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Premium vs Premium

5:03 am, October 24, 2014 I would love to have fair play game. If I play premium, I would love to play vs people who are playing the same premium account and invest money in game. As a consumer and customer I think that playin [..] View

What happened today while attempting to pay for a Fury Bundle (WG Fail)

4:03 pm, October 19, 2014 So I recently decided I would buy a Fury bundle with the $100 package. I went to gift shop, and double checked the amount of money I needed and the payment method, which is MyCard. (MyCard is like a e [..] View

AFK/BOT Detection...Maybe you should check if customers are actually trying to get in game to play!

4:03 pm, October 16, 2014 Well I confirmed my suspicion this morning, and I am sure Wargames did not test this before they implemented the new BOT / AFK Warning System.  Personally I figured I would just cross my fing [..] View

Let's talk about Wargaming Customer Support and why it's the worst in the business.

4:03 pm, October 15, 2014 If you've dealt with almost literally any other AAA caliber game's customer support you'll note that the experiences are usually positive. If you have a legitimate issue they will likely help you with [..] View

[SUGGESTION] Please Add Competitive

4:03 pm, October 7, 2014 Dear WG, I know you have made it clear that this game was made to target people that are in families or have family’s for casual game play. I think you did a great job there, some things you [..] View

Password forgotten reset problem

4:03 pm, October 2, 2014 I have difficulties resetting my password since i have forgoten it, i enter mail, and it says sending confirmation mail to number *****, now its my number still, but i do not recive confirmation code. [..] View

I accidentally bought Large Med Kit for Gold

4:03 pm, September 17, 2014 I accidentally bought Large Med Kit for Gold, actually it was an auto buy.I have complained at WarGaming Customer Service Center and they said unfortunately is not possible to get back my lost gold. I [..] View


4:03 pm, September 12, 2014 WARNING LONG POST I do not if this belongs here but hell if it is moved then it is moved. This is a post about another comparedto warthunder staff and play wise. The other game is called Wart [..] View

What has Happened? What Is Different?

5:03 am, September 11, 2014 I don't know what has happened or what is different but something about game play or game mechanics is way different resulting in almost every game being an absolute blow out for one team or the other [..] View

What. The. [Edited]? Was this accidental, or just one [edited] troll?

5:03 am, September 5, 2014 Ok guys... sorry about the rage post... but I just had this battle in my Type 64 on Mines. I drive up to the middle to get some spots. Then, lo and behold, a Type 59 comes up behind me and blocks my w [..] View

UltimatePay problem, no answer from support

8:05 am, September 1, 2014 I buy gold pretty regularly.  I suppose I fit the description of a "wallet warrior."  It seems like UltimatePay is really not setup for someone who might [..] View

Current State - My Mindset

2:01 pm, August 28, 2014 Hi all, This is just my "Current Mindset" or "State of the Union" from my POV.Until Wargaming actually fixes MatchMaking, I will not spend one more dime on this game. You can all [..] View

GOING insane! (this is funny)

2:01 am, August 21, 2014 Ok so I like the game and Ithink about it at work.Well we got a new alignment machine put in Friday (I am off fri/sat) ,I did not notice it Sunday as I was working up front with customers (tire sales) [..] View

World of Tanks has a massive problem with BOTS

2:01 pm, August 15, 2014 I don't mean awful players, but actual bots. The number in lower tiers is staggering (up to 6-7), sometimes 1/3 or even 2/4 of a team is filled with non-humans which really is not fun anymore. [..] View

Dear WarGaming, you need to visit your lower tiers.

2:01 pm, August 12, 2014 3 days ago I decided to try to clean up the win ratio on my tanks from when I started. What a lofty goal trying to get to *gasp* a 50% win rate on all of my vehicles has turned out to be. After 3 days [..] View


2:01 pm, August 12, 2014 Dear Wargaming, WoT: I don't care if I ever see and hear another plane overhead. I don't go to WoT to watch birds. I can do that in my back yard. Himmelsdorf is still Himmelsdorf snowy or fair weat [..] View

Name and Shame

2:01 pm, August 11, 2014 WG/WoT Forums uses a Name and Shame system the Neg/Pos rep system on FORUMs is a Blatant violation of the name and Shame Rules <<<<<<<&#60 [..] View

"Promotions Incoming" mission ****** up!

