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PC Build

4:03 am, January 4, 2016 Hi, I am currently putting together a parts list for a new pc. My budget is about $800 for just the case/tower. Monitor and other things will be outside this budget. This is what I have come up with s [..] View



Any way to regain access to the in-game survey?

3:03 pm, December 8, 2015 Just wondering if I can reaccess that survey, as I got halfway through filling it out then entered a battle and it closed automatically, or something like that. I would like to complete it as it regar [..] View

Auto-resupply premium consumables with silver

4:03 am, December 5, 2015 I recently bought a ton of Premium Repair Kits with silver, and had it set there. Does the game automatically go for your gold first before taking your silver? I've lost around 150 gold (though I do a [..] View

Game automatically throws me into battle when alt-tabbed out

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 Something rather annoying I've found with this new patch is that if i alt tab (checking something else) and my mouse happens to be anywhere near where the battle button should be (while not-ingame) cl [..] View

Tank on top of tank killing - Friendlies

4:03 am, November 19, 2015 Just a normal game in my flakbus on Karelia trying to get shots at some KV-1 heavies around a corner when suddenly a wild friendly M4 Sherman appeared and rammed into me! So I'm on top and... yeah it' [..] View

Is that player a bot?

4:03 am, November 8, 2015 Hello everyone, I've watched some youtube videos, and even tried some of this stuff out in training rooms. Many players who see an inexperienced player out on the battlefield will immediately deem tha [..] View

People should stop being Stat Puppies.

4:03 am, October 29, 2015 People need to stop being Stat Puppies.     What is a stat puppy? A stat puppy is one of those people who go into a game, and, after dying in their Chaffee within 360 seconds because [..] View

Wargaming does not inspire confidence in spending money

4:03 am, October 19, 2015 So I've had some serious issues with Wargaming recently that I haven't had in any other game, ever, and they're pretty disconcerting.     First, I lost a 300 gold garage slot, and af [..] View

legit unicum vs stat padding unicum.

4:03 am, October 8, 2015 In game, looking at XVM, is there a way to tell the difference between a real unicum who is good at this game, and one who is only there to look good?   I ask because if my team has a single, [..] View

King's All-The-Basics Modpack 9.10

4:03 am, September 8, 2015 This modpack is meant to create a minimalist feel which does not bombard the player with too much information, is noob-friendly, well-polished, and just overall useful in every way that I could think [..] View

Why do all of my tanks in my garage now have repair automatically enabled after the 9.10 patch?

4:03 am, September 5, 2015 I only had the repair automatically and resupply automatically boxes checked on certain tanks in my garage.  After the 9.10 update every tank in my garage has this checked on the service scre [..] View

9.10 Auto-Resupply & Premium Consumables Bug

3:03 pm, September 4, 2015 I discovered something pretty weird this morning when I went into my garage. The Auto-Resupply buttons had been check-marked for both repair and ammo on every tank in my garage (about 60). This in its [..] View

[KV1S] A 3 Star Experience Guide (My First Tank Review)

4:03 am, August 27, 2015   =========================================KV1S======================================== So...what exactly is the KV1S? Well first off the Kliment Voroshilov (KV) series wer [..] View

Do you want WG to listen to you? Read this...

4:03 am, August 19, 2015 The trick to expressing one's displeasure with a particular aspect of WoT is to not sound like some entitled 14 year old or some 30 year old basement dweller who is just crying & [..] View

Newbie Finds - Part 4

4:03 am, August 6, 2015 Again I am still new and if these are known by everyone I am sorry. Find # 31 - After equipping gun on tank (especially a new one) you need to equip ammo.  There is a check mark box above the [..] View


3:03 pm, July 13, 2015 World of Tanks should be a game of Skill.  Auto-aim makes it a game of merely clicking a key to lock on a target.   I understand why auto-aim is there.  So, I propose a chan [..] View

Camouflage Paint on Tanks Not Changing

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015 I have noticed that the camo paint jobs I have on my tanks are not changing to the corresponding maps that they get put on. I keep summer, winter, and desert camo paint on all my tanks. The right pain [..] View

