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[BTB} Clan Recruiting Tier 6+ Active Players

5:03 am, October 2, 2014 If you have a tier 6 or higher tank and are looking for a fun and active clan to join who can help you learn how to play as a team and better your play, look no further! If you too think the [..] View

1860 recent WN8?

4:03 pm, September 28, 2014 Has RNGesus finally meant it well with me? I seemed to own every game today, even as an average joe.   I think my sacrifice of tanks yesterday has proven to be enough of a tribute for Him to [..] View

[71_AC] looking for members for casual play

4:03 pm, September 23, 2014 71_AC is a multi-gaming clan. We accept any player that meets the following requirements: -18 or older -Tier 7 tank or higher -Uses Teamspeak   We do take part in strongholds when members wan [..] View

FTR's Conclusion on Arty Email Leaks Flawed and so is WG's Logic

5:03 am, September 4, 2014 Summary: Players Whine about Arty, supported by Stats (a) WG sets to nerf arty Serb rages predicting TD will be whined about Spe [..] View

Renovation and expansion of the French tech tree

2:01 pm, August 19, 2014 Picture of proposed tree This includes the entire length. Of note is that both tier 1 and tier 2 have been extended to two lines like with the German tier 4s. Also,MS paint skills off da chartz [..] View

Strongholds...a good word from me...?

2:01 pm, August 1, 2014 Ok....War gave us something nice with this new Strongholds module. Played this last night with my fellow clanmates for over 4 hours... We had a BLAST!!! Don't care about the mickey mouse [..] View

Zebra Mission: Pershing Pt 3

2:01 pm, July 26, 2014 I will finish the current series on the timelines of the production and fielding of T26 General Pershing with Ordnance's view of the background to the Zebra Mission, the in-theatre combat testing of [..] View

Allied air...

2:01 pm, July 22, 2014 Pls correct me if I am wrong but I do believe Allied air ****** more German armor than tanks or arty in Europe. The P47's, the Typhoons, etc. I recall reading that Rommel insisted the invasion would h [..] View

[Narwl] Upvote is Recruiting!

2:01 am, June 22, 2014 Hey /r/worldoftanks, Reddit's second clan wars clan is currently recruiting. We're looking for some active players for the clan wars scene and hope that talking to some of you here, t [..] View

Screw winning. I'm here to farm damage in pubs.

2:01 pm, June 9, 2014 Screw stats, screw teamwork, I'm out to reap as much damage as humanly possible. Team work has been proven to be nonexistent in pubs due to a failing game mechanic, so team mates stay out of my way an [..] View

Part #1 of this players story on MM

2:01 am, May 7, 2014 Here is an observation I made and want to bring up to the rest of you tankers out there. I've been playing Tanks since June of 2011 and ever since that time I have gone thu all the patches as the r [..] View

May 1st event does not count toward Artillery On-Track

2:01 pm, May 1, 2014 It has now been tested and proven by unnamed sources (ahem see my sig) that this May 1st event, though granting of extra XP, does not count toward the artillery on-track. . Translation: the On-Track [..] View

Interested in e-sports journalism and WoT? Read on...

2:01 pm, April 24, 2014 Hi WoT enthusiasts, Im sure most of you wont know who I am so a good place to start is with an introduction. Im Richard Lewis, a veteran e-sports journalist of about ten years and current Editor In Ch [..] View

Recording The Perfect Replay

9:05 am, February 3, 2014 Slow PC? Bad FPS? No problem! Make full quality, full resolution, silky smooth replays, even with a low-end PC. Tutorial coming right up. Gotta make the thing, now that I've proven that the method wor [..] View

MM rigged, proof

9:05 am, December 14, 2013 I have proof MM is rigged. Actually 86 proof. That is how strong my whiskey is, the higher the proof of my whiskey, the more I drink,, the worse I do. Fact!!! This is not tinfoil hat time, this is pro [..] View

11AD Needs Solid players to go with Solid Leader

9:05 am, December 9, 2013 Hello all, I am going to be brutally honest here: I am a mid-level player at best, but have a unicum capability to lead. I joined the 11th Armoured Division a year ago with no intentions of becoming [..] View

Ram II?