2:01 am, August 11, 2014 Aaaaand again WG ****** up. When the info about Promotions incoming mission first appeared they said that you will get the 75k crew exp on the tank in which you finish the 60th Crew is Crucial mission [..] View

Finished Crew is Crucial

2:01 pm, August 10, 2014 So i finished the 75000 crew xp mission.. I wanted to train a new crew for the IS-4 heavy line so i bought a 75% crew for my KV-3 finished the mission and now it's on 21% 1st skill -.- i reall [..] View

Server migration any time soon?

2:01 pm, August 4, 2014 I started a new EU account, but do miss all the rare premium and T10 tanks on my Russian server. I was told to keep an eye out for a migration promo by the WG customer support team, but am wondering i [..] View

A problem becomes a solution!

2:01 am, July 25, 2014 I see so many posts about how new players without skill ruin high tier gameplay by buying tier 8 premiums. I also see many posts that say there is no skill involved in arty, so I thought this would b [..] View

'Free' tank coming in August - Tanitha

2:01 pm, July 21, 2014 Tanitha confirmed a new free gift tank is to arrive in August. That said, the identity of the freebie was not confirmed. Perhaps it's an unreleasedJapanese light premium tank that at one time was [..] View

Dear Wargaming, put this on wot site too.

2:01 pm, July 19, 2014 I have noticed that, reducing the amount of incentives and reducing the amount of silver, you are driving away your customers. I have found myself playing warthunder because they understand how to tre [..] View

A long wait, how much longer is the question.

2:01 pm, July 5, 2014 Dear WG, I am curious about when you will implement multi-core support. I just brought a new graphics card which I went from a HD7790 to a R9 270 TOXIC X. FPS was no different apart from sniper mod [..] View

In reality, a nerf.

2:01 am, June 24, 2014 What came this update was something people have been screaming for since the dawn of the Age of Man. Scout Match Making spread reduction. Now some of your favorite scout tanks won't see ridiculously o [..] View

Can't login to support

2:01 pm, June 22, 2014 I send you screen captures of your users discussing. ****, ******, Racism, communism, masturbation, anal ****, and even now I have screens of your "customers" posting porn site information i [..] View

I am done wargaming!

2:01 am, June 19, 2014 Well you finally did it wargaming, you ran off one of your most loyal customers. I have played this game since closed beta and I just cant take the op tds anymore. Waffle and FV mainly but pretty muc [..] View

I made an account yesterday at about 4, and now it's 5, a day later, and I still haven't gotten a confirmation email to activate my account.

2:01 am, June 14, 2014 Is there any way to contact customer support without an activated account? I've checked the spam filter in my email and found no email from wargaming. I'm on the NA server if that matt [..] View

E3 Swag and Twitch TV

2:01 am, June 12, 2014 As some of you may know, TwitchTV and JustinTV share the same user database. What some of you may not know is you may be registered under JTV and not Twitch (like me) and thus not able to receive a [..] View

Low Ping, server lag

2:01 am, June 11, 2014 So I have Comcast 50 down 10 up which is more than enough for WoT but I'm getting server side lag, and I know it's not my end because I'm running a pretty good custom system (i5 3570k, P8Z77V-LX, EVGA [..] View

lag ........I mean fix this [edited]finally! Pls

2:01 am, June 10, 2014 When 9.1 comes out is the [edited]lag gonna get worse or what. I tried all the stupid tweaks and dumbing down my graphics on a system I play Ultra every where else. The tweaks Customer Service told me [..] View

To WG Customer Service

2:01 am, May 27, 2014 I've been playing WoT for a long time (17K battles over 3 years), putting in lots of time and money in this great game. Recently I reached a 99% skill (3rd skill) with 7 battles to go on one of my T10 [..] View

Wargaming I'm sorry

2:01 am, May 22, 2014 Yeah so im that irritable customer who complains about customer service, but now my issues sorted I feel bad. Sorry guys. I did get them the information they wanted after a week of digging through sup [..] View

Wargaming customer service

2:01 pm, May 17, 2014 It seems wargaming has the worst customer service ever. A couple of threads explaining their ignorance have popped up and a comment which I nearly choked on the oxygen I was breathing was an employee [..] View

So about that week of premium reimbursement?

