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WG you did good, but you could do better...

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 great job with the economy buff to rampage, honestly +1 to you,    BUT, you could do better,   as of now, you can make profits in Dom & SH with a premium account by [..] View

Looking for clan -- 51% + 1630 wn8 Recents

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 Top tiers: Batchat   Looking for a clan to do CW and platoons. Hopefully reasonably competitive, with players I can learn from with regards to stats.   Overall stats:   & [..] View

100+ reasons why artillery should be removed...

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 Warning: Do not take this seriously    because they are arty because they camp  because they are suppose to prevent camping even though they camp the most &nb [..] View

The M48 is awesome!

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 Many people say its looked down upon the M46 and other Russian tanks but then I went on a 5 hour session and got these games. 20/34 of them were mostly in the M48. 3 of the 5k damage games were in a r [..] View

Sorry I must have missed them memo. Where the hell is my IS8?

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 Went to play my IS8 tonight, a tank I actually love as a hevium.  I must have missed them memo. Where the hell is my IS8? And why is almost a million silver gone from my account?   M [..] View

Game Mechanics Turing Off New Players

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 I've got over 20K battles and am, at best, a slightly above average player.  However, I'm about fed up with this games "mechanics" and matchmaking.  I continue to suffer fr [..] View

Tank IS cannon.

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 So recently I got the IS tank in blitz. I have found out that there are two guns very similar to each other. One is called 122m d-2-5t and the other is called 122m d25t. D25t cost 19k exp while I have [..] View

T110E3 is bad now

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 Whatever changes was made to this tank in 9.10 I think it was, ruined it.    It now gets ammo racked nearly every match, lower plate is butter, and I've never had so many ro [..] View

M4A1 REVALORISÉ Quick look.

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 as stated this is just a quick look, this isn't a full on review. someone far better than me at playing will probally have one up sooner or later here or over at wotlabs.   Fire power: ehh it [..] View

HEEELP ! Dont show anythings on the gameplay

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 when i go to play, the game dont show me anythings, i try press Esc, Ctrl, C, V, M... and nothings...   Please help !!!! i need play NOW !  T_T    [..] View

Which Tier VIII Premium Med is most worth it?

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 Due to already owning the CDC, I'm looking for something else.   The two that I've been considering the most would be the T-54 First Prototype and the Panther 8.8   I'm looking for r [..] View

Another batch of crappy bundles

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 WG, seriously? Another batch of over priced bundles? 20 USD for a T-14? I think someone hit the vodka a little too hard yesterday. Yes, I know it comes with a 100 percent crew, which is absolutely use [..] View

M56 Scorpion

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 Is this vehicle ever going to see the garage in the near future? I really don't understand the way they introduced this TD. It seems more like a tease than anything. The first bundle was a jo [..] View

How to set Combat Reserve priority for Clan members?

4:03 am, November 27, 2015 Title says all, posting in GD for quick response. Have to change the Combat Reserve priority for members before the CW matches in 21 minutes, yet I completely forgot how. Can't find it in the Clan Gui [..] View

Warning to MOD users


Possible stupid idea, but need advice please!

4:03 am, November 27, 2015 Hey All, been playing for a little over 2 years, and since I started, there were a few tanks that I REALLY wanted, mostly The Sherman's, the T29, and the Hellcat!! Also on the top of that list is the [..] View

Fix your terrible server reticule, WarGaming

4:03 am, November 27, 2015 As the title says, the amount of [edited]shells going more or less like this in the AMX 30B for example is unbelievable which caused me to take unnecessary damage or [..] View

Good luck all...

4:03 am, November 27, 2015 55 days of premium left I will probably play but then I,m retiring. Been playing since the beggining and every patch just brings more and more rigging to the game. The game was so fun and awe [..] View

AMPED is back and recruting

4:03 am, November 27, 2015 The best way to join or learn more come on TeamSpeak and make some friends!   Teamspeak 3 server: Minimum Requirements: 1300 30day WIN8 Over all 1000 WIN8 3 Tier 10's [..] View

Not getting credit for missions in rampage

3:03 pm, November 26, 2015 Some of the missions say group on them witch to me mean platoon I have been in a platoon an we did what it said to do but didn't get the credit for it is anyone else having this problem with them I se [..] View

Happy Thanksgiving .

3:03 pm, November 26, 2015 To all , Thanksgiving is not owned by any one " culture " . It is a state of mind , a chance to give " thanks " for what we have .  From my family to yours I wish you a ha [..] View

Don't laugh, but a minor setup could be major issue!

3:03 pm, November 26, 2015 Hey y'all!   I've been playing this game now for a few months, have just over 4k battles and discovered something that is so minor but could have a big impact on your game.   Mouse p [..] View

Tiger Upgrade.....

3:03 pm, November 26, 2015 What about the Tiger 1 ??? In WW2 it could put a shell through 2 shermans at 2000 yards but I fire at an enemy less than 100 yards away while fully aimed in my Tiger which is fully upgraded and has a [..] View

V1RUS is looking for "YOU"

3:03 pm, November 26, 2015 Currently looking for a handful of tankers with solid skills and clan wars experience.  We are an active clan and drop on the map on a daily basis if not already there.  If intereste [..] View

Most Powerful OP Medium

3:03 pm, November 26, 2015 Hey guys, Working on MT-12 and I don't have any friends or clan mates willing to rig a match with me for the moment.   So I want to know what is the most OP awesome medium tank. I want someth [..] View

Looking for a clan(clan found)

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 Im looking for a clan I can improve my skills with and become more competetive I live in the EST time zone I still go to school so i will only be on after about 3:30pm i dont have a schedule for when [..] View

A44 Hate :[ ?

