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This is an overview of the updates that have been applied to this site.

    30 November 2014 - 1.68
  • Fixed / Added: Forum to show latest replies in each category.
    27 November 2014 - 1.67
  • Added: Youtube and imgur embedding to comments. Just add a link to the comment and it will automatically embed it.
    26 November 2014 - 1.66
  • Added: Forum - Ready for Posting.
  • Changed: Changed Live Chat time stamps to time since the chat rather than a flat timestamp.
    24 November 2014 - 1.65
  • Added: Dropdown Categories in main nav, lists the latest updated categories.
    18 November 2014 - 1.63
  • Added: Chat widget to sidebar on all pages. If chat is enabled.
    8 November 2014 - 1.6x
  • Added: Question and Answers section. Here you can ask questions and give people answers, vote up the best Answers + Questions. Check out the help page on how to add a question or answer.

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