2:01 am, May 9, 2014 When 9.0 was released World of tanks was, for me, unplayable. In the week that followed the 9.0 release I played maybe 8 or 9 games. This was due to the fact that my game would crash repeatedly and no [..] View

Banning Policy - Might consider individual cases

2:01 pm, May 6, 2014 I submitted a ticket to WoT after being banned for a team **** [I shot the guy but did not **** him, but was banned anyway]. Team kills that are on purpose is something I loath. I finally was permitte [..] View

Cannot Submit Ticket

10:05 pm, May 5, 2014 What is the deal WG? I cannot submit a ticket. Here is the message: Page not found or does not exist. Page not found. It might not exist anymore. Keep calm and use search I guess if you make [..] View

Customer Service Y U Take So Long?

2:01 am, May 4, 2014 Just a question, hoping someone from WG & other can "suggest" reasons that Customer Service takes so long? Sometimes more then others. Esp as of 9.0? Are there fewer people to do so? [..] View

Awesome Weekend Event, Try Harder WG...

2:01 am, May 4, 2014 It's hard for me to describe in forum-appropriate language how I feel about the typical weekend events. I will leave a small screencap from today, to give an general picture of how its gone: [..] View

WG still dropping balls like they always have done

2:01 am, May 2, 2014 Well I had though that WG finally had their act together and were updating the game engine to stay competitive which they need to do in 9.0. The lack of ANY graphics changes in the engine proved me de [..] View


10:05 am, April 26, 2014 This problem still isn't fixed and it has been a week. I just crashed out of a close game (I've lost 90% of the games I crashed out of). I am sick and tired of this - I pay good money for premium time [..] View

Programers...fix CTD

2:01 am, April 23, 2014 Enough of this [edited]....fix it or at the very least give us updates. Talk to us..we are ur paying customers. Deny ur customers and guess what....its econ 101. Learn it. View

To People Complaining About OP Tanks

10:05 pm, April 20, 2014 I've noticed a lot of complaints about certain tanks being OP, notably, the Waffentrager. Yes, the Waffle is horribly overpowered. That is how WG designed it. It's based on their business model. They [..] View

I have a prepaid card with a 360 account (HELP)

2:01 pm, April 20, 2014 For easter my girlfriend bought me a $25 Australian prepaid card for World of Tanks (We are Australian) as we both frequently play it together on the 360 (Don't judge us). I'm worried [..] View

How will WG deal with this disaster.

10:05 pm, April 18, 2014 There is a belief in marketing that only 10% of the really pissed off customers will bother to express there opinion. 90 % will just walk away disgusted. If the comments from the top players and the [..] View

Contact Information Adjustments

2:01 pm, April 11, 2014 One could argue this isn't the place for this, but it IS the "Suggestions" section so I've put this here. If it does better elsewhere, please feel free to move it. With the "Change Y [..] View

Dear Someone HELP! Ticket ID JJF-171-68602

1:32 am, April 11, 2014 Still no solution. I simply need to manually download the files for the KARL. Seems that delaying me with silly fixes in my tickets until the Karl event went away didn't go as planned. Now it's a mont [..] View

MM....I know I know blah blah

9:05 am, March 1, 2014 I am sure everyone in here can appreciate the title and how repetitive this topic is and how many times it has been brought up. I platoon with my buddies of which we are not bad players as a whole. I [..] View

Yep another Lag/Packet loss thread.

9:05 pm, February 23, 2014 With so many of these gripe threads, I've come to believe that WG may in factbe at blame.Gameplay for myself has taken a very sharp decline since this patchdue to this issue. 8.10 was better than prev [..] View


9:05 am, February 21, 2014 I purchased 20k gold worth us$80.99 nearly 6 hours ago and I still have not been credited, i have created a ticket and still no reply, the last time something like this happend it took you 30+ days to [..] View

Missing Clan Logo

9:05 am, February 11, 2014 I'd like to know when our clan logo will appear on our members tanks. I've since read many similar posts about this glitch but WOT is still taking players gold "money" knowing that this is a [..] View

The game melt down a few days ago....

9:05 am, January 11, 2014 Ok guys..... So you all remember that mega melt down the game had a few days ago? The one where lag just kicked our butts and the game was just unplayable! The one that lasted at the height of it was [..] View

ATTN WG: Gumble2 is still botting

9:05 am, January 1, 2014 Why do you allow this WG? People pay for premium time, and you allow bots to negate their ingame experience for months on end. He was the top tank (IS) and camped a corner of the map. Shot twice and h [..] View

Multi core support?

9:05 pm, December 28, 2013 when I mean its almost 2014 and your still jamming effects into a outdated engine? why? don't you all make millions on this game? it would be nice to play and not max out just one core in my cpu and a [..] View

Best and worst gave devs/mods

9:05 pm, December 18, 2013 Lets talk about that in every game. Personally world of tanks moderators, the community creator guys and devs are pretty cool and fair. Yes even SerB. They know what they are doing. Customer service i [..] View

Best and worst game devs/mods

9:05 pm, December 18, 2013 Lets talk about that in every game. Personally world of tanks moderators, the community creator guys and devs are pretty cool and fair. Yes even SerB. They know what they are doing. Customer service i [..] View

Something new players should be warned of prior to purchasing premium game time

9:05 pm, December 18, 2013 All new players should be warned of the following prior to purchasing premium game time. 1. If other players break the rules which prevents you from playing properly and eating up your premium game [..] View

Tribute to great Ideas and You! By IronHide77777 "V 1.0"

9:05 am, December 8, 2013 This post is a compilation of all the posts that I have Checked out/Created/or found to offer wonderful ideas. I have even posted some of the Persons who's post inspired me to come up with this variat [..] View

Serious help needed on update issue

9:05 pm, December 6, 2013 Hi everyone! i am trying to install the update for World of Tanks, but every time that it starts the update installer and gets up to 3% a small box pops up and says, " Critical Error. Failed to [..] View

Gold to Exp conversion.

9:05 pm, November 23, 2013 I would like Wargaming to consider a more generous free xp gold conversion rate.  I feel 25 per gold is a low rate.  May be make this better conversion rate conting [..] View

Configuring question

9:05 pm, November 20, 2013 Hello I've had quickybaby's 8.9 mod pack with xvm. Before I downloaded I have a customer reticles that  are in my my mod folder. Now that I've downloaded the xvm I cannot get my reti [..] View

Offers for Giftshop Credit?

9:05 am, November 4, 2013 *I'm typing this on my phone at midnight so sorry for any mistakes.* So... I'm going to make this simple. Wargaming, you want money, and they way you obtain it is, through what we buy from you. We [..] View

T7 gift tank an insult, but what about the other 'specials'?

9:05 am, November 3, 2013 I have to agree that the T7 Combat Car is perhaps the most useless tank in the game. But virtually every gift tank has been a travesty. What bothers me is the garbage way customers are treated by this [..] View

Regret, and the high price I paid.

10:05 am, October 24, 2013 When I started this game in beta it was very new, fun, and completely free.  If I remember right you even got free gold to go up the lines for daily play.  Then cam [..] View

Charged for Gold purhcase....never received any Gold

10:05 am, October 23, 2013 I tried to purchase some Gold this evening and although I was ALREADY charged, here is the message I got: We are currently processing your payment. Check back later for your updated balance. You can [..] View

Please do *something* about the trolls

10:05 am, October 20, 2013 Every post, every thread. Everywhere on these forums there are trolls. They insult, they provoke... and they post again tomorrow. Every day in fact. I have reported a number of posts, without any res [..] View

Gift shop NA vs RU and EU

10:05 pm, October 18, 2013 Dear war gaming I have been advised to post here in reference to my support ticket. I do not agree with that I need 50 or more post in regular forums to be treated like a valued experience player. &qu [..] View

Less Arcade-More realism-more effort by WOT

10:05 am, October 18, 2013 Dear WOT It seems War Thunder is moving their game more in the direction of realism and less arcade. Honestly WOT has let the needle swung too far towards arcade and to get this game fixed they need t [..] View

RIP light tanks

10:05 am, October 11, 2013 I submitted this as a ticket. Even when I'm drunk I sound smarter than most of you idiots (was that arrogant to say?). TL;DR stfu.      Let me start by saying that [..] View

To WGN, its NA officers and the customer base at large.

10:05 am, October 3, 2013 WARNING: If you dont buy anything from WGN and consider those who do wallet warriors, this post will be of little interest to you. You may benefit from it greatly in the long run, but its still a wast [..] View

WoT videos and YouTube monetization?

