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driving exercises

4:03 am, January 1, 2016 Driving cars is one thing, driving electronic tanks is another. Those of use who drive cars IRL sometimes forget how much time we spent learning how to steer the things and make them go where we *mean [..] View

Relaxed and gaming community HART is looking for family!

3:03 pm, December 28, 2015          Well we have grown and we have participated in clan wars, now we're looking to keep expanding! As HART (Hall of Abound [..] View

How to organize random teams quickly

4:03 am, December 28, 2015 I'm a complete noob to this game, and I've probably spent more time watching videos and reading forum posts to learn how to play, than actually playing the game. I'm still primarily playing tier 1-3&a [..] View

PSA - T34 Ace/Top Gun - Loss (My fault entirely)

3:03 pm, December 27, 2015   There are a lot of guides that talk about map awareness.  Most of them give vague examples as it hard to quantify.  Si [..] View

WoT I want for Christmas.

3:03 pm, December 25, 2015 Dear Santa (Wargaming),   Next year please give us the following presents:   A real, special, useful (read not overpowered, just actually useful) tier V gift tank, instead of a piece [..] View

Looking for Medium Tank mentor (better than me).

3:03 pm, December 23, 2015 Greetings World of Tanks Community.   Introduction. Why?   As some of you may know my specialty are Heavy Tanks in this game, most of my Heavy Tank statistics are above average and m [..] View

NEW AVENGERS Hulk Division Recruitment

3:03 pm, December 19, 2015 As Part Of The NEW AVENGERS  HULK , TH0R ,  "This story shall the good man teach his son; And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by, From this day to the ending of the wo [..] View

G-D-I (Global Defence Initiative) Nod Was Taken ;)

3:03 pm, December 14, 2015 Global Defense Initiative (G-D-I) is recruiting older tankers who are looking to run platoons and blow stuff up,  stronghold, and catch some free gold in tournaments. We don't care a [..] View

Looking to join a clan as a trainer. (Stronghold oriented)

4:03 am, November 13, 2015 I'm looking to join a stronghold attack and defense (CW is acceptable but I prefer strongholds) oriented clan as a trainer to help with overall game play and calling. I AM NOT saying [..] View

Looking for a platooning clan only

4:03 am, November 12, 2015 Hey,   I currently am looking for a new clan that only platoons. I am sick of stronks and cw 2.0 and will not participate in them. The clan must have an average wn8 of at least 1400 or higher [..] View

returning to the game and looking for advice

4:03 am, November 8, 2015 Just a forewarning, I don't need any sympathy, got plenty of that last year. And for reference: Last year I was forced to stop playing [..] View

Good learning tanks?

4:03 am, October 30, 2015 I am a potato, but I do want to improve my skills at this game, at the moment, I plan to stick to lower tiers and learn how to use most tanks effectively. Which lower tier (3-6) tanks are the best for [..] View

Grand Return Ep. 4: Need clam for le' pubbz'

4:03 am, October 25, 2015 Howdy tankers and tankettes. As evidenced by my title, this is my fourth grand return to the game that you apparently can never quit playing. Why? I'm bored of watching TV after work and can't get cre [..] View

The Lack of Cooperation

3:03 pm, October 21, 2015 Two months ago, right after I got here, I started doing research, reading books, watching videos and doing everything I could to get better in a hurry.    One of the videos showed Ru [..] View

KitsuneHonor353 EST 500 games 50% w/l

3:03 pm, October 18, 2015 Looking for a casual clan. The game gets frustrating with no one to talk to. Die to artillery in a Matilda, or you weren't QUITE far enough from the bush on your left to retain cover while firing at t [..] View

Tank Art And my Progression

4:03 am, October 17, 2015 Okay, so I posted some art earlier, and people ate it up.   So I am going to make a small art gallery here in this post and go through the progression of me drawing tanks.   We'll st [..] View

Best lines to grind

4:03 am, October 9, 2015 A new player asked what should he grind, 1 line, 2 lines at once, what's the best line to learn to become good.  I thought it was a great question.  It distracted my game lo [..] View

Looking for clan to help me become better, currently 50.3% win rate, 99.9% solo 6.5k battles

4:03 am, October 1, 2015 I have mostly US tech tree and mainly heavies up to T110E5.  Light up to T20, Med up to M26, and TD up to T25.  T29 crew working on 4th skill set. Up to KV-3 in Soviet.  I h [..] View

