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A question about Clans

3:03 pm, December 21, 2014 Hello, I am new to WoT and I enjoy it so far.  I noticed that many clans won't accept people under 1500 games or so.  I'm not complaining about this because I'm sure there's a reason [..] View

[GAMUT] Global Alliance: Multicultural Unit of Tankers Now Recruiting

3:03 pm, December 21, 2014 [GAMUT] Global Alliance: Multicultural Unit of Tankers is currently focused on platoons. At the moment we are not ready for strongholds, tournaments, etc. though we are open to the [..] View

How is this even possible? Ping related.

3:03 pm, December 21, 2014 So at first I thought it was a connection problem. But it wasn't. I have a slightly better ping on the West server than I have on the East server and I play from Europe.  Now here's [..] View

Shooting Past Tanks When Your Barrel is Sticking Through Them.

3:03 pm, December 21, 2014 So this is a problem I have run into many times when dealing with scouts and fast mediums. Im sure it has happened to some of you as well.    You are in your slow traversing German h [..] View

The hate is strong tonight.

3:03 pm, December 21, 2014   I've been scouting in tanks for awhile now.  I love the zip zip feeling of finding an open flank and scouting/flanking the tanks that are often too busy focusing forward to see me [..] View

disciplining players who abuse ingame/ingarage text

3:03 pm, December 21, 2014 I had an idea based on a post I read earlier.  But that post had a specific subject, so I'm starting this thread to put my idea out there.   Players often encounter other players ing [..] View

When You Get 6800 (And Counting) Spotting Damage...

4:03 am, December 21, 2014 So, I had this match where a bunch of people did a tier 10 drop. Ended up doing 6800 spotting damage, and had 2500dmg. All was going good, until UH OH, this amazing player in his 50 B thinks hes the F [..] View

GG MM / Balance and Clans gaming MM

4:03 am, December 21, 2014 What kind of **** balance is this ****? Enemy team gets 4Tier 10 plus all the TD's on a semi urban / sniper map....   GG MM....   This games RNG + Balance is so bad so many people ar [..] View

So many options... what to do?

4:03 am, December 21, 2014 I have about 7 million credits and well over 15k free xp from all the WZ-111 grind. I also have several tanks unlocked and ready to buy.   KV-3, I've seen that thing in battle and it seems to [..] View

Tier 1's in high tier games? WTH?

4:03 am, December 21, 2014 Ok we all know this is an old topic. But come on WG fix this **** already. School is out, and first day today I seen 7 games with a dam tier 1tank platooned with 7-10s. This really needs to be fixed. [..] View

To those against skill based MM, please read

4:03 am, December 21, 2014 I think WG should start looking at skill based MM and after looking around the threads I can't find one good reason against skill based MM, except that skill based MM will reduce the ability of good p [..] View

BBQ est en période active de recrutement!

4:03 am, December 21, 2014 Le Bataillon de blindés du Québec, un des clans vétérans francophones, vous souhaite dans ses rangs!   Nous sommes actuellement &agrav [..] View

33rd Armored Regiment now recruiting

4:03 am, December 21, 2014 The 33rd Armored Regiment is a World of Tank clan that was founded in Oct 2014 by Insaneopath, Magnum_Merc and Skarcrowz, and will be a strong presence in months to come. We are a brotherhood, wanting [..] View

Desr War Games You need to Nerf the E-25 it is op

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014 The E-25 seems to way to fast and way too much power for a tank of its size and tier level even higher tier heavy tanks are having issues with tracking or even gun depression with it.  being [..] View

A few things about arty.

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014 Okay so I always see people complaining about arty for either not helping them or aiming at them. 1. If an arty isn't aiming at the heavier tanks on the enemy team he/she is not a very good arty playe [..] View

E-25 Needs Nerfing bad lets all do this now

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014 THe E-25 i way too fast going forward or backwards its just seem very hard to track and if you run heavy tanks you find it annoying as it will circle hit you till you are dead. I am sorry but that tan [..] View

Premium question

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014 In your opinion is it more important to use the earnings of a premium tank to train the crew or convert to free experience so you can top out a regular tank you aren't doing well in. I have a SU-85 th [..] View

If I know WG....

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014    Do not forget to log into WOT on Dec. 25th, and receive your free gift.   if you wait till the 26th, you may miss out the countdown begins, 5 days left   &nb [..] View

Game does not fully close sometimes...

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014 There is no clear event that occurs beforehand but, sometimes after closing the game, when i go back to relaunch it, the game says it is already running... I open Task Manager and there it is, still o [..] View

Team LightSpeed (_LS_) is Recruiting

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014               LightSpeed  Is looking for Tankers (New ones or Experienced Veterans)     LS Community [..] View

Ahhh, I love the smell of early morning teams

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014 The best way to start the weekend grind is with 2 back to back Ace Tankers. [..] View

Performance percentiles

3:03 pm, December 20, 2014 I was doing my after game reviews on the splash screens and after finding out how many shots I landed, I clicked to the team tab to see where I ranked among the rest of the team.  This has be [..] View

Charity Stream Winners!

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 At your request, here is a list of everyone who won during the charity livestream today. Prize and Twitch name is listed. If you are on the list, you'll receive a message through Twi [..] View

The 41st Armored Warrior Division [41AWD] Recruiting

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 The 41st Armored Warrior Division is a clan of older guys and gals. We are a starter clan but our long term goal is to get to clan wars. We are recruiting ages 18+, tier 6 non-priem tank, must have a [..] View

B2, GroBtraktor or E25?

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 I now the E25 is going away soon, probably the other two choices also, if you were limited to one or two of these which would you get and why?           &a [..] View

How much money would Wargaming make if_?