10:05 pm, October 1, 2013 Greetings fellow tankers. I hope this doesn't get down-voted to hell but I have to ask here since WG customer support makes you read the EULA. How did you get permission to monetize your YouT [..] View

Disapointment : T-34-3

10:05 am, October 1, 2013 Being a medium tank fan, and the excitement I felt when I saw the new Chinese tier8 med tank with the 122mm, I flipped my wallet open and bought it. I knew the first couple of matches would take some [..] View

Solutions for Wargaming - Clan Wars

10:05 pm, September 18, 2013 Note: I understand Reddit preference to avoid users from posting self-content too frequently, and apologize for this exception. A separate apology to purists for mirroring a post on CR/D, but I believ [..] View

Competition Means Big Trouble for WarGaming

6:40 am, September 18, 2013 This post is hot on the heels of lagging out for 20 seconds, sending my incredibly well armored T-44 hurling into the enemy base on Mines.. what a fun target my tank must have been. SO.. this is a lo [..] View

Who wants to transfer Servers?

10:05 am, September 12, 2013 As an Australian player when I have entered the WOT website, a blurb has asked me to redirect to the SEA server website as this would enhance my gaming experience. This might be the case however I am [..] View

Bonus Codes for World of Tanks as well as Beta Codes for World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edtion

10:05 am, September 4, 2013 Hello every one. I just got back from PAX Prime 2013 and I have returned with some codes that you can redeem on your world of tanks account as well as 2 Xbox 360 Beta Codes. Copy and paste these since [..] View


10:05 am, August 29, 2013 I am hoping if I keep posting this someone with some authority will answer my post. If World of Tanks has a chat filter, and they give people to turn that filter off, why the hell are the chat banning [..] View

WOT and Refunds

10:05 pm, August 28, 2013 I would be interested to know how WG decides when they want to give a refund or not. Specifically, weve all seen rants in the forums of people demanding refunds when WG rebalances a tank or module.&a [..] View

Why this game is...... GOOD !

10:05 am, July 19, 2013 So, yes, i still think this game is good. Of course not everything is like it should be. But are you perfect ? 1) i appreciate it very much, that i can play the complete game without any cent. To un [..] View

Light tanks.

10:05 am, July 17, 2013 This will be a poll only topic regarding light tanks, and my humble two cents about them. First of all, light tanks are inferior in everything except mobility. I'm talking armor (not useful), HP point [..] View

WG customer service is a big let down

10:05 pm, July 14, 2013 Yesterday i was swapping my crews around between my Jadgtiger and my Dickermax. Since at the Jadgtiger you get an extra crew member i had one loader who was lagging behind the others on his third skil [..] View


10:05 am, July 13, 2013 we go again...another attempt by a group represented by myself to push for true strategical, pure unlimited ideas and reward through a larger map with spawns of loot.  I [..] View

Bought 3000 gold yesterday.. still nothing in my account.

10:05 pm, July 10, 2013 Utilized a $20 ultimate game card.  to Purchase 3000 gold for 14.95.  Can't reuse the card because it says Card # already entered.  Wrote a Suppor [..] View

Why is this forum divided up into so called haters and so called lovers ?

10:05 am, July 10, 2013 This is a question not only for the player, but the mods too. This forum seems to be a more terrible fight  than the worst pubbie u can imagine.  People who place c [..] View

What we've got here is a failure to communicate

10:05 pm, June 22, 2013 As many of you are aware, World of Warplanes will shortly be entering into Open Beta, July 2 to be exact. At that time, accounts will be unified between World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. This wil [..] View

E3: WoT - I do mind, quite a lot

10:05 pm, June 13, 2013 Dear WG, Your organization likes to showcase WoT at E3 by allowing a "guest" to queue with a Tier 10 demonstration/guest tank. This is unacceptable, as this simply leads to a quick-to-die d [..] View

Scouting Report: Richmond, VA Meet & Greet

10:05 pm, June 4, 2013 I went to the World of Tanks Meet & Greet in Richmond, VA last night to meet up with Chieftain and other local players. We met up at Legend Brewing Co. in downtown Richmond, a local brewery/pu [..] View Portal Improvements

10:05 pm, May 20, 2013 Tankers, We are pleased to announce that the portal will be expanding soon. One significant change that will take place in this expansion is that the Account Management for players will [..] View

Switch Servers (Need your support!) take 2

10:05 am, May 16, 2013 Hello fellow tankers. On May 06 2012 a thread was opened in order to ask for a server transfer. A relatively simple technology in the MMO industry today and quite frankly a common one. The person who [..] View

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