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Wheres Uncle Sam?! +prizes

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015                                     &a [..] View

Send a friendly PM mission

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 Hello everyone! I've noticed that the PM system is used, and I am not innocent of this, for starting fights and bitter, unfriendly conversations about something that happened in game. I challenge you, [..] View

For those who still have the T14 HVY. Question?

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 Each day I play the T-14 Prem that I switch crew with the M-103 and to clear the XP for the day. I know it is no longer a Tank that can be purchased, so I keep it in my garage as like others. What I a [..] View

I finished the Aufkl Panther

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 I guess I worked at it a little harder than necessary.  I don't know that I would've kept the tank if they weren't getting rid of it (not fun starting a new crew in a tier 7 light), but I enj [..] View

Learning the map

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 What is the best place to read about maps and opening moves? I have been looking over the threads on the forum, but many of the maps have been changed. I usually try to follow the best player in my cl [..] View

I love my M46 Patton (also here's a video)

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 The weekend's coming up, so here's a video and hopefully some anti-salt to kick things off.   So yeah, the M46 is still, tier for tier, a far superior machine to the M48. Fatton is fun to pla [..] View

Where are forum commands?

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 I used to have "View new content" and other commands to view new posts for my threads or threads I replied to, etc. They are gone. Can't find them. What happened? Why are they no longer ther [..] View

Dissapointed there is no tier 8 and 9 discount on American tanks

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 Was kind of hoping for a discount on these tiers so I could buy my M46 Patton and T49 because I've already finished all the tier 7 american tanks . Went ahead and bought my T49 anyway cuz I couldn't [..] View

FV201 (A45)

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 Can anyone who bought the tank outright tell me if its worth the effort? Also, tell me this. If I rent the tank, and earn, say, 100k xp and get 100 kills, will it cost the same as if I just didn't eve [..] View

Even after the buffs, the T-34-2 is still horrible.

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 I can't remember what all the buffs to this tank were, but they were not enough.    While the ROF and mobility are not bad, the gun is horrible.  181 pen i [..] View

Do you have issues with the forum logging you out constantly? If so please post here.

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 Evening fellow World of Tanks players this is a bit of a public service announcement to bring awareness to this. About the same time as the 9.0 update the forum software for all Wargaming pro [..] View

Happy 4 year anniversary.

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 To myself(was really yesterday, but I was forum banned).    I can't believe it has been 4 years already.  Last game I played this long was eve online. Played for 5 years bef [..] View

E-75 accuracy.

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 I dont have this tank but i do come upon it when playing my T29 and no matter how hull down i get or even the distance away i get penned through the roof, not the commanders hatch but past the mantlet [..] View

Dont buy 268 they say, 268 is bad they say

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 Finally did TD-14 using my old trusted SU-122-44 this morning and decided to play Obj 268 to try to get 6000 damage done. Lots and lots of 2-3k dmg games, couple of 4-5k games, 15-5 W/L for a day, all [..] View

Panther medium tank

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 Slow, big, huge, paper. This pretty much describes the panther. I know people say to play it as a sniper, but if I want to snipe, I would buy a TD! That's what my E25 is for. Whenever I start shooting [..] View

Some actually good thoughts from WG's devs

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 Stuff I saw on Rita's Status Report this morning:   - the Mauschen was shelved for now because it's super hard to balance.  Overly powerful against lower tier tanks, and bad against [..] View

The real Batchat.

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 For any enthusiasts out there I thought I would just set the record straight.   Batchats were actually built and field tested, they were equipped with the 90 MM gun (F3). The French 105 gun t [..] View

Launcher Keeps Crashing

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 About two weeks ago my launcher started to crash about once every two or three days, now it's getting to the point that it crashes once a day in the middle of battle. In fear that I will be p [..] View

Cash Shop A Big Scam? Why Should I Pay You?

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 I understand you deliver the products you offer in the store. I am not accusing you of that. The problem I have is this: Why should I pay for products that won't benefit me? I have been playing this g [..] View

Abandoning AMX light series

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 After grinding my way up to the AMX12t I will be abandoning the line until some change is made that makes the platform more survivable and relevant when such vehicles as the LTTB, RU251, T54 ltwt, and [..] View

WG about the American Lights (Parody)

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 Hello !  It's me again,spamming the forums and stuff.    As I said,besides my existing series ( World of Children , Memes , Funv [..] View

Complaints about Clan Members

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 FYI   If you have been abused by a clan member and you want to talk to the clan commander about it you need to provide proof.  Turn your replays on and send the replay to the command [..] View

5% XP booster question

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015     Does anybody know if the 5% XP booster U get for doing 15K and getting todays key activates immediatley when u get the key or U have the option to activate it through the end of [..] View

SP3AR Clan looking for Combat Officers!

4:03 am, July 2, 2015 Hi fellow tankers!   SP3AR just finished up gold payouts for June campaign on the Global map and we are now looking for some battle callers to take the place of a couple of folks& [..] View

Stronghold gold payout

4:03 am, July 2, 2015 So as I am helping some friends make a new clan (AAA-), I am curious on how the gold payout works. If anyone with experience with this kind of stuff has any info please share. Oh and I am curious in s [..] View

FTP Reward 5 mission

4:03 am, July 2, 2015  FTP Reward 5 is unavailable for me but I completed the Freedom mission which should unlock it? Says mission unavailable requiremenst not met 1 battle left.  But yet I can n [..] View

Armor Penetration Changes Information

4:03 am, July 2, 2015 Hello Tankers,   We wanted to provide you with some information regarding the results of the armor penetration changes we ran a few weeks ago on the common test server.     [..] View

