free games and or maps.(so many people complain about an arty runing a great t [..] View

What if Wot got Night match ?

3:03 pm, January 4, 2016 I was thinking if Wot got Night battle it will be awesome every tanks got their lights on and battle.Of course tanks view range spot range will be decreased then find each other push silently it will [..] View


4:03 am, January 4, 2016 All who respond to this with useless gibberish are the problem!!! Stop farming damage and Cap!!!!! Really, nobody cares what your Win8 is!!!! You are no video game hero idolized by 15yr olds watching [..] View

What happened to the Hellcat?

4:03 am, January 4, 2016 I once really enjoyed playing the Hellcat and sold it after the nerf awhile ago figuring it was complete ****. Well it is!   I just bought it back after like 1.5 years put the old camo crew i [..] View

How can I see my tank during battle

4:03 am, January 4, 2016 In the tutorial and some of the videos, the viewpoint is outside of my vehicle, either following just behind, or able to turn and look back at the vehicle, i.e. examining whether a bush really conceal [..] View

Fate of Purchased Camo

4:03 am, January 4, 2016 I haven't been able to find out what becomes of camo you purchased for a tank when you go to sell that tank. I'm assuming it isn't transferred or put in stock. Do you get paid back a percentage of it. [..] View

PC Build

4:03 am, January 4, 2016 Hi, I am currently putting together a parts list for a new pc. My budget is about $800 for just the case/tower. Monitor and other things will be outside this budget. This is what I have come up with s [..] View

Rage is real

3:03 pm, January 3, 2016 So of corse after playing a battle, i got into this argument about a t28 prot, pretending to play arty. After awhile of arguing i got this message   I dont really care about stats at this ver [..] View

What is your Personal Mission progress?

3:03 pm, January 3, 2016 Simple, which set are you on and how close are you to finishing it?     I finished the T28 HTC set last month but I'm already close to halfway through the T55a set and by the way ple [..] View

Man I love you guys

3:03 pm, January 3, 2016 Decided to open up the general chat once again, just to see my lovely pubs talk about nonsense. It really made me realize that I really do love some of you cancerous people. Also, found a new meme! Ri [..] View

Balance, judgment and knowledge.

3:03 pm, January 3, 2016 I gotta find it. Too often I rush out and get myself ******. I read the oft-quoted thread about the power of focus fire and I have this voice that says "you need to get this gun in the fight" [..] View

There's rerolls... I'm a renoob

3:03 pm, January 3, 2016 Long story short and why I'm posting in "Newcomers" is because after a long break, tired of being a tomato, and despite trying hard always seemed to **** quit WoT.. things aren't fun if you [..] View

Tanks for all the Fish!

3:03 pm, January 3, 2016 Been playing basically non-stop since March, feeling a bit burned out. xD   See you in a few months (or more) people! I always come back. Tanks for all the help, laffs, and RAEG! Going to [..] View

Finally got my first Radley Walters

3:03 pm, January 3, 2016 So after countless 6 or 7 **** games, last night I finally managed to get myself my first Radley Walters medal. It was a lot of fun while trying for it that game and for me this something to be proud [..] View

Xvm,Forum & Good players Don't Mix

3:03 pm, January 3, 2016 Why Dose All The Jerks Hang Out On This Forum.They Hide  Behind There Pc At Home,When  A Normal Player Makes A Post About Something,Next Thing You Know All The Jerks Come Out Of The [..] View

EMPRR [Empire's Revenge] is Enlisting!

4:03 am, January 3, 2016                    &nbsp [..] View

hi all looking for a good clan for 3 players maybe 4

4:03 am, January 3, 2016 we are all active can do strong holds 3 to 4 nights a week me i can do more then that i am online 2 to 6 hours a day and i can call some if some one need me to and i like to call team battles as well [..] View

I've got one question... EXPLOSIONS?!

4:03 am, January 3, 2016 I rarely get an opportunity to use the goldshells to their full potential... this was one of those moments. they kept hugging each other the entire time they were alive.   Also 666 meters, i [..] View

Few players in US

4:03 am, January 3, 2016 Why are there so few players here in the US compared to the other regions. I usually see about 30k players max on both us servers.  When I watch EU streams I see over 130k people ove [..] View


3:03 pm, January 2, 2016 Hi, title says it all   I have a fairly good laptop, (quad core A10 cpu, 2GB video card etc) and I used to play with low graphics with 50fps. HOWEVER, I upgraded to Windows 10 today and insta [..] View


3:03 pm, January 2, 2016                                     &a [..] View

Matchmaker should focus better on stat matching

3:03 pm, January 2, 2016 5 out of 5 matches this morning have been slanted the same way:  one team has players with the least amount of experience and lowest stats; the other team has people with at least double the [..] View

Which medium line has fast tanks with great guns?

3:03 pm, January 2, 2016 I recently bought the AMX CDC and I am absolutely loving it, 152 matches so far with a 56% win-rate solo. I'm at that point where I know I am making an impact on the match outcome when I play this tan [..] View

Lakeville is Bad

3:03 pm, January 2, 2016 Hello,   Lakeville is one of the oldest maps in WoT. It's also terrible. 1/3rd of the map is unusable because of the lake, 1/3rd of the map is fail valley and the remaining third is the city. [..] View

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