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So, MM did something wonderful this evening

4:03 am, December 1, 2015 So, MM shat this out after about six seconds in queue. I was unaware this could happen.   The replay is nothing special, but watch it if you want. Tier ten on Mittengard.  &nbs [..] View

Discounts Part 1/2

4:03 am, December 1, 2015 I suggest doing "Discounts 1"  all month.   We can buy consumables any time, but it makes more sense to have the tanks on sale first and then have the sale on re-t [..] View

Reward Tanks

4:03 am, December 1, 2015 With the debacle of the Rampage missions to get the T-22 sr, I think WG needs to re-think how it dispenses reward tanks while still providing incentive to get players to play.  With the low t [..] View

Color Blind Options

4:03 am, December 1, 2015 Used to play on Xbox, now trying on my computer so I generally understand how the game is played but...       WoT, if you are going to block an account for friendly kills y [..] View

Analytic tools for Clans

4:03 am, December 1, 2015 It would certainly be of benefit to have some sort of query tool at the clan level where you can look at all the info and compare it within the clan. There are a variety of topics and informa [..] View

Life on the EU servers.

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 Hey all,   I wrote a small piece a while back on WoT EU and its differences to WoT NA. Primarily I focused on the fact that hardly anyone spams gold. I pointed out that in some matches , even [..] View

Impossible LT-15 with awful Map Rotation

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 Since I have selected LT-15 (T55A) my light tanks rarely see scout friendly maps (Malinovka, Prokorovka or Fiery Salient), on top of that I get the same city maps over and over again. And is not just [..] View

HD settings = waterfall on in game combat screen

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 I have an AW 17R3 1 1/2 months old, been using HD until last wednesday night when I went into "in Game" and all I got was a waterfall type screen jitter rather than the crystal clear battle [..] View

skill not active / WG reply

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 This is my ticket  I moved my commander from my AMX 13 90 to the AMX 30 er prototype.I noticed that my commanders 4 skill (29% situational awareness) is not active and shows [..] View

OI is better than IS and O-NI is almost as good as the KV-4

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 well the IS has 120mm-90mm frontal armor and the oi has 120mm well sloped frontal armor (you may argue that the IS has better side armor it does but not much better) + the OI has a much better gun and [..] View

Don't rush to Tier 10 they said...

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 Shows 58% winrate in game. I've only had the 105mm top gun for 4~ games now. 4000-5000 damage games typical with the 105mm. I seem to be doing just fine.    So why shouldn't [..] View

(RCD) Royal Canadian Dragoons is recruiting

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 RCD is an actual Canadian tank regiment that can trace it's history all the way back to the Boer Wars to present day.We aren't interested in doing clan wars anymore it just takes too much of players t [..] View

looking for a 6th sense mod...

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 after a fresh install, I dont remember anymore what mod it was. Whenever spotted, it plays a very nasty sound that instantly gets your attention and the lightbulb keps lit and the sound plays for 10se [..] View

FV4401 Contentious

3:03 pm, November 30, 2015 We all know that WG is trying to get rid of pref. MM tanks in the premium shop just so they can sale/give them away months later. I was looking around at airborne TDs and ran across the FV4401. It mou [..] View

[GH05T] Specters is now Open for Enrollment

4:03 am, November 30, 2015       SPECTERS [GH05T]       Greetings fellow tankers,   I am not going to sugar coat this clan. If you want glamour, respect, pride, an [..] View

Do you get Penalties for not showing up to Defenses in CW? How to stop chip spam?

4:03 am, November 30, 2015 Hey guys, just need a bit of help here...   Long story short, we've been chip-spammed to oblivion on all 8 Provinces, and Diplo has gone to hell in a hand basket with Clans which aren't even [..] View

What is the real "Invite Back a Friend" time?

4:03 am, November 30, 2015 So the WOT webpage says 60 days. Multiple people have confirmed 60 days is a lie according to multiple threads viewed from a Google search. My friend is coming back for leave from his tour in Afghanis [..] View

If I were to change ammo, this is how.

4:03 am, November 30, 2015 "Gold" rounds, some call them, sprem other call them. By whatever name, they still do break the balance.    So I think there needs to be more of a balance to rounds across [..] View

Need help with next Crew Skill

4:03 am, November 30, 2015 Hello!, this is a simple post, what crew skill should be next?, i want to keep this crew like not **** so i just want extra word on what the next skill should be    HERE WE [..] View

Accuracy Re-Balance

4:03 am, November 30, 2015 So it's been a few patches since War Gaming re-balanced the accuracy. So what do you all think? Myself i've seen a 5% decrease. I've seen shots go in the dirt or sail right over the target. I do think [..] View

I thought WG had a bunch of new camo patterns coming?

4:03 am, November 30, 2015 I don't care about the whole deal with inscriptions giving performance boosts; it sounds like a pay to win boondoggle.  I heard they also were gonna come out with a ton of new camo patterns; [..] View

Session not complete on other server

3:03 pm, November 29, 2015 So I just tried to log in, and got the error that my session on another servers was incomplete. But I have been logged out for about 20m, and was already on the west.    Anyone else [..] View

Newest AMD drivers(crimson), Low FPS at start of match?

3:03 pm, November 29, 2015 Hello, I recently upgraded from Cat 15.11 to the new Crimson edition drivers for my graphics cards, 2x Sappire Tri-X 290s. Unfortunately, world of tanks seems to be having some really weird FPS issues [..] View


3:03 pm, November 29, 2015 Hello again, Can't Resist the Tunez   Guise, real talk right now. I wanna discuss the O-I Exp.   This Tank Is OP   If you're going to defend this tank just stop. Stop [..] View

Is WoT stealing my silver?