9:05 am, November 16, 2013 Fellow Tankers of Reddit, I am planning to play american mediums, and I take this quite seriously so I am planning to buy an american medium premium tank to train the crew in. Also I grew tired of the [..] View

(\/)(\/)(\/)(\/) 3CAB is recruiting (\/)(\/)(\/)(\/)

8:58 pm, October 28, 2013 Why 3CAB 3CAB is a Canadian clan but our membership is from all over the world. We are truly Canadian and multi-national. We honor and respect all nations. We aim to have fun and excel at the game, b [..] View

[REL_3] ~~~~RELIC 3rd is recruiting skilled tankers~~~~Apply BEFORE the next campaign

10:05 am, October 12, 2013 Welcome, we are Relic 3rd, part of the Relic Gaming Community www.relicgaming.comRelic 3rd is a division of RELIC, a long standing clan within World Of Tanks.We aim to develop potential, have fun and [..] View

Need help re-configuring mods

10:05 pm, September 20, 2013 Long story short, can't get XVM Test and J1mb0's crosshairs to work. Both resmods are conflicting, and renaming and moving folders around hasn't proven much fruitful either. An [..] View

They said MM was rigged and 2 tier spread needed a nerf

10:05 am, September 18, 2013 They cried and QQ'd how their tier 5 was useless in tier 7 battles. I said challenge accepted with 2k damage being too easy. They cried how winning battles is all about luck of getting good top tiers [..] View

Hate Guys Like This

10:05 am, August 21, 2013 Edit: Welp proven wrong and have humiliated myself yet again. I think I'm going to try and figure out how to put my foot in my mouth so as to show you guys how I feel right now :/ submitted b [..] View

why i hate this game #23

10:05 am, August 16, 2013 I actually thought the BP was a good tank (because a rock with a pistol is an upgrade from a church 7, realistically the BP should be the t6 and they should **** the church 7 off) but just lately I ha [..] View

Handing a provence to the father guild. Made them fight for it and then let them know.

10:05 pm, August 4, 2013 submitted by Ausghostdog [link] [16 comments] View

Suggestion: Battle leader/commander

10:05 pm, August 3, 2013 How about if WG made it possible for players to volunteer as a commander or leader for the pub battles, this could be just by clicking a box under general settings. Let's say this option would only be [..] View

A Look Ahead: 8.8

10:02 pm, July 19, 2013 Nothng is set in stone for the moment, given as to how 8.7 has yet to see release. According to, it should go something akin to this schedule: RU server: July 23rd EU Server: July 2 [..] View

WOT "What if?": World of Tanks 80.4 Cold War Edition

10:05 am, July 6, 2013 I've seen quite a lot of posts about people asking what it would be like if tanks with smoothbore guns and ATGMs and composite armor was added to the game, if maps would get bigger then, or how they w [..] View

Question about WG privacy. (please don't vote on this)

10:05 pm, June 19, 2013 Small question, I will delete when proven answer is given. If you enter your phone number at WG for account recovery, will the phone number be seen by anyone else then yourself? submitted by metal_f [..] View

I have a new appreciation for the SU-122-54 [Replay in comments]

10:05 am, June 16, 2013 Replay Didn't think this tank could actually carry a game, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. Won/Lost/Drew* the game with 0:00 on the clock, 2 shells left, no remaining teammates, my gun eati [..] View

Angry tankersIncredible,how stupid

10:05 am, June 15, 2013 Xiamen starts executing strict new rules: Individual generally not buy gasoline cans, really need to have to apply, hit proof, the "real name" registration. In addition, the city's gas stati [..] View

Clan Wars in game information

10:05 am, June 10, 2013 Just a thought but After the last turn is processed for the day it would be nice to get an in game clan wide notification as to what time the games will be held as well as if your land is getting att [..] View

Good players can *still* carry bad teams regardless of tank

10:05 pm, May 22, 2013 Minutes ago, i was in a match that seemed that everything would be lost _ Im not artyllery meister...  neither i think arty is UP nor OP, unicorns expect artillery just to sit there [..] View

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