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HD Suspension on Standard graphics.

5:03 am, October 21, 2014 Back when HD tanks were coming out and Wargaming was talking about the HD suspension system that the new models had, on the test server, the new system worked on the standard render settings, however [..] View

Any players with Nvidia Sli configs? A few questions.

5:03 am, September 24, 2014 Sup. Let me begin by saying I've been playing wot for two years now and last year I built a new PC. It has the Nvidia GTX560 in it (was on a budget.). The game runs with around 35-40 FPS on max settin [..] View

Trying to record some of my games.

5:03 am, September 3, 2014 Hi. I need the lightest, fastest program to record replays in the 480p-720p resolution range. Here's my info if it helps: HP Pavilion 15-e044sf i3-3110M 2.4GHz AMD Radeon HD 8670M 1GB GPU 4GB RAM I pl [..] View

Sound Files Damaged or Missing

2:01 am, August 15, 2014 Hello all, I just reformated my PC today and installed WIndows 7. I downloaded tanks and and just hopped into a battle, every shot that hit someone, nothing was said. No "Critical Damage" or [..] View

I have never enjoyed playing WoT as much as I have now

2:01 am, July 31, 2014 I just wanted to share this haha. I bought a gaming laptop a week ago and I am able to run WoT on max settings, and oh my god; the graphics are beautiful. It has definitely improved my gameplay. I use [..] View

Graphics, Custom Settings ?

2:01 am, July 31, 2014 So after the 9.2 finished, I checked my graphics settings, they had changed from "Medium" to "Custom" , Can anyone tell me what "Custom" settings are ? Is it lower than t [..] View

looking for my low fps problem

2:01 am, July 6, 2014 Hey, so i got a fps problem. On high settings, i only get 20-35 fps. Though, It should be much more. In ArmA II, I can get upwards of 60 fps on pretty high settings. I'm looking for the root of this p [..] View

Any other ways to fix low FPS?

2:01 am, May 24, 2014 Ever since updating to 9.0 my fps has plummeted. I used to run it on 120+ fps on maxed graphics settings, now I can only run it on high with 30 fps. Given that my rig can run GTA4 on max with 60 fps i [..] View

More Q&A via ftr

2:01 pm, May 9, 2014 Not sure if this was already posted, search failed on me. info via Todays QA will be mostly about patch 9.1 you probably already saw the preliminary p [..] View

Time for a computer upgrade

10:05 pm, May 5, 2014 since war gaming never bothers to update their system requirements information, is there any consensus on what WOT needs to run well on? I'm looking at either an i5 or i7 processor, possibly a [..] View

Auto lock key binding also locks turret

10:05 am, April 28, 2014 We all know that if you hold down the right mouse button on the default settings, it locks the barrel in place. Cool. For those of us with really slow turret turning, very helpful. However if you'r [..] View

The FPS issue is killing me.

10:05 pm, April 25, 2014 My specs could be much better, I have a quad core @ 2.3GHz from 2008, 4 GB of RAM and a GTX 560. I'm trying to run wot at a decent framerate, while still enjoying (part of) the new visuals. On [..] View

Does 9.0 Support Crossfire?

2:01 pm, April 20, 2014 I run 3 monitors, and its hard to push 3600x 1600 pixels. my 7970 was doing it on high settings at 50 fps... but now.. to maintain 40+ with improved graphics I have to drop to medium settings, turn do [..] View

A Possible remedy for Game Crashes,...

2:01 pm, April 19, 2014 Ok, it would seem that alot of people are having issues involving game crashes. While I do not know the specific cause, nor do I care, I was suffering constant crashes all day yesterday, until [..] View

Crash to Desktop (possible fix)

10:05 pm, April 18, 2014 I've had this problem since the game got the update. I've been looking more into the error logs and other logs of the game and found out that there's some particles of smoke mi [..] View

Very new to the game, hoping you guys can help with a question..

2:01 pm, April 18, 2014 I'm pretty new to PC gaming in general, so i apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but wasn't sure where else to ask... I've run more graphically intense games on [..] View

What happened to the graphics?

2:01 pm, April 18, 2014 I've got 8g of ram andamd radeon hd 7570 2gb. My PC is just over 1 year old. I say this because the 'default' setting for the graphics in 9.0 is now 'low'. My default setting in 8.9 was medium [..] View

FOV mod post Monday update?

9:05 am, March 4, 2014 So before Monday I had an FOV mod that let me customize my WOT FOV. I liked this. Now WOT changed the FOV back to the 810 settings, which is fine. But I'd like to be able to change my FOV manually is [..] View

What is needed to fix my PC for optimal preformance?

9:05 am, February 28, 2014 (Warning, wall of text incoming.) Hello fellow tankers, before I start...I have a small knowledge of computers. I mean, I know basics like CPU cores and what graphic card brand, but I'm no bra [..] View

Is anyone noticing that arty accuracy is even worse than normal lately?

9:05 pm, February 20, 2014 I'm used to getting the shaft from RNG but this is really bad. I'll be fully focused in and the shot falls outside the aiming boundaries (by a good two or three tank lengths), or never [..] View

Has windowed-mode been removed? What changed?

9:05 am, January 20, 2014 I have not installed or uninstalled anything on my machine for weeks, and I never let Windows automatically update anything. But just tonight, I notice I cannot run the game in borderless Windowed mod [..] View

Help with FPS

9:05 pm, December 26, 2013 I don't know if this is a widely seen problem since the new patch(8.10) but now my FPS has dropped significantly. 25-30 now down to 3-12. I play on a Laptop and have to running on minimal sett [..] View

gameplay choppy as f*#& since 8.10.....

9:05 am, December 26, 2013 so since 8.10, reset all my settings to normal (for me). the game is so poorly written and uses so many resources for simple display that only run maximum tank detail and maximum draw dist. while ever [..] View

Super High-End System = Low FPS?

9:05 am, December 21, 2013 The very short story is that I'm playing on a Socket 2011 i7 4820K, 2400Mhz DDR3 RAM, and 2x 280x 3GB OCed graphics cards, but STILL managing to get as low as 10FPS in random areas of the game while 9 [..] View

Graphics settings, GPU vs CPU

9:05 am, December 19, 2013 I noticed in the comments of the graphics video from Wargaming that a lot of people are getting terrible framerate even with good hardware despite being on low settings. While its very counter intuiti [..] View

Crew Icon Manager! [0.8.9]

9:05 pm, November 15, 2013 Replace tank crews of different nationalities! Add your own custom icons! Mix and match icon packs! 0.8.9 - Japan Update! (old thread has been archived, so I'm starting a new one) You will need to do [..] View

Can't connect to server?

10:05 am, July 3, 2013 I tried to log into WoT today, and recently, I've noticed that trying to log on to the servers has been kind of a 25/75 chance. Sometimes it'll work, most times it wont. I dont know if everyone is exp [..] View

FPS drops

10:05 am, May 23, 2013 I don't know if this should be in bugs or not, as i do not know if it is a bug. I have seen a few posts similar to mine, but none had solid information. Since the last update my game will just rando [..] View

Why are my FPS so dang low?!

10:05 am, May 20, 2013 I know my PC is a few years old, but it shouldn't be running 8-20 FPS in games. I can't really effectively play any fast tank, as my screen starts chugging when I'm zipping by. [..] View

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