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5:03 am, October 24, 2014

The Grind - T37 Light review


This is my new way of reviewing tanks, including the grind from stock (albeit I only play a few games while stock) to help people that do not like to use free experience. Beware, as this is my first review in a long time, I may forget things. Feel free to leave feedback so I can make changes and ensure future reviews cover all the bases. *I apologize for the lack of replays, I accidentally purged my folder without thinking.*


The Grind: T37 Light tank review


Image courtesy of Major_Diarrhea



Initial thoughts 


Okay, they uptiered the Chaffee and made it slower...





Yeah, I know... 29 battles. That's all it took me to grind through it. Sorry.


A look at the guns



The T37 is definitely not a slouch in the firepower department. The stock gun may not be much, but it is at least a usable gun, unlike some tanks (looking at you M5). Further on, you unlock a gun that is better than the Shermans get at the same tier, which allows you to pick on tier sevens quite easily. This gun also has an autoloader variant for those who like to flank. Lastly, the T37 comes armed with quite the deadly gun, albeit, fires slower than most 76mm guns. Seems good so far.


A look at the turrets



So the armour stays relatively the same (the upgraded turret is sloped slightly better). The view range increases slightly, but hey, it is a scout. View range is golden. The downside? The upgraded is quite heavy, 1.457t heavier. Can't say the weight increase is wanted, but it does allow mounting of the better guns. 


A look at the engines



Well, 450hp for a light tank isn't bad, and isn't great. It's meh at best. As is 500hp. It gets her around just fine however. 


A look at the tracks



The stock tracks must go. They hinder your mobility and you cannot use the upgraded turret with them. 


I will not be looking at the radios as there's not much to say about them. Just get the best one. Never use the crappy one.


Suggested upgrade path


Tracks -> Engine -> Gun -> Radio -> Radio -> Turret -> Gun that suits your playstyle -> (OPTIONAL) Other gun -> M41 Bulldog.


As for the last bit, get the autoloader if you like to flank and get as much damage as possible in a short time. Get the non-autoloader if you like better accuracy and you like to spam less gold.


My stock grinding review


Jumping into the tank the first time, I found it to be slower than I'd like. That was easily countered by passive scouting. After a few good games of scouting, I'm sure I could at least unlock the tracks which help mobility quite a bit. This allows the T37 to become more effective and not stuck to the passive role. It's still slower than I'd like. I'd stick to passive scouting until you get the engine. Once I unlocked the upgraded engine and had the tracks, the T37 simply flies. It can be a passive and active scout, although, due to the lack of firepower, avoid being a "battlescout."


Upon unlocking the second gun, the T37 becomes more useful as it allows you to engage enemies a lot easier. With 137 penetration and 185 penetration with gold, it can pick on whatever it wants now. Just be smart about it obviously. It fires quite slowly though, don't get too cocky. I then tried the tank with the turret and the autoloader. It's noticeably slower with this setup, but it can hit hard and scoot into cover for the next 20s. 


Switching it up, I found the setup I ended up like, and that's fully upgraded with the 76mm T91. This allows me to be passive, active, and beat the **** out of enemies when needed. It also lights tanks on fire quite often. Don't know if I'm lucky, or the tank just does it.


The playstyles


Passive scout


A passive scout is a scout that finds common areas and finds a nice camouflaged area to use. From which, the scout can easily stay concealed until tanks are relatively close, and by then, usually dead. The trick to passive scouting is not to shoot. Shooting will blow your cover, and ultimately, blow you up. This role is best on maps like Prokhorovka where scouts are relied on to spot tanks long enough to allow their team to **** enough tanks to win. It really doesn't involve much trying, find a nice bush, camo up, spot any enemy that decides moving up is a good idea. 


The T37 can use this role quite well as it has good view range, good mobility, and great camo. 



Active scout


An active scout is a scout that runs around the map while dipping into cover and/or maneuvering to avoid enemy fire. Using this technique is usually the only way to spot those pesky tank destroyers hiding from  passive scouts. Upon lighting tanks, try to see if you're spotted (Sixth Sense is highly needed for this). A spotted scout is usually priority number one for the enemies. If you are, get back into cover/out of the area. If you're not rinse and repeat when you did to light tanks without being spotted. This does not mean YOLO for arty. That is a bad scout and a dead scout. 



Battlescout (A well played scout)


A battlescout is a scout that combines passive and active roles, however incorporates the role of being a support tank. When needed, flank or distract the enemies to help your team gain the advantage. Autoloaders and high penetration guns are the best for this role as damaging the tanks is the key to success for a battlescout. Most of the T37 guns will penetrate the sides of tanks, so getting to the rear of the enemies isn't needed all the time. Circling is also quite useful as the tank is quick and penetrates well. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Attack when the enemies do not have a shot, or when you can effectively trade a shot to take a dangerous tank out of the game (One hit E75 for 500 of your HP).


The T37 is perfectly equipped for this role. Good penetration, good speed, good view range, good damage output.


An example of such: Here



Suggested equipment

Note: The T37 cannot mount the gun rammer.


  • Passive

Binocs, Camo net, Optics.


Why? You're abusing camo, and in case you need to run, optics help.


  • Active

Optics, V-Stab, Toolbox


Why? Optics work on the move, V-Stab helps your accuracy, and toolbox helps you repair your tracks if you get tracked.


  • Battlescout

Optics, Camo net, V-Stab


Why? It's the perfect combo between active and passive. 


Suggested crew skills


Commander - Sixth Sense, Camo, Repair, Recon, Whatever you want from here out

Gunner - Camo, Repair, Smooth ride, Dead Eye, Whatever you want from here out

Driver - Camo, Repair, Off road driving, Clutch Braking, Whatever you want from here out

Loader - Safe Stowage, Camo, Repair, Whatever you want from here out


The verdict



The T37 not bad. It's actually quite good. Nothing awe inspiring. It does everything a scout needs to do and then some. If you liked the old Chaffee, you'll like the T37.





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