Looking for a newbie friendly clan willing to help and teach

4:03 am, October 1, 2015 I just got this game today, I'd like to become a better player so I feel like I should join a clan that is willing to teach me how to play properly. So I'll try to provide requested information from t [..] View


3:03 pm, September 30, 2015 It would be nice if the team members that are not playing in the skirmish you're in can view in Spectator mode. Meaning they have to be part of your registered team to be able to use the Spec [..] View

Streaming Random PUBS-

3:03 pm, September 17, 2015 If I were to become the big dog in charge, I would institute a streaming channel dedicated to random live battles on random servers, tiers 4-10. I believe there would be great interest in thi [..] View

WoT-UNI (Sir Havoc) Looking for People who would like to Teach

3:03 pm, September 14, 2015 Hi Guys Sir Havoc here,   I am looking for a handful of good guys that would like to make a difference.  I am looking for people who would be happy to take a few training sessions wi [..] View

Need Someone to Mentor/ Teach Me

3:03 pm, September 9, 2015 Hello WoT Community,   I feel like I am on the verge of a break through with learning the game and actually having statistics to back it up. However, I've been having a bit of difficulty late [..] View

King's All-The-Basics Modpack 9.10

4:03 am, September 8, 2015 This modpack is meant to create a minimalist feel which does not bombard the player with too much information, is noob-friendly, well-polished, and just overall useful in every way that I could think [..] View

Why i quit World of Tanks

3:03 pm, August 22, 2015 Its been a whole whopping few days before I seen one of these threads, and how else to make a first post other than to complain! Not to mention the fact that WG has removed negs so people can't have t [..] View

HY-PE recruiting Semi serious-face guys!

3:03 pm, August 15, 2015 Hello everybody!   We are a young and new clan very fresh, and we are looking for mature players to play and teach them as well as train them for future events like tournements and stuffs Rig [..] View

Giveaway coming soon!

3:03 pm, July 27, 2015   Hello tankers !   As some of you may know,I own a YouTube Channel!But not a regular YouTube channel.My channel won't teach you how to get better at WoT.My channel will most like [..] View

HAND Have A Nice Day

4:03 am, July 24, 2015 we are a great bunch of guys who enjoy playing both tanks and ships. we platoon, do skirmishes, and own land on new world map. we are looking for good guys 18+ with tier 6 min. we use team speak and m [..] View

Rare footage: Failed artillery ******* caught on tape.

3:03 pm, July 22, 2015 I was out playing tanks and luckily had my video camera with me. So this M40/43 (Censored) takes a dump on everyone in the battle and chooses to ******* near the end of a loss (typical).   M4 [..] View

Tier II Tutorial #01 - Carrying Harder (fail)

3:03 pm, July 19, 2015 Hey all you noobs, thought I'd post this battle for your viewing pleasure.  Spoiler alert: I don't pull it off, but I think there are enough 'teachable moments' (blech, did I just use the ter [..] View

platoon invite - protocols?

3:03 pm, July 8, 2015 In other posts I have had the suggestion to platoon when battling. I'm focusing on Tier 5 tanks - M4, T1 working my way to Russian T5 med and heavies. I've accepted platoon invites, went into [..] View

Finally Learning

4:03 am, July 8, 2015 So, after countless battles of derping around and being a nuisance, I've finally begun improving. I give all credit to the guides I found here on the forums, and videos on youtube. In pubs, I'm most o [..] View

The Mauschen on ST - A quick review

4:03 am, June 26, 2015 So, like many of you are wondering what news does bring the replacement of the VK4502B and see if its a worthy successor, i decided to go into ST and test drive the new Maus for tier 9 and here are my [..] View

Looking for experienced players who want to platoon or mentor

3:03 pm, June 17, 2015 Hello WoT Community,   I feel like I am on the verge of a break through with learning the game and actually having statistics to back it up. However, I've been having a bit of difficulty late [..] View

Regarding tier 5+ players with the skills of a tier one player

3:03 pm, June 11, 2015 Man, tonight was a real mess in the games I played. First game, I was in my STA-1, and loaded into an 8% predicted chance to win. I say predicted, only because I never found out what would happen if b [..] View

Constantly taking from your players

4:03 am, June 1, 2015 Dear Wargaming,    I posted the lower part of my complaint in the World of Warships as I have been playing in the closed beta.  As such I have not been playing WoT. &nbs [..] View

Learn to Play Tanks

4:03 am, May 22, 2015 Hi, me and a fellow clanmate want to help you get beter at tanks. with our average wn8 of 3k we would love to teach you what we have learned to beter the competative gameing in the comunity. feel free [..] View

Does any arty making 7 kills qualify as CRUCIAL CONTRIBUTION for Best Replay of the Week?

