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October mission (NA)

5:03 am, October 13, 2014 I feel that the October monthly mission this month is kinda underwhelming. I mean I like the infinite free consumables but Total Destruction feels so easy to complete and doesn't give much and isn't r [..] View

Solo Pubbing T10

4:03 pm, October 12, 2014 As a medium player, recently I've been in the struggle. Playing T10 mediums solo feels so underwhelming. Time and time again I run into situations where doing 4000 damage in my 140, bat, leo, etc. get [..] View

A suggestion for a buff for the IS-4

4:03 pm, September 26, 2014 I'm fairly certain anyone who also owns an IS-4 would agree with me when I say this. The tank feels very underwhelming to play. It has much weaker armor than the IS-7,  it on most terrains is [..] View

Some Prem tanks that need penetration buffs

4:03 pm, September 18, 2014 Yes i realize that prem tanks are not supposed to be OP and roughly equal to a a tank of its tie.  But some prems these days need to shoot gold to be effective and even then can be underwhelm [..] View

WoT Guide for all colors of WN8

2:01 pm, July 27, 2014 I'll go ahead an mention that /u/damienjaxx tempted me to do this by offering the possible banning of attention whoring posts that I hate, but hey, everyone benefits right? This is a relativel [..] View

T100E3 or Foch 155?

2:01 pm, July 6, 2014 I have the XP and the credits to purchase either TD but not sure which way to go. I was leaning toward the E3 but recently I was told by a new owner that it's "underwhelming" [..] View

The Cult of the Duck

2:01 pm, May 12, 2014 As of this post The Current RU Winrate for the AMX 40 is... 49.06 % (wth!?) There is a reason I bring this up. The AMX 40 is notorious for it faults to a point where it is frequently labeled &q [..] View

How do I play FV215b 183 to be consistent?

2:01 am, May 4, 2014 Hello everyone, I just got the 183 today as my first Tier ten, and coming from the tortoise which I at least did ok in, my first few battles have been underwhelming. I seem to be getting derped out pr [..] View

How would YOU want the tier 4 heavies to get buffed?

2:01 am, April 16, 2014 Can't remember if I made a thread on this before. Screw it, I'll make another one. The DW2 and B1 bis are both widely acknowledged as being among the weakest vehicles currently in the game. That [..] View

Lets Talk Chinese Tanks

10:05 pm, April 12, 2014 Im trying to decide on where to best put my grinding time. I started out playing the british tanks, and while I had success with the Cromwell, Comet, and Centurion(Mastery Badges in each) I felt like [..] View

A-43 / A-44 help

9:05 am, February 17, 2014 Just unlocked the A-43 and if anyone has any advice as to how to play this line effectively, I would appreciate it. I found the T-34 very underwhelming when it came to firepower, but it could fire on [..] View

A-43 :Basicaly a worse cromwell?

9:05 am, January 6, 2014 Hello, I got bored of my centurion because its pretty hard to play and requires alot of positioning and awerness, and I as a 50% wr scrub with bad DPG and surviveability **** in those tanks. So I deci [..] View

Post game screens-When is it appropriate to post?

9:05 am, December 30, 2013 I know that they are allowed and all, and sure, I've given a number my fair share of up/downvotes, depending on how ridiculous they can be, or how...underwhelming they can be. Recently though, [..] View

So... T71 or AMX 13 75 lines...

9:05 am, December 23, 2013 Hiya guys, quick question here. I've got what feels like a million and one tank lines on the go so I'm looking to cut down a little because making enough silver to afford them all is g [..] View

WZ-132 is a great scout but underwhelming tank

9:05 pm, December 7, 2013 I bought the 132 when there was the discount. The tank itself is not a bad tank, in the sense that it scouts very well and there are countless games where my spotting damage go beyond 5000, some even [..] View

Criteria when selecting tanks (Help a noob)

9:05 pm, November 28, 2013 Hello! Total noob here. I've been playing USA tanks for now, to get the hang of the mechanics, i currently have a Hellcat (Turret Yeah!) , an M6 and a M4 Sherman. So far the T1 Heavy and the M [..] View

Q&A with Storm about WoT in 2014

9:05 am, November 9, 2013 Translation of video from discussion with Storm (by Jove) - (paraphrased from Russian by Patch 0.8.0 was really nice, why were the patches after that underwhelming? A. There was a lot [..] View


9:05 pm, November 7, 2013 I have recently gotten the IS-3, but i feel quite underwhelming. Does anyone have any tips? submitted by Rizesun [link] [3 comments] View

A-43 or T-34-85?

10:05 pm, September 19, 2013 i have been grinding the t-34 for a while and its time to make my decision. Which one is better and why? i did not like the t-34 very much, the gun and armor felt underwhelming. Note: i am not a good [..] View

The T25/2 is actually pretty good...

10:05 am, July 26, 2013 I know the WoT subreddit isn't always too big on these discussion posts, but I just had a revelation. I actually enjoy the T25/2-- A Lot! I used to hate it when I first got it (It was my first [..] View

Question about medium tanks...

10:05 pm, May 26, 2013 Hi im a new player and am skilling into the Russian line. i ended up kinda going down 2 main tech tiers. the t26, t46, and the t28 to get the KV-1, as well as the a-20 line to get the t-34. i stopped [..] View

Is it me or does Ferdinand really feel like its accuracy is less than what it says?

10:05 am, May 22, 2013 I mean, heck, the gun says its accuracy is 0.35 every 100m but I seem to get a LOT of shells digging the ground/flying off into the sky than say, T34. I know that with current shell spread mechanism [..] View

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