Gross Traktor MM Broken

3:03 pm, July 1, 2015 OK am in the middle of training up a German Medium crew and have been running the crew in all of my German medium premiums over the last three weeks.  I've played 24 matches in the Gross Trak [..] View

1700 WN8 recent, 1305 overall WN8, 8K battles Very Active and willing to learn.

3:03 pm, July 1, 2015 Title says it all but I would prefer a very active clan wars clan with a large player base for platooning, team battles, etc. I also have 4 tier 10s researched(IS-7, Obj 140, FV4202, E-100), two of th [..] View

Night Maps

3:03 pm, July 1, 2015 I realize that this would be a lot of work, but would it be possible to add night time maps and/or effects in a future update? It would be really cool and would force people to think outside the box a [..] View

Respect given to arty player

3:03 pm, July 1, 2015 Well I've gotten to the point in my personal mission to unlock my premium Stug that I have to play the dreaded arty mission     How do you spg players put up with this ****. &nbs [..] View

Ranked top 200 for strongholds? Falco is. Join now.

3:03 pm, July 1, 2015 Welcome, Falco is proud to have a line up that can reliably defeat those annoying scout lineups in strongholds. As a young clan, we are looking for people in the 3000-6000 personal rating range with a [..] View

Wow I'm a coward?

3:03 pm, July 1, 2015 Stalingrad, no bushes and I'm sitting in the middle of a road in my T34, about 400 meters from a Tiger P on the enemy team. I aim in and shoot, duck behind a mound of gravel or w/e that stuff is, and [..] View

Looking for Clan that does clan wars

4:03 am, July 1, 2015 I'm looking for a clan to join and one that does clan wars. Tanks -Tier 8 Rhm Borsig waffentrager -Tier 6 Sherman Firefly -Tier 6 VK 28.01 -Tier 4 M37 I have teamspeak 3 2K battles 45% win rate &n [..] View

Game bugging out at loading screen

4:03 am, July 1, 2015 I was recently playing in my Tier 7 TDs with a clanmate of mine, when randomly two completely different games decided to bug out at the loading screen. I could seemingly look around and see the names [..] View

Crit no damage

4:03 am, July 1, 2015 Anyone else getting this a whole lot now? Used to be just side shots so I only hurt the track but lately I'm getting shots through the front or back they say "Critical hit" yet I do no damag [..] View

20k bad 5k good

4:03 am, July 1, 2015 Yes, yes I'm a baddie but I feel I have finally got it right... Thing is, gonna take forever before I fix up my overall. Got about 20K bad games had like 200 win8 now after so long up to 650. Gonna re [..] View

Leopard, Amazing Tank

4:03 am, July 1, 2015 Now, clicking this title you instantly thought I was referring to the Leopard 1. But no. I am sorry. That is not what I am referring to. I am talking about the VK 16.02 Leopard! Yes, the Tier 5, Light [..] View

T37 7k Spotting Damage

4:03 am, July 1, 2015 7.3k spotting damage on fiery salient Unfortunately, I wasn't doing the Lt-15 mission when this ha [..] View

I want to play light tanks, which line?

4:03 am, July 1, 2015 So I feel like I am missing out on some fun in this game, as the only light I drive is the Luchs from time to time. What light tank line would you recommend for a 'light tank noob'. I was looking over [..] View

Barracks again, ugh

4:03 am, July 1, 2015 Well, they did it again. Last time they handed out crews (for tanks I don't have) they stole all my free barrack slots making moving crews into and out of premiums a real pain. Well dagnabit they just [..] View

crews all messed up

3:03 pm, June 30, 2015 went to play IS-7 crew can't be moved out of KV-5 checked garage WHOA I have 3 crews for the e5 ... understand has to do with domination tanks gone ,but I have to get crews out of garage with no gold. [..] View

The Heavy Tank is dead Long live the heavy tank

3:03 pm, June 30, 2015 I have been playing a lot of pubbies recently and have noticed a big reduction in the number of heavies in each game (mainly due to missions I need to complete). Is the heavy tank a dinosaur? I have c [..] View

Fiery Salient in 9.9 feels like a ruined map

3:03 pm, June 30, 2015 Please go play on the test server and check out the Firey Salient map before posting to get a feel for it.   Firey Salient/Prohvrovka I've always griped about having two identical maps but ho [..] View

English Electric: Heavy Tank A45 Contest

3:03 pm, June 30, 2015 What's the forum scoop on population mindset on grinding out this July Freedom Contest? A potentially free month long job, l see it has attracted far less attention and discussion than people usually [..] View

Yearly Reset of Stats

3:03 pm, June 30, 2015 I know this will not go over very well with high percentage players, but hear me out. In major sports stats are kept on a yearly basis, as well as a career basis.  Biggest peeve in this game [..] View

T-54 Mod 1 - Tier 8 Russian Medium Tank Review

3:03 pm, June 30, 2015 Hay guys,   Now straight off the bat I believe this is the best premium tank out there currently even better than the removed preferential match making tanks. I would normally be reserved and [..] View

Where is the customer service button now?

3:03 pm, June 30, 2015 Wargaming must have hire Microsoft employees to make their site less user friendly.  Before customer service was always waiting in the upper right corner.  Can't find it anywhere now [..] View

[-2-] Deuces Wild Recruiting

3:03 pm, June 30, 2015 If you're looking for a clan that thinks fun and being competitive go together, consider [-2-] Deuces Wild!  We're seeking active members who want to participate in Strongholds, Clan Wars and [..] View

Medium Tanks For Beginners (Help & Advice Needed)

4:03 am, June 30, 2015 I am currently working on trying to get better in Tanks. I recently have been playing nothing but heavies (this consisting of my KV-85, Tiger 2, and Lowe. I don't have any higher tanks&nb [..] View

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