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Ughh, just had a teammate fail at trying to TK me

5:03 am, October 19, 2014 After calling out an allied KV-5 for camping by telling the enemy team that KV-5s are the best sniping platform in the game, he started talking smack and did the usual "ur bad" and "now [..] View

Has WoT changed much in 18 months?

2:01 am, August 13, 2014 A friend has started playing and wants me to rejoin. Have not played for 18 months since I lost interest and deleted WoT. I became a bit frustrated with the constant losing streaks (yeah petty excuse) [..] View

I ****

2:01 pm, April 12, 2014 I ****. (dont comment if you dont read fully) I thought i'd just go ahead and put that out there before i get to the root of my argument here. i **** at WOT. i am a weekend noob. My personal score [..] View

Which is more forgiving: Centurion I or Caernarven?

10:05 am, July 22, 2013 I'll admit I'm a pretty terrible player, but I still enjoy the game. I'm currently at tier 7 on the British med and heavy trees, and still haven't quite made up my mind [..] View

Petty Name Calling

10:05 pm, July 7, 2013 It seemed that once the school year ended, so did the maturity on WoT. I'm not saying it is the young kids as it could be the adults letting loose. Anyway... here's my story: I was playing a battle i [..] View

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