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 Well, I thought I may as well make a three, because I'm not really doing anything right now anyway. So let's go through with things that are NOT pay to win, but may be pay to make life easier (such as [..] View

What is the new Meta?

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 So I was thinking, what is the new meta? Over the last few years, types of classes have become favored/disfavored, having people play massive amounts of one class of tank and dissing others. &nbsp [..] View

Gr.Tr. Camo Bug

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 I dont know if this has happened to anyone else but it appears as thought the grosstraktor is incapable of hiding behind bushes. Ive played on a multitude of maps and under conditions were me and my t [..] View

Fugitive [FGTVE] - Now Recruiting

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 We all know Fugitive has been through some riff raff lately, but that won't stop us from picking ourselves back up and soldiering on. We are not our past leaders nor do we have the same opini [..] View

WG you so silly...

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 Its funny how some players just randomly Team damage each other and until they reach -2 kills + damage, they won't even turn blue. But when one of my team members face hug someone and I accidently spl [..] View

Question about world of tanks

4:03 am, December 20, 2014 Hey!   Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but is world of tanks replays ( a safe site to upload replays to? It's just that having to login with my wot password/userna [..] View

Help! How do I improve ...

3:03 pm, December 19, 2014 Played on & off since 2012, but never really with any dedication.  Recently came back and so much has changed.  Due to stats not being as "necessary" in early years [..] View

GW100 top gun finally can be hard to do ?

3:03 pm, December 19, 2014 Not boasting but hard to do with tier 10 GW100  arty  reload about 34 sec with all equipment on     top gun 6 kills gunlay drive, large repair kit [..] View

Seeing top tank performers for the server?

3:03 pm, December 19, 2014 Just broke 3.2k dpg with the Leo 1 after 1150 battles, along with getting my 3rd MoE on it last week, and I'm curious how far up the standings I have come (was at like 2700 dpg at 300 battles [..] View

8,8 Pak 43

3:03 pm, December 19, 2014 I was researching the 88 Pak 43 Jagdtiger and I ran into a few people, Captain Canada especially, who complained that while generating a lot of credits in this tank they very seldom get wins with it. [..] View

Looking for an active Clan.

3:03 pm, December 19, 2014 I have over 9000 battles. Currently with a 54.8% win rate.  Hit Ratio of 58%. Dam Ratio 1.46  Destruction Ratio 1.77   Up this point I have only played solo in random battle [..] View

Low Teir Player-What to do when you see your team making a error?

3:03 pm, December 19, 2014 So what do you do when you see your team is setting itself up to fail?   I am usually one of the lower tier tanks or TDs so I assume the higher tiers know what the [..] View

Which T10 Russian Heavy ?

4:03 am, December 19, 2014 IS - 7  or IS - 4  * pros / Cons please *   (( gonna dump a lot of my German line ))   also while we are at it   Obj 268 or Obj 263  * pr [..] View

Dear Wargaming: Please Buff Leo PTA and 1

4:03 am, December 19, 2014 The Leopard PTA and Leopard 1's armour is just too thin which makes it unfair when battling against other mediums and other tanks. I never really have time to get shots in because the other teams shot [..] View

Reward Camo?

4:03 am, December 19, 2014 Hey, this may be a noob question or I haven't looked hard enough, but when or where do we get our reward camo? Do we get it upon the release of 9.5 or am I missing something.   Thanks in adva [..] View

T-34-85M: Where to shoot at from the front.

4:03 am, December 19, 2014 The T-34-85M has great armor at the front, and it is quite powerful in Tier 6 games.    Here is my guide to shooting at the front.  If you have below 120ish pen, don't shoot [..] View

****** ELC-AMX with a T1 in a tier 8 battle

4:03 am, December 19, 2014   The ELC just came charging at me, he missed his moving shot and he was feet from me before I wasted him. The last 5 tanks carried it to a win. Kudos to them for not throwing in the [..] View

I think it may be time...

4:03 am, December 19, 2014 Well, I have have made exactly zero friends on this game. That coupled with the ridiculous ups and downs that incite me to rage on a daily basis are going to mean that I have to move on. I was 6/7 ton [..] View

Nobody seems to agree...

4:03 am, December 19, 2014 So I get conflicting answers based off of this or that bias.  I am trying to compare the tanks in the poll by combining two categories for one choice:   Most fun to play mixed with m [..] View

events with tank kills needed

3:03 pm, December 18, 2014 Hi, I am all for events but events where you promote players to not play normal should be reduced. I clearly think you did not think enough on this event.  You set high standards and this is [..] View

My First MOE

3:03 pm, December 18, 2014 Well after a little more than 1000 battles.. Crew at 90% on their second set of skills.. Starting to get an understanding of the tanks role.. Taking advise from a few in game players.. I received my f [..] View

Good or bad?

3:03 pm, December 18, 2014 The other day I had an arty player say he was going to focus me down.  I asked why, and he said it was because of my wn8.  So, is it a good thing that my wn8 has reached a level wher [..] View

The WZ-111 I think has preferred MM.

3:03 pm, December 18, 2014 Yeah I'm the scrub that paid $70.00 for that tank but that aside, I THINK this tank gets preferred MM.  So far I haven't got a tier 10 match solo pubbing in it.  The tank Carousel mo [..] View

Question about ammo

3:03 pm, December 18, 2014 Hello,   I have been playing WoT for a while with a "Marder II" and a "Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. A" and these last few days MM have put me against tier 5 tanks, I tried to help t [..] View

Please add a global "accelerate crew training" toggle

3:03 pm, December 18, 2014 I normally have all of my tanks set to "accelerate crew training" once the tank is elite.  However, there are times when I want to turn it off on all tanks so that I can use gold fo [..] View

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