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10.0 camos, emblems and inscriptions

4:03 am, December 29, 2015 will the camos and emblems be able to be purchased indefinitely for credits for the same price as it costs right now to buy the 30 day rental? or will it still be almost half a million credits every m [..] View

More camos plis?!, WWII camos, numbers, emblems, etc

3:03 pm, October 15, 2015 Well, this game has being losing a lot of WWII spirit. No Historical battles yet, full of blueprint tanks and post war tanks that personally don't like. And, just a few camos and low customization pro [..] View

Do we need more desert map selection?

4:03 am, June 23, 2015 Hey guys,   So I've been playing WoT for a while now, and a complaint I get often from my friends is that there aren't enough desert maps.  For instance, the scout players I know alw [..] View

[0.9.6] Hunter's Premium-Camouflage ModPack

4:03 am, April 19, 2015 Welcome, fellow tankers!   This is my new Premium-Camouflage Mod! It contains several features:   - New premium-camouflage schemes for almost every nation (except Japanese and Chines [..] View

Which non-premium tanks have you treated to permanent camo?

4:03 am, March 11, 2015 I just dropped all 3 camos on my WZ 111 1-4 as that is my absolute favorite tank in the game.  My E75 and T62-A will be getting the perma-camo treatment soon too.  Other than that my [..] View

Clan Collusions-Corruption and Clan Lies-Lower Tier Players as Cannon Fodder

4:03 am, September 9, 2014 I am very saddened tonight, I joined 2 Clans-Tank Companies in the past 2 months and was lied to in both of them.   The Clans of the Clan Wars simply want Lower Tier players as Canno [..] View

Why not more camo?

1:01 pm, August 9, 2014 I was just think why is there not more camo patters to pick from? I mean just looking at the sheer amount of options the chinese tanks have to pick, why can the other nations not have similar amount o [..] View

German Tanks Summer Camo

9:05 pm, October 31, 2013 In all seems like there is a lack of choice of decent looking summer camo- on German tanks. All other nations and tech trees I will find at least 2 that I can't decide between, but no ma [..] View


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