Automatically Return Crew doesn't work since Domination

4:03 am, June 7, 2015 The automatic crew return isn't working for my standard T110E5 since the introduction of Domination.  I have the crew switch between the M6A2E1 and the T110E5.  I've also tried to us [..] View

How to turn off Target Acquired

4:03 am, June 2, 2015 I've lost a few games because the "Target Acquired" feature automatically comes up and I can't disengage a tank that is automatically targeted (the gun will lock onto one target).   [..] View

Keyboard went down- reported as bot

4:03 am, June 1, 2015 Hey all- Just got a new Razor Blade 2014. Loaded up first game of WOT in my also new M48 Patton on the recommended settings- (High @~38 fps) and it looked great. BUT, my keyboard completely w [..] View

I refuse to play on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels! This game is disgusting!

3:03 pm, May 15, 2015 I myself started with tier 1, pretty much like all of you, and gotten to tier 10.  I mostly play tier 5, 6, and 7, because it's the most fun for me. I also love tier 1 and MS-1, because gamep [..] View

Female Crews, their XP progression and bug?

3:03 pm, May 11, 2015 So, I have 3 sets of female crew members.  Each set is composed of 4 crew.     According to the the WOT website the female crew has automatically Sisterhood of steel and: it [..] View

Automatic effect quality adjuster?

3:03 pm, May 11, 2015 Sometime ago, WG has introduced a tick box in the graphics options that is supposed to automatically lower the effects quality when FPS is low. Has anyone made it work?   I have recently rein [..] View

AutoEquip Modules - Automated; trouble

3:03 pm, April 28, 2015 I am unable to figure out how to use Autoequip Modules in my modpack.  I am using Solo's mudpack, best modpack I have ever had! [..] View

Accelerated Crew Training and Fully researched Tanks

3:03 pm, April 23, 2015 Hello everyone, I’ve used the forum search option and couldn’t find anything on this subject so im going make a post on it. First a question: Why does the game not automatically s [..] View

Unlocking a vehicle without the lowest level radio researched.

4:03 am, April 17, 2015 I'm currently working on the M37 American Light tank, this tank is capable of using three different radios:   VI: SCR 508 VI: AN/GRC-3 X: SCR 528   I have both SCRs unlocked but not [..] View

If you are having LAUNCHER issues, look here.

4:03 am, April 2, 2015 So, for the longest time I have been having launcher issues. If I did a clean install, it would download and update, however trying to update after that would prove fruitless.  Whenever I loa [..] View

Auto-aiming Guides/Tips & Tricks---For those of us playing on potatoes(and beginners) :P

4:03 am, March 31, 2015 Disclaimer: For those of you who can check my stats, you can tell I'm far from a unicum, however, I'm just sharing insights that I've gleaned from my basically 4k battles of reliance on auto-aim, whic [..] View

Gold spammers with over 1000 battles - not reported? not banned?

3:03 pm, March 15, 2015 WG has a sticky thread in this forum about their new efforts to ban the spambots (     Doing my dai [..] View

Pimp My Tank Weekend?

3:03 pm, March 13, 2015 I offer this suggestion in behalf of of those (not myself) concerned by all the recent changes to WoT driving players away, as a means to both rejuvenate interest and possib [..] View

What do I get if I have tanks already in a bundle?

3:03 pm, March 9, 2015 Sometimes they have the Rare Light Tank bundle. I want to buy it. But I already have the Vickers Light and T7 Car, the T2 Light, and M22. And I think its dumb for me to sell them just to buy them agai [..] View

Accuracy nerfs

4:03 am, February 25, 2015 Okay, so here are my thoughts on the new accuracy nerfs in 9.6. First one goes straight to WG, instead of making all the tanks shoot worse so they **** equally, why don't you actually fix the problems [..] View

Scout Skill/Perk Choice~ (also camo discussion)

4:03 am, February 9, 2015 So I'm reselecting my skills/perks and have an open slot on my radioman... On a scout, which would be more useful?   Situational Awareness, only giving a measly 3% increase in view range. Thi [..] View

Language General Global Settings

4:03 am, February 8, 2015 Hi,   Can we have a feature that enables us to have the same language throughout all the websites? WHY does it change to spanish automatically? I though I chose English. I do [..] View

personal mission FAIL! THEY work when they want to!