3:03 pm, November 29, 2015 I bought the french CDC yesterday and played it two games this morning. I thought it would make some credits being a premium but in the first game I lost money and the second barely broke even. Then I [..] View

Considering the A45 Purchase...

3:03 pm, November 29, 2015 Considering the A45 for Crew Training since I just started up the Heavy Line anyway....     Was Wondering, as for the Gold, that 1300 can be effectively turned into almost 46000 Free [..] View

New pilsen map is amazing! 9.13

3:03 pm, November 29, 2015 The map is huge. with open spaces and factories   You can even go inside the huge hangers when fighting    The map feels very much like something from armoured warfare & [..] View

WoT needs a forced gameplay tutorial or something

3:03 pm, November 29, 2015 I don't know if anyone else notices this, but to many people never learn how to play the game modes, and because most are now in tier 5+ they don't care to change how they play. Like you know those 10 [..] View

Ban appeal

3:03 pm, November 29, 2015 So i just got off a 1 month ban 7 days ago and well basically now i accidently shot someone at full health once while in a battle in my T20  (american medium) and got banned... Wasnt blue or [..] View

How to reduce the screen size to normal

4:03 am, November 29, 2015 I some how while in game, pressed the wrong combo of buttons on the key board and the screen was way to large and the crew and info on the right side fills up the screen.  I uninstalled and r [..] View

YUMSAAP - ยำแซ่บ แซ่บครบรส

4:03 am, November 29, 2015 HELLO FRIENDS AND WELCOME TO THE RECRUITMENT THREAD FOR SAAP SEE OUR REVIEWS HEREAND HERE   if you are hungry and would like to know more please come visit us here and fill out an applicat [..] View

Firing AP in an E-100, a ways to go?

4:03 am, November 29, 2015 There are a lot of worse things about this game than prem spam... it's not something I joy myself complaining about or addressing directly, when there's bigger fish to fry. For those who don't know, & [..] View

Hilarious replay

4:03 am, November 29, 2015 Just had a battle in my LTTB. My personal performance isn't what's special about it though, it was the chat. Not to mention the 3 tanks that drowned themselves at the start. [..] View

8,8cm pak 43 jagdtiger worth it?

4:03 am, November 29, 2015 Wife is having a hairy canary with how much it costs, but I am a sucker for German tanks and their history. Is this tank worth receiving the stink eye for a couple days? Mean that with the utmost resp [..] View

IS7 Rental, Brilliant

4:03 am, November 29, 2015 They have out done themselves. IS7 Rental is not designated a premium vehicle. This means you can't use your existing crews with out spending 1000 gold to retrain them. Alternatively you could go into [..] View

Stock WT auf PZ4 tips

4:03 am, November 29, 2015 Well, I've finally reached the WT auf PZ4, would like some advice on how to deal with it while I'm using the Rhm's 128mm gun. Also I was wondering if I should invest in some enhanced suspension, as it [..] View

The Ritual... Fix the Hellcat please :)

3:03 pm, November 28, 2015 So imagine ya buy this game... A very nice looking game about racing cars. And in this game you have Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, You fire up the game, admiring the HD visual models of the various s [..] View

A Quick Observation

3:03 pm, November 28, 2015 I first posted this on the patch thread, but I feel like I want more people to actually see all the maps we have lost. Feel free to add a different list of maps that have been changed to the point of [..] View

The M4A1 Rev Sherman isnt as bad as some make it out to be

3:03 pm, November 28, 2015   I achieved Ace Tanker in 8 games. Probably would of had it sooner if the team people in past few games were competent and not letting whole flanks go unattended and such.  &nb [..] View

How Many Stupid Players Are There?

3:03 pm, November 28, 2015 Claus ask important question.  Is everybody for to know there be lots stupids players in game.  But how many?  Well.  Claus try to use science and observation in na [..] View

WG you did good, but you could do better...

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 great job with the economy buff to rampage, honestly +1 to you,    BUT, you could do better,   as of now, you can make profits in Dom & SH with a premium account by [..] View

Looking for clan -- 51% + 1630 wn8 Recents

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 Top tiers: Batchat   Looking for a clan to do CW and platoons. Hopefully reasonably competitive, with players I can learn from with regards to stats.   Overall stats:   & [..] View

100+ reasons why artillery should be removed...

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 Warning: Do not take this seriously    because they are arty because they camp  because they are suppose to prevent camping even though they camp the most &nb [..] View

The M48 is awesome!

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 Many people say its looked down upon the M46 and other Russian tanks but then I went on a 5 hour session and got these games. 20/34 of them were mostly in the M48. 3 of the 5k damage games were in a r [..] View

Sorry I must have missed them memo. Where the hell is my IS8?

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 Went to play my IS8 tonight, a tank I actually love as a hevium.  I must have missed them memo. Where the hell is my IS8? And why is almost a million silver gone from my account?   M [..] View

Game Mechanics Turing Off New Players

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 I've got over 20K battles and am, at best, a slightly above average player.  However, I'm about fed up with this games "mechanics" and matchmaking.  I continue to suffer fr [..] View

Tank IS cannon.

4:03 am, November 28, 2015 So recently I got the IS tank in blitz. I have found out that there are two guns very similar to each other. One is called 122m d-2-5t and the other is called 122m d25t. D25t cost 19k exp while I have [..] View

T110E3 is bad now

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 Whatever changