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Modern tank types?

4:03 pm, October 1, 2014 This could well be the wrong sub but World of Tanks is all I know so might as well start here. The question is: What 'types' of tanks are being created nowadays? I think I saw a documentary which men [..] View

How do you manage burnout/periods of really bad quality play (assuming you have them)?

2:01 am, August 22, 2014 I jumped on to WoT tonight and picked up the Chi-Ri which I've been saving for for the last couple of days as I'm poor atm and can't afford premium. I've unlocked every [..] View

ARTY, and the lack there of

2:01 am, July 21, 2014 I have posted several time on this matter, within the arty page, but to no lack luster. So I am going to put it here into the general discussion.. WG has been reducing the ability of artillery, due t [..] View

The 28 Proto. Slowly destroying my stats 1 game at a time.

2:01 pm, June 30, 2014 Is there a way to be more consistent with this tank? One game I've over 3k wn8, next game I'm lucky to get 800. Or is this tank just too slow to be consistent? I got rid of the camo net, and got [..] View

How can I lessen the chance of GIVING crits

2:01 pm, June 10, 2014 So if you're looking at the title thinking huh? Crits are GREAT everyone knows that! In EVERY game crits rule!!! Well, not this one. I didn't buy an everlovin75mm gun on my Tier 3 tank for it to ci [..] View

What Are You Going to Do Now? Focus on - Tank Bully

2:01 am, June 9, 2014 Once again your reading "what are you going to do now?" Focus on Tank Bully G.I. Joe reporting. It has been days of continuous fighting it feels as if little has been accomplished as we [..] View

Who uses AP shells on arty?

2:01 am, June 7, 2014 As some of you may know, I liked to use AP shells on my SU-14-2 and 212A. Now when I've got the obj. 261.... It's hilarious to hit an E-100 frontally for 1100 hp every 29 seconds. Maus [..] View

I can't get the Nicols Medal because...

2:01 pm, May 25, 2014 Block Quote "Awarded for destroying four or more enemy vehicles with a medium tank. The targets must be at least two tiers higher than the player's tank." Wait a minute, I can't [..] View

Bots, why do WG tolerate/encourage them?

2:01 am, May 21, 2014 Ok, I'm a noob. ca 4k games and WR 49,6. I'm still learning. What I cannot wrap my head around is this "bot" problem. (With "bot" I mean a player th [..] View

My best 3 man Platoon results ever.... 15 kills......

2:01 am, May 16, 2014 I had spotted two different sides of the map while my two mates did the destroying..... We didn't know we had ****** the entire team until after the game. Happy Tanking View

Basics WoT Guide (AOD Version)

2:01 am, May 12, 2014 Hello and welcome to the AOD Version of aWorld Of Tanks Guide. This thread is brought to you by AOD_TheGift (NA) and AOD_E.T.(EU Server). Content: 1) Crew 1.1) Major (main) skill, aka. role 1.2) [..] View

Suddenly ammo racking a lot of tanks in my KV-1

2:01 am, May 5, 2014 So I've been playing in my KV-1 and I love the tank but I recently noticed (Today) I got 2 ammo racks in 1 battle Replay Here. but then I got 2-3 more ammo racks in the next couple of battles my crew [..] View

Guide: Teamkilling

10:05 pm, May 2, 2014 Time and time again I see posts of people complaining that they were recently banned after "defending" themselves. I'm here to explain why this is the incorrect course of action, and when th [..] View

wthRamdom Battles my Donkey

2:01 pm, April 30, 2014 6 Games in a Tig 2. If its random there should be should be a spread of tiers from 10, down to 6. If its so random why have I had 6 tier X battles in a row? Is this a bug? A glitch? Please do [..] View

[AMITY] The International Tank Alliance- Recruiting Competitive & Social Tankers

10:05 am, April 20, 2014 Hello Tanker, We like to keep this clanclose knitted, organized, and efficient. Our code is shared with our members the day they are recruited. Immaturity is not tolerated. We are interested in activ [..] View

About the 9.0 new Sound effets "Exploding Tanks"

10:05 am, April 19, 2014 I dislike the new Sound Effect from 9.0 update when destroying a tank. First of all it doesnt sound realistic at all, and its much worse than the previous sound effect. Second of all, if you hea [..] View

A Medal I Want: "White Tiger"

9:05 pm, February 26, 2014 According to the VBAddict "Achievements" tab, one of the (many) medals I have yet to earn is the "White Tiger." It is awarded for destroying a "White Tiger Phantom Tank.&qu [..] View

A noob needs a little help.

9:05 am, February 15, 2014 Ok, so I have a few questions if anyone here would be kind enough to answer. Let it be known that I have never played a game similar to this before, so I have literally 0 experience with this type of [..] View

New team damage/TK system

9:05 pm, February 13, 2014 They have this in their Now Live info but not the patch notes, funny. Anyway, cut and paste and format magic. General provisions: The team damage and team **** control system has become slightly mor [..] View

DPM & TTK Formula

9:05 pm, February 8, 2014 This is essentially just a repost of my comment here, but I felt it deserved a wider audience. I see a lot of people multiplying a tank's damage per shell by its fire rate to obtain its DPM. Unfort [..] View

What if this game had.... Defense of Karelia

9:05 am, January 25, 2014 What if there was a new map based off of Karelia where... There are only 5 tanks per team, but every time you die, you respond. As the game goes on, it takes longer and longer for you to respond. [..] View