4:03 am, May 20, 2015 This tank-eating "Grasshopper" sure is a pest!!!   SERVER: NORTH AMERICA REAL IN-GAME NAME: FLAKhelfer CRUCIAL CONTRIBUTION: TOP GUN, 7 [..] View

mentoring a reroll

4:03 am, May 20, 2015 ok, so i have posted a few posts looking for a new player to start fresh and teach the game too. and for me to get the refer-a-Friend tank..     the problem is that new players dont [..] View

[R4K] Is Recruiting Fun Tankers!

3:03 pm, May 14, 2015 [R4K] About Us R4K is a casual clan that was founded in September 2014. We have grown and improved consistently in that time and are willing to teach newer players. We like to keep the clan environmen [..] View

Team Training for New People ?

4:03 am, May 11, 2015 War games i suggest you make a training to exposes new people that they need to learn to be a team player showing them how to play as a team player. Way too many random games we have losses in due to [..] View

Looking for a future proof clan

3:03 pm, May 7, 2015 Hi, I am looking for a future proof clan, I've been moving around lately and I don't like that. I have been in 5D, 5D2, 5D4, 5D5... firstly I was in 5D but because I can't do clan wars regularly, I wa [..] View

Looking for a clan, someone who can help teach the game.

4:03 am, April 30, 2015 Hello, my name is YOLOGunner778. I am looking for an active and friendly clan that can support and uphold my needs. I am not the best at WOT, and I need to learn MUCH MUCH more, so I am looking for a [..] View

new player, need some advice

4:03 am, April 11, 2015 Mmmmmm... Fried pig [edited]! Once you eat one of these pig [edited]pork rinds, you'll never eat another.. human [edited]again. But [edited]human [edited]! I [edited]dead pigs. You'll read all about i [..] View

RPG recruiting active tankers with TS

3:03 pm, March 29, 2015 RPG Alpha is now recruiting new members We have always been a casual clan but we are now moving out of the purely casual arena and into a more active clan that will be involved in toons, skirmishes, a [..] View

Looking for a Training Clan

4:03 am, March 19, 2015 Hello Folk, I am looking for a Clan that can help me improve and teach me what I am doing wrong. I can except constructive criticism and I am willing to unlearn and relearn& [..] View

Stats are corrupting.......

3:03 pm, March 7, 2015 I like my stats, its nice to look them over and see how Im improving, its been a long road of progression, my french light/medium line stands as testament to my time learning how to play (I raced to t [..] View

Some thoughts on Mittengard v Province

3:03 pm, March 2, 2015 First off, here:     I've got an account on the Asia server. Lots of low tiers and a couple of tier 5s, just so I can play with some local people. As a result, I get more opportunit [..] View

Anyone wants to platoon and teach me how to play tier 8 (EU timezone)?

3:03 pm, February 24, 2015 I have recently overcome the shock that tier 6 to tier 7 transition is and finally started playing tier 7 heavy tanks decently. But now I've got my first tier 8 tanks (VK 45.02 A) and the shock is eve [..] View

Wg please let us help you build a tutorial system

3:03 pm, February 22, 2015 Please allow us the players to help you create an effective tutorial system.   The idea is to hold contests where players submit concepts for tutorials. You post the format required. It can [..] View

The top Clans have taken the game Hostage...