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 Why you do dis. I am not saying everyone hates the thing but why do people hate it at all?   Looking at the stats down there It seems to be one of my better tanks :o can someone tell me why p [..] View

AMX CDC: Truth or Sham?

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 According to the in-game description by (yours truly) Wargaming,   "In 1946, the the AMX company presented this design for a new vehicle. The powerful engine and light weight would have [..] View

Watch the replay first please.

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 Pure luck? View

8,8 cm Jagdtiger Matchmaking Change

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 About an hour ago I started platooning with a friend of mine, him in a T37 and me in my JgTig 8,8. First battle was fine then he told me that XVM is reporting that it can see battle tiers 8-10. I didn [..] View

Secondary tank selection

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 Today I was training up xp on various tanks, it was a chore researching for the different tanks again and again. Is there a mod that just like how you can set tanks to primary, you can set tanks to &q [..] View

Cap to secure a win, or farm more damage and possibly lose?

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 Part of me wanted to go farm more damage, because I saw at least 2 more easy to **** tanks, but seeing that we had lost our base, I decided to help out the team and just cap a win.  &nbsp [..] View

Game automatically throws me into battle when alt-tabbed out

4:03 am, November 26, 2015 Something rather annoying I've found with this new patch is that if i alt tab (checking something else) and my mouse happens to be anywhere near where the battle button should be (while not-ingame) cl [..] View

Game servers down ?

3:03 pm, November 25, 2015 I have tried to log into the game a lot. It all freezes at the "updating crew" portion of the loading sequence, both US servers. Even took a look at RU server, which seemed broken. The homep [..] View

Improve voice chat

3:03 pm, November 25, 2015 I wondered why WG doesn't let everyone voice chat in random battles, read on to know what I mean.   Voice chat is not avalible to random battles unless you're platooning, and that's only for [..] View

Business Suggestion for WG-Let WOT die

3:03 pm, November 25, 2015 Dear WG Here is some business advice. Make patch 10.00 the last one and let this game die. here's why   The game is broken. Here are a few of the basic issues.. Sighting, Arty, MM, t [..] View

tier 3 tanks for weekday warfare?

3:03 pm, November 25, 2015 next week is 5 v5 attack/defense weekday warfare tier3 as the upper limit. what are tanks best used for such a scenario? i actually might do one, since they have changed how the tournaments are done. [..] View

POLL; Would you stop playing arty until it gets its rebalance in '16

3:03 pm, November 25, 2015 Given that Storm confirmed an arty re-balance coming in '16, are you playing less arty and awaiting the changes? Do you feel that the alpha [..] View

Yet ANOTHER "Build me a pc" Thread.

3:03 pm, November 25, 2015 Hey-yo! It's been a long time overdue, but I finally have some cash for PC upgrades.   My Budget is only $300, but considering Black Friday is coming up I can make that go further hopefully. [..] View

Magic cloak of invulnerability.

3:03 pm, November 25, 2015 Tier five match. KV-1 75 mm hull and 90 turret armor. Stug 111 aus G 150 mm pen 135 damage. 11 shots 8 direct hits no damage. That's like rolling snake eyes eight times in a row. Can someone please ex [..] View

Huge Free XP conversion

3:03 pm, November 25, 2015 As I come up on my 3 month anniversary playing this game, I am considering buying myself a nice chunk of gold for Thanksgiving.   The biggest pain (to me) about playing this game is playing s [..] View

Czech tanks

4:03 am, November 25, 2015 During thanks giving (tanks giving) WG if doing a 35xp to 1gold event so im going to get enough free xp around 600,000 ish to free xp the t10 Czech medium, does anyone know the amout of xp it will tak [..] View

(Devs) - Issue with final gun on "Pz.Sfl.IVc"

4:03 am, November 25, 2015 I found a bug in the last gun on the "Pz.Sfl.IVc" Tier V Tank Destroyer.   Gun: (8,8cm Flak41 L/74) Issue: Very minimal "Turret" rotation (side to side) and because of thi [..] View

[RDDT3] is recruiting active members

4:03 am, November 25, 2015 RDDT3 is recruiting active players for Clan Wars   RDDT3 is an independent tier 8 CW clan, although we were originally founded as a training and feeder clan for the RDDT family.  W [..] View

Anime T-37 American tank

4:03 am, November 25, 2015 Murakumo Kantai collection (Kadokawa Games) T-37   Skin designed for me for the American tank T-37, skin with the theme of Murakumo Kantai collection (DMM & Kadokawa Games), [..] View

Is there such a thing..

4:03 am, November 25, 2015 I've been playing a few years, played in a few clans, but I am looking for more of a casual group of guys to platoon with and shoot the crapwith.. not looking to be too competitive, optional stronghol [..] View

Thank you WG

4:03 am, November 25, 2015 Thank you for announcing the Thanksgiving Day event details 2 days in advance.   I can plan my long weekend accordingly.   WG has been criticized for announcing the [..] View

Just a good scouting example. :)

4:03 am, November 25, 2015 I'm not any kind of awesome player, I'm just an average player who likes to be all sneaky and scout.   There are lots and lots and lots of people better than me, but so few people do scoutin [..] View


4:03 am, November 25, 2015 can we buff the type 59s gun a little?  the type is so bad right now, horrible pen on that gun combined with useless armor (premium ammo meta) and slow acceleration.  a small buff wo [..] View

Anyone got any tips for the SU-100M1?

4:03 am, November 25, 2015 I played it back when I was a noob and I hated the tank. But now that I'm a much better player and premium rounds are now available to use for everyone I'm going to go back down this line again. Any t [..] View

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