Suggestions for More Interesting Weekend Events

9:05 am, December 13, 2013 So this weekend special is pretty typical. 3x experience for the first victory. Let's face it: that's pretty darn boring. I understand that normal weekends are less spectacular than major holidays, bu [..] View

DingBat's Threads o' Common Sense: Statistics

9:05 pm, December 9, 2013 Stats. Oh god. Stats. Virtually nothing else has the potential to cause extra long threads, bruised egos, whining, and intellectual dishonesty. I vowed to stay away from the topic, but rules are made [..] View

The problems of WOT and WG

9:05 am, November 16, 2013 Okay, this will be a long thread, there will be no tldr, if you cant read it, dont read it Let us watch 2 videos first from extracredits to give you an example what I am going to talk about http://w [..] View

Utterly Stunned

9:05 pm, November 14, 2013 Hello again,      So average day is average, I am out getting my 2x XP in a few of my tanks including my Tiger. I end up on El Halluf, and I take up a good sniping [..] View

Artillery: High tiers vs mid and low tiers

9:05 am, November 12, 2013 Usually when you hear people complain about artillery, it is most about high tier artillery. Why high tiers? Because the gameplay changes when you transition from low to mid tier to high tier artill [..] View

Stop the da ammo rack!

8:57 pm, October 28, 2013 So I have been enjoying my T54 for about 2,200 games.  Up till recently about 2 weeks ago, I started noticing drastic increase on the ammo racks I am getting.  So I [..] View

Heavy Tanks that think they are Tank Destroyers

9:05 am, October 27, 2013 Wanted Heavy Tank report button for Heavies that camp on hills in Tank Destroyer spots for a match and snipe for most or all of the match. Give the tankers that do not play their class properly a dedu [..] View

Put Me In Coach: T110E3

10:05 pm, September 17, 2013 Sorry this is late, was unable to post it yesterday. Please post why you agree or disagree, and with the way you have seen this tank used in clan wars. Put Me In Coach: T110E3 Pros: Gold Round Eating [..] View

About that destroying 30 tanks for 300k credits mission...

10:05 pm, August 6, 2013 It works on the red tanks, but I am wondering if that works on the green tanks    Has anyone tried it? View

It's coming - Multicore support, and more

10:05 am, August 6, 2013 Source: RU thread Hello everyone, here is a translation (or more like, summary) of the official Russian developer FAQ. This info is official, its not my summary of developer post. This FAQ was created [..] View

M6A2E1 needs a buff?

10:05 am, July 14, 2013 this is my... atleast 6th time sending in this request/complaint of how bad the M6A2E1 does in battle. Especially now where all the new tanks are coming out. the perimeters of the tank are pretty bad, [..] View

WN-7 Damage Calculation at Tier-10 Curiousity

10:05 am, July 12, 2013 Hey all.  I just switched my WOT Statistics program from tracking / displaying Efficiency per battle - to WN-7 (didn't realize it had that pre-loaded as an option all this time -lolz [..] View

Thanks WOT for dividing my clan over a tank, the M-60

10:05 pm, July 8, 2013 I would like to thank WOT for almost destroying my clan several times over the topic of the M-60. It has to be, in my humble opinion, the worst idea for our game. It has literally divided my clan seve [..] View

Clan that specializes in tactics & Tier VIII? Or at least tier VI?

10:05 am, July 1, 2013 Hi, I am ready to get more into WoT.  I currently have tier VII tanks, soon Tier VIII. What is intriguing me about this game is the use of tactics.  Both my job ( [..] View

How to: Scouting

10:05 am, June 14, 2013 Howdy folks Lately I have been seeing a lot of new players that struggle with finding the right way to play a light tank, and a lot of people on the forum and in game asking about this 'scouting' thi [..] View

Listen and listen well (new players) in artillery.

10:05 pm, June 8, 2013 Here it is arty. I don't like you. I think you should be removed from game completely but WG has said that will not happen so I have to tolerate you but I refuse to tolerate your sub-standard play. No [..] View

4 teamkills and we still won! This would be hilarious if it wasn't so annoying!

10:05 am, June 3, 2013 I got into a malinovka assault map and was on the attacking team. i was driving my Pz IV and headed to the left flank to snipe scouts which would come down the hill. I got my first **** and noticed th [..] View

Guide for (fast) mediums

10:05 pm, June 1, 2013 I've been playing WOT for a few months now, and I have about 3.4k games and a 51% win rate, so I know the basics, but I still have a TON to learn. I've played quite a few different lin [..] View

Gesundheit! or: how I finally bought a KV-2.

10:05 am, June 1, 2013 All my friends have told me that the KV-2 is tons (literally) of fun, the mother of all derps, etc, but I've been putting off buying one for quite some time. I originally started grinding the [..] View

I had one of those matches :(

10:05 pm, May 28, 2013 On Riunburg (spelling) with my E-75 and I was getting mad as hell because I had taken 15 shots and not had one pen but at least just the fact that I am an E-75 and I was taking shots I managed to keep [..] View

Get rid of the derp please

10:05 am, May 28, 2013 Am i the only one around here who thinks that derp canons are really f...... up tier 5-6 games? I just want to know why we have guns like that in the game! Am i the only one who thinks that those guns [..] View

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