4:03 am, February 7, 2015 Upon reading Clan R/D it has dawned on me that the Top Clans have taken the game hostage.   They say beating up on lesser clans provides lesser clans a "learning" experience. That s [..] View

High tier tanks, deployment, and you

4:03 am, February 4, 2015 If you are in a tier 10 tank, and you do not know a common map like Malinovka well enough to know where to deploy for your tank's role, do not play a tier 10 tank.   In fact, do not [..] View

Looking to get better

4:03 am, January 25, 2015 I'm still learning how to play this and I only have about 500 games so far so I guess I'm looking for a clan that is willing to teach me and help me so eventually I can play in clan wars. Recent win r [..] View

TEXAS Armored is recruiting Tier 6 min, TS & Mic, Strongholds, Team Battles, Platoons

4:03 am, January 14, 2015 Why should you choose TEX_2? Tex_2 recruits players of all skill. 1-100,000 Battles. We teach you how to play with the consistent support of the more advanced players in the clan. Platoons are always [..] View

World of Tanks: Light tank survival guide

4:03 am, January 14, 2015 Ladies and gentlemen. I was in my English class last week, and i was given an assignment: to create a piece of writing. Given that we could choose anything, I decided to explain Scouting in WOT.&n [..] View

New player introduction.

3:03 pm, January 12, 2015 Just wanted to introduce myself and give a brief background if that's cool.  A few months ago some guys at work were talking about World Of Tanks and every morning I'd hear about their exploi [..] View

Armoured Cavalry Guide by Xensation - Part 1

4:03 am, January 1, 2015 Hello everyone! After the huge success of Tyraforce's artillery trilogy, I decided to extend the series of extensive guides from self-propelled guns - also known as SPGs, artillery, arty, skypigs and [..] View

Stronhold Commander Wanted

3:03 pm, December 31, 2014 K1NG clan participates in stronghold battles semi regularly but lack significant strategy to beat more professional teams. (which there are a lot of) If you have significant commanding experience We w [..] View

platooning/training clan

3:03 pm, December 29, 2014 Hey there, how's it goin? I'm a casual player who wants to improve and I don't have time to be in a regular clan...or the stats. I work away from home so I am unavailable a lot but I would like to be [..] View

I know its hard- heard of semles move WG?

3:03 pm, December 25, 2014 You push your updates without taking the server down - I know you don't have right skill set- but it is cool - I don't care if I get me Christmas tree in my garage first or 1,000,000 th- its ok - can [..] View

disciplining players who abuse ingame/ingarage text

3:03 pm, December 21, 2014 I had an idea based on a post I read earlier.  But that post had a specific subject, so I'm starting this thread to put my idea out there.   Players often encounter other players ing [..] View

You're expectations for pubbies are too damn high!

4:03 am, December 18, 2014  1) Well over 100 tanks to learn in reference to strengths, weaknesses, DPM, gun depression, etc.   When some of us started playing we started watching videos of decent players. & [..] View

Good way of recording video?

4:03 am, December 18, 2014 I plan to do a video called "inside the head of a light green player", but I do not know a easy way of recording video to YouTube. I know I am not the best player, that is exactly why I am d [..] View

TBM IS RECRUITING Tank Buster Misfits

4:03 am, December 15, 2014 Hello guys today I am showing you guys a clan that I am in and it is a great clan, Reasons: Friendly commanders friendly players helpful clan battles and give aways. For our website click here http:// [..] View

Still makes me laugh...

4:03 am, December 5, 2014 After all the years i have played this, since first beta, it still makes me laugh from time to time.   So I am sitting on the hill in a bush with my ISU and a clannie who will remain nameless [..] View

A beginners guide: Advanced tactics one.

3:03 pm, November 25, 2014 Are you new? Want to take the first step in becoming a better player? Then check out this video: It is a batt [..] View

Stalin Crushes Capitalism: Sovietskiy Gold Economics Study

4:03 am, November 23, 2014 The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study Journal of Sovietskiy Gold Economic Studies (1948), Volume 1, 12-20(4)     Abstract     This study evaluates the [..] View

King's All-The-Basics Modpack 9.4

3:03 pm, November 19, 2014 Better late than never.   This modpack is meant to create a minimalist feel which does not bombard the player with too much information, is noob-friendly, well-polished, and just overall usef [..] View

[SASKO] Service Academy of Strategic Knowledge & Operations

4:03 am, November 17, 2014 We are a new training clan for players who believe they influence their win rate.  The only requirement to join the clan is a desire to get better and an belief that you can influence your wi [..] View

New Clan looking for skilled team player to train us. (renumeration possible)

4:03 am, November 8, 2014 My newly formed clan, of first time team players, is interested in finding a skilled player to teach us how to play effectively as a team. Good teachers will qualify for in game gifts depending on ski [..] View

IOC_6 non troll recruitment thread

4:03 am, November 6, 2014 Unlike my last thread, which was intended to make fun of the main IOC clans and that I went try-hard in, I will actually explain what the clan is about.   First, what we do: At IOC_6 we take [..] View

How to... duck?