4:03 am, February 6, 2015 I am so friggin tired of this!! I want to come in here and cuss up a storm! I keep running into this, last time I had to cancel the mission then try again!! [edited]THAT!! I played about 50 games +, i [..] View

WOTLauncher Will Not Do Its Job

4:03 am, January 30, 2015 Not sure what a newcomer is, but when you provide no other place to add questions I just became one.  Something weird happened to me early this morning and don't know if this is the cause for [..] View

You're expectations for pubbies are too damn high!

4:03 am, December 18, 2014  1) Well over 100 tanks to learn in reference to strengths, weaknesses, DPM, gun depression, etc.   When some of us started playing we started watching videos of decent players. & [..] View

Research M58 Gun on 103 or get it automatically on E5?

4:03 am, December 7, 2014 Right now I am playing a maxed 103 besides the Tier 10 gun the T110E5 has. I am debating whether or not to research the gun on the 103. Reason being is that the gun costs 60k exp, and that is 60k exp [..] View

Complaint/warning notice

4:03 am, November 29, 2014 I logged into a game, had 999 ping, got a disconnect, relogged in and got ****** before i could move. I was playing a GW tiger, it can't move very fast and is a large easy to spot target. I finished t [..] View

Gold Prize Pub Battles

3:03 pm, November 26, 2014 If we added a pub battle format for say 'gold prize'. Where to play the match you will be charged 1 gold per tier you're playing, and at the end of battle, the gold pool is distributed by your non-pre [..] View

Artillery Call For Fire

4:03 am, November 23, 2014 The Call for Artillery Fire System would do away with artillery overhead view and aiming circle. This system would also do away with RNG for artillery as it is currently configured.   To acti [..] View

Need Tankers For LORD

4:03 am, November 22, 2014 "clan LORD is currently recruiting. We are a brand new clan and are in the process of establishing ourselves. There is still a long way to go, however this is [..] View

New Pub Game Modes

3:03 pm, November 19, 2014 I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I think a new pub game mode would help to break up the monotony of the current spectrum of game types for pub players.    In addition to [..] View

Elite Unit Badges

3:03 pm, November 2, 2014 I wish there was a Guards badge I could put on as an emblem for my USSR tanks.   Or even have it show automatically once they're elite, and maybe do the same with other nations (Royal Tank Re [..] View

Rework the large med / repair kits

3:03 pm, October 16, 2014 Currently the large medkit and large repair kit repair / fix any damaged crew / module once, at the moment of activating.   IE, if you have a damaged track, a damaged turret ring and a damage [..] View

Battle Commander

4:03 am, October 2, 2014 Hi all,   I had a flash of inspiration this morning as my team was being massacred. Himmelsdorf, Tier 9 match: Our top tier 704, driven by a tomato, had rolled off the hill towards tank alle [..] View

How to determine true skill, make the game a fairer, funner place, and generate epic battles

3:03 pm, September 21, 2014 How to properly cater to every level of skill in WoT:   1) Create x number of groups, for sake of this example lets say 11.   2) Create a definition of each group, for example of thi [..] View

Please add 'Accept invites from players in clan' to options

4:03 am, September 21, 2014 Right now we have an 'Accept invites from players in friends list only' option in settings. This does what it says on the box: blocks all invites from anyone who isn't on the friends list.   [..] View

KV-1S Crew - need to be in tank for 9.3? (KV-220)

3:03 pm, September 12, 2014 Odd question - but does my KV-1S crew need to be in the tank when the split happens?  i.e. if I have them in my KV-220 at the time of the update - will they automatically be re-trained for th [..] View

Minor fix for Strongholds

4:03 am, September 2, 2014 During one of the upcoming patches, the devs need to please add in a feature to either allow Clan leaders to remove ppl from a Stronghold structure, or, set it up so that if they are in a structure fo [..] View

Automatic Teak **** monitor is flawed & can be circumvented

1:01 am, September 1, 2014 I submit the "automated team killing monitoring system" is not only flawed but almost useless. Many tankers now know how to circumvent it by keeping track of how many times they shoot team m [..] View

Incorporate XVM in game.

1:01 pm, August 27, 2014 Hey, I think it would be great if XVM was in game automatically of course as an OPTION. This way some tomatoes would see how bad they are and try to improve. Tell me what you think.. View

What's up with joining companies?

1:01 pm, August 25, 2014 So what is the function of a company? I was invited to join a company and declinedsince I had no clue what it involved. It also said that I would be automatically transferred to the West server - what [..] View

selling gold

1:01 pm, August 24, 2014 I was wondering why I get booted for killing gold sellers but one one else does? If you are going to this then at least put something in the game if 3 or 4 people complain in game you give the seller [..] View

Make newly bought tanks cheaper if some modules are already owned.

1:01 pm, August 4, 2014 If I buy a new tank which comes stock with a module I already have in my depot, why does the tank come with that module freshly bought instead of simply mounting the one in the depot, and subtracting [..] View

My World of Tanks

1:01 am, August 1, 2014 One thing, I think we don't do enough of on these forums, is talk about the game in a larger sense. It's all well and good to discuss arty changes or gold rounds specifically but I think a lot gets lo [..] View

Finding my Equipment

1:01 am, July 31, 2014 Why is it, the only time I can see what vehicles my equipment is mounted on, (While I'm in the Garage.) is only when I have enough credits to purchase that equipment? Maybe I'm lazy, but I would like [..] View

Magically Loosing Credits

1:01 pm, July 29, 2014 Whenever I play, I go into battle and it says that I've earned a certain amount of credits and spent a certain amount? How's that when I don't use any of the consumables manually although they'll auto [..] View

Mod question/idea

1:01 pm, July 6, 2014 So does anyone know a mod where when you type in the ingame chat, It will automatically capitlize and add a period at the end, or anything like that? If not wouldn't it be a good idea? View

Free TeamSpeak3 server for platoon/TCs/whatever you could use it to

1:01 am, July 6, 2014 Hi guys, For several months now i have had a TeamSpeak server running with near nobody on it. I think it's about time i makeuse of it. So, from now on, it'll be publicly available for anyone want [..] View

Bots, and my idea of how to deal with them in a way that benefits everyone, even the bots.

1:01 pm, June 8, 2014 Bots are a problem. This isn't up for debate. Regardless of whatever statements they might make, the fact that WG has any sort of rudimentary(or otherwise) method of dealing with them is tantamount [..] View

Rhm (150)...

1:01 pm, June 7, 2014 I've been doing some experimenting with the Rhm in my garage. Particularly with the HEAT shells, vs the HE. What I noticed from the first game... then the next few... then the whole day... and now [..] View

Some help with getting (transparent backround) clan emblems properly uploaded

1:01 pm, June 5, 2014 Hi all, Geographer here. I wanted to share this information with any other Clan Leaders out there having issues getting emblems with transparent backrounds to work. We had a friendly competition in my [..] View

XVM should be banned already

1:01 pm, May 22, 2014 I tried XVM once soon I saw what it did, I understood that this gives a big advantage to the user, and I uninstalled it because it made me feel like a cheat but why? Firstly our play is determined [..] View

Guns going off automatically at the Begining of a battle

1:01 pm, May 7, 2014 Have you ever been in a battle and wonder what is this idiot firing at right at the start of the battle? I have and then it happened to me. The battle begins and my gun just starts firing and sinks a [..] View

Holidays mode (Block ACC)

1:01 pm, May 2, 2014 Hello dear friends, I play this game looot of years already and something I think will be good for the game play is one mode for stop completly your acc for some time, something like a ban but not [..] View

Leave me to my ignorance

1:01 pm, April 20, 2014 In this game, ignorance is bliss for me. I don't use XVM. So I don't have predestined thoughts about what the course of the game will automatically be. I rarely ever know the people in playing nor do [..] View

Idea: Mini CW

9:05 am, April 17, 2014 CW is the definitionof hardcore. It requires real commitment from clan, and those on the map are always the top 50 clans. Instead of changing the current CW, just let it stay. Hardcore tankers can rem [..] View

Inverse relationship damage to win.

9:05 am, April 12, 2014 In recent weeks I've noticed a perplexing trend: any battle I do well in (measured in damage done) is nearly always a loss. Most of my wins I do sub-par damage. I can explain this for some of my ze [..] View

PSA: Zen and the Art of Self-Defence - How to Handle Trolls, Tk'ers, and Annoying People on Your Team

9:05 am, February 25, 2014 You can't. Shooting a green tank is never allowed. Ok, so you need some more than that. Sure thing. I'm noticing an increasing number of threads of people complaining about being banned for reta [..] View

Why does the aiming recticle attach to random objects?

9:05 am, February 23, 2014 Gentlemen, Why does the aiming recticle just bounce around and attach to any random object like rocks or trees? What is the "game" purpose of that? Also has anyone noticed that when you [..] View

This is why I hate arty that ******* when it looks bad...

9:05 am, February 23, 2014 Because sometimes you can pull off some amazing stuff with that big gun. Tonight I finally played enough doubles in my AMX 13 105 (which I hated and only played for the double) to get the AMX 13 F3 ti [..] View

Which switch is worth to have? WS-C2960X-24TD-L or WS-C2960X-48TD-L ?

9:05 am, February 20, 2014 All Catalyst 2960-X Series Switches use a single Universal Cisco IOS Software Image for all SKUs. Depending on the switch model, the Cisco IOS image automatically configures either the LAN Lite, LAN B [..] View

Understanding of terms.

9:05 pm, February 14, 2014 Hopefully, (and i only skimmed through a previous abortion of a thread), RELIC members have avoided making racist remarks. With that being said, the definition of racism has taken on a new meaning t [..] View

New Battle Mode Needed: Arena!

9:05 pm, February 7, 2014 This thread got me thinking. . . WOT really ought to have a battle mode specifical [..] View

Has windowed-mode been removed? What changed?

9:05 am, January 20, 2014 I have not installed or uninstalled anything on my machine for weeks, and I never let Windows automatically update anything. But just tonight, I notice I cannot run the game in borderless Windowed mod [..] View

Things that cause high ping

9:05 pm, January 3, 2014 There seems to be a lot of threads lately about some people having high ping. While it seems some of these issues might be on WG's end, or a result of Telia, there are a few things people can look out [..] View

Please block fail platooning

9:05 pm, December 28, 2013 Make it so that platoons cannot go into battle if one member is more than one tier lower than the highest tiered member of a platoon. And if a tank with "scout" matchmaking is in use, then n [..] View

Changing Research Lines

9:05 pm, December 28, 2013 Hello I was curious, you can spend gold to reset the skills on your crew if you do not like the mix. Can we add a function that you can reset a tank research line if you find you do not enjoy it and [..] View

Something new players should be warned of prior to purchasing premium game time

9:05 pm, December 18, 2013 All new players should be warned of the following prior to purchasing premium game time. 1. If other players break the rules which prevents you from playing properly and eating up your premium game [..] View

Suggestions for More Interesting Weekend Events

9:05 am, December 13, 2013 So this weekend special is pretty typical. 3x experience for the first victory. Let's face it: that's pretty darn boring. I understand that normal weekends are less spectacular than major holidays, bu [..] View

WGLNA Season 3 Relegation Matches

9:05 pm, December 2, 2013 Four of the top teams from the Major Leagues Fall 2013 Season will face off against four WGLNA Season 2 teams for a berth in WGLNA Season 3. The winner of each match-up is automatically invited to nex [..] View

Team ***** during Complain caused incorrect report

9:05 pm, November 3, 2013 While reporting someone for team-killing (I know the servers catch this automatically, but I also tack on a report if I saw them stop and reload before finishing the TK because GET OFF MY TEAM), a tea [..] View

Game Sighting System Needs Tweaking

9:05 am, October 7, 2013 HI The sighing system in the game is broken especially since 8.8 A few minor adjustments are needed to make it work 1: If a tank fires it automatically becomes visible 2: A tank 50m within of a ene [..] View

8.8 Update/Install FAIL constant retry (WG, get your sh*t together!)

9:05 am, September 25, 2013 Friend of mine had problems updating game to 0.8.8 and I didn't believe it, so I uninstalled game and tried to install it anew. Installer always stuck and wants to redownload. Well, I let it fdo it fe [..] View

[0.8.8] Ashbane's mods - Contour Icons, OTM, Mod Installer

9:05 am, September 17, 2013 Hi, Ashbane from EU here. Check out my EU threadwith contour icons, over-target markers and a mod installer. Versions (updated to v.0.8.8 #524): VR.HP (Clear) (view range, HP, turret armor, gun p [..] View

new player here and disappointed..why?

9:05 pm, September 14, 2013 by the fact that I always was under the impression, or the hype I should say, that WoT was a cheat free exeperience in general. I told my friends last night, I'm gonn a play me some WoT, and boasted o [..] View

Gold/Silver Ammo glitch

9:05 am, August 7, 2013 The problem with this is as follows, When i put gold/silver ammo on my tank and have it set to resupply automatically, when i don't use it in a battle, it still takes gold/silver for those rounds i di [..] View

Suggestion: Battle leader/commander

9:05 pm, August 3, 2013 How about if WG made it possible for players to volunteer as a commander or leader for the pub battles, this could be just by clicking a box under general settings. Let's say this option would only be [..] View

These tanks are too OP, they must be nerfed! Or i'll quit!

9:05 am, July 24, 2013 So clearly, now that arty is gone, and i cant play my s51 and bc155 and obj261 and gwtiger and whatever else i missed because i ragesold them, the game is completely out of balance and no longer fun. [..] View

How Much Do FPS and Ping Affect Game Play?

9:05 pm, July 5, 2013 A post from the past: Daigensui, on Jun 26 2013 - 00:54, said: So, I'm one of those people who plays WoT on a laptop, with sub-20 fps and 200+ ping. With the cluster split, I was automatically sent t [..] View

Will all WoT XBox 360 players get the same great graphics as the E3 promo video?

9:05 pm, June 17, 2013 I don't have an XBox 360, but if everyone who uses WoT on that system gets "perfect" graphics like what i saw on the videos from E3, then count me in. Can anyone shed some light on how XBox [..] View

Changing Crew Members 'Jobs'

9:05 pm, June 10, 2013 Have you ever switched a crew from one tank to another, only to find that perhaps they have an extra gunner instead of a radioman, or a similar situation? I think it'd be a good idea if they implement [..] View

a terribad way to fix arty

9:05 pm, June 9, 2013 arty sucks because they hit you from miles away without being spotted. How about this: 1. give arty the 2x HP. for example: a tier X arty should have about 1000-1200 hp 2. Every time an arty shoots, [..] View

3 reasonable suggestions, or so I think... ;-)

9:05 pm, June 4, 2013 1) On the 'Depot' screen, since you can select things like 'all modules not compatible with my tanks' or whatever, and it shows only the depot items in storage, can we have a 'sell all onscreen' butto [..] View

A realy good idea to fix arty play and make it more fun for everyone, I think?

9:05 pm, May 28, 2013   Arty is a huge topic for this game it seems.  From what I see it's mostly due to the opinions that it's too powerful, too accurate, too easy, and the underlined t [..] View

unable to log out switch user

9:05 pm, May 24, 2013 I started a new account for my friend. When I click log out, it just returns the page with me still logged in but then when I goto account management it asks me to log in...I use the new name but then [..] View


Research M58 Gun on 103 or get it automatically on E5?

Dec 7, 2014, 4:25 pm Right now I am playing a maxed 103 besides the Tier 10 gun the T110E5 has. I am debating whether or not to research the gun on the 103. Reason being is that the gun costs 60k exp, and that is 60k exp [..] View

Guns going off automatically at the Begining of a battle

Dec 3, 2014, 11:46 am Have you ever been in a battle and wonder what is this idiot firing at right at the start of the battle? I have and then it happened to me. The battle begins and my gun just starts firing and sinks a [..] View

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