4:03 am, October 20, 2014 Title asks all... exactly how do you play the duck (AMX 40)? It's been a long while since I last played it, and all I remember is that I hated it...   However, I've seen a few players (very f [..] View

Am I the only one who misses TC's - the way they used to be?

4:03 am, October 10, 2014 I'm just curious - am I the only one who misses TC's?  For me - TC's gave me some variety in the people I met and battled with.   They helped teach me new and different techniques an [..] View


3:03 pm, October 3, 2014 reasons why:   broken MM   soul-crushing grind to upgrade tanks      (cmon fer crying out loud - 70k xp needed to upgrade the chi-ha to the m5a1 s [..] View

Newbs, noobs, beginners - pick the right tank from the start

3:03 pm, October 3, 2014 Tankers.   I have seen a lot of sad posts lately from players with 2k to 5k games who are struggling with the game. Poor win rate, WN8, bad stats, low esteem. I am no guru, so please don't ge [..] View

r3dn3cks needs new clan mates

4:03 am, September 30, 2014 we are looking for adults who are on regular we are about 60 people now I need another 40 then ill drop all the dead weight and we will be clan wars ready by then till then we do a lot of strongholds [..] View

What tank does this drawing look like?

4:03 am, September 19, 2014 What does this tank look like to you? I know I **** at drawing and all but this is meant to be bad. You must have system of inequalities to make each polygon. So yeah. If anyone can help me though, to [..] View

Looking for training

3:03 pm, September 18, 2014 Hello everyone, I am looking for someone who can help me. I will soon be closing in on 9k games played. When I started using XVM and actually began paying attention to how well I play I set a goal for [..] View

[CB] Crimson Blade is recruiting (limited spots)

4:03 am, September 17, 2014 [CB] Crimson Blade is recruiting. Contact FASTHatTrick, Maj_Lagg or Tylercoleman via our page on the WoT site. WIN8 1150 and 3x tier 10 (CW useable) minimum requirements. We [..] View

Looking to learn

3:03 pm, September 14, 2014 Been at this for a while and tried on my own. Looking for a good teaching clan, along with strongholds. Yes  I know my WR is 46% that comes from a no care approach when I began.  Do [..] View

What tank does this (horrible) drawing look like?

4:03 am, September 10, 2014 What does this tank look like to you? I know I **** at drawing and all but this is meant to be bad. You must have system of inequalities to make each polygon. So yeah. If anyone can help me though, to [..] View

what I have learned thus far.....noob improvement

3:03 pm, September 8, 2014 1) situational awarness. I'm constantly watching my mini map   2) Deal damage. Pound tanks. Killing isn't the end all. Reducing their hp is. Your team, hopefully will **** the weakened tanks [..] View

TBM Needs you !

3:03 pm, September 5, 2014 WELL WHAT CAN I SAY we are a band of brotherly misfits we have one goal to have fun and to avenge our brothers , we are committed to bringing chaos to the game, doing the impossible and changing the l [..] View

Looking for a decent clan to platoon with and teach me more.

3:03 pm, September 4, 2014 Hey, I've recently left my old clan (Ares which has gone to quiet for my tastes) and am looking for a new clan and community to interact with and broaden my experiences. Been doing an awful lot of sol [..] View

G0A needs you!

1:01 pm, August 25, 2014 Clan G0A is looking for active members with tier ten tanks who are interested in joining the clan wars team. at 80 members we will be putting entry requirements in, but at this stage we don't care abo [..] View


1:01 pm, August 17, 2014 Hello Tankers, Welcome to my forum thread named;Free Subscription, Tanks and Gold for everyone. Firstly I must apologise for I have deceived you slightly. For I can only right now offer you free [..] View

ODD1 clan looking for members

1:01 pm, August 8, 2014 ODD1 is a brand new tiny clan. We are a group of good friends who play the game for fun and excitment. We run all tiers. We are looking for like minded people who like to have fun, chat, platoon, and [..] View

FastRage55 Looking for Clan; Most Recent Stats: WN8 1,973, Performance 1,766, Efficiency 2,001

1:01 am, July 29, 2014 Hello, I am FastRage55 and I am looking for a semi-good to professional clan that can give me these things: 1.) A teamspeak3 server that has good people always onavailableto platoon with and have a f [..] View

Tank Generation clan looking for recruits!

1:01 am, July 20, 2014 TOUS POUR UN, UN POUR TOUS (All For One, One For All) Tank Generation is a casual clan looking for new members of all skill levels and experience.Anyone is welcomed to join!We haverequirements in te [..] View

Commanders / Spectator view for CWs, TCs, Team Battles

1:01 am, July 14, 2014 I originally made this post back in 6/29/12 and feel this would be a quick addition to the game in any upcoming patch and very helpful to the community as a whole. ~~This is a thought on having a s [..] View

Everyone Starts Somewhere! Join the Fighting 26th!

1:01 pm, July 7, 2014 The Fighting 26th is recruiting! About Us: The Fighting 26th is the North American based, English speaking Sister Clan to The Fighting 24th. As the Sister Clan, we serve as the Gateway to the 24th [..] View

My cooldown is over so Clan time

1:01 pm, June 29, 2014 I am looking for a clan that is mature and can help teach me how to get my WN8 up higher since im a newer player only playing for 2 to 3 weeks my goals are to participate in clan wars and have fun. im [..] View

Looking For a Helpful clan

1:01 pm, June 27, 2014 I have only played for a couple weeks and im trying to get better I have a tier 7 and a tier 8 premium tank. I am looking for an experienced clan that can teach and point out flaws while not being rud [..] View

Greatly improving player looking for new clan!

1:01 am, June 27, 2014 First off I would like to say thanks for reading. I am increasing my stats daily and know of ways to do it. I have an open mind to criticism and teachings. I am a joker so you will have fun with me in [..] View

WOT soccer teaches us a very interesting lesson.

1:01 am, June 18, 2014 Take a map. Put zero cover on it Make it play for fun Make it fully flat Make everyone auto spot And people will still camp. I found it hilarious while playing this. You literally hav [..] View

how to make church 7 go from zero to hero

1:01 am, June 14, 2014 by now i think we all know that church 7 is one of the worst tanks currently available in WOT. the tank simply lacks firepower and mobility. and the allmight armor 152mm looks more like 6xmm once one [..] View

Why Artillery Needs to Get Buffed and How to Get Over It

1:01 am, June 12, 2014 Okay, so I've been playing this game since May 16th 2011. I have been around since 0.6.4. I'm not posting this for thumbs up because it sure as heck won't be because the average player in the game wou [..] View

Having trouble holding land cuz you're terrible at clan wars? Have a look at this thread

1:01 pm, June 6, 2014 THIS IS BEING POSTED FOR A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE WHO UNFORTUNALY GOT PERMA'D OFF HERE Hello friends, I am NOTsillyputty and I am a experienced clan wars caller. What I want is to join an active clan [..] View

Bring the Fun! Don't Just Tonk, ZONK!

1:01 am, June 5, 2014 Ok listen, I'm not going to make this a job. I just want players that want to have fun and improve.ZONK OUT! is a new clan looking for students and teachers of the game. Check us out. Be part of [..] View

Teach me the way of the T44... I have a 38% win rate in the thing

1:01 am, June 1, 2014 I do great in mediums except the T44, what am I doing wrong ? It's killing my stats. View


Anyone wants to platoon and teach me how to play tier 8 (EU timezone)?

Feb 25, 2015, 7:05 am <p>I have recently overcome the shock that tier 6 to tier 7 transition is and finally started playing tier 7 heavy tanks decently. But now I've got my first tier 8 tanks (VK 45.02 A) and the shock is [..] View

Looking for a decent clan to platoon with and teach me more.

Jan 14, 2015, 7:17 pm <p>Hey, I've recently left my old clan (Ares which has gone to quiet for my tastes) and am looking for a new clan and community to interact with and broaden my experiences. Been doing an awful lot of [..] View

Teaching/Learning Clan Newly Created [M--M]

Jan 13, 2015, 10:58 am Hey everyone! This isn't quite a standard "clan recruitment" thread, but I realize moderation will probably move it. Problem is, the average player won't check clan recruitment for this kind of thing[..] View

WOT soccer teaches us a very interesting lesson.

Nov 29, 2014, 4:06 am <p>Take a map.</p> <p>Put zero cover on it</p> <p>Make it play for fun</p> <p>Make it fully flat</p> <p>Make everyone auto spot</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>And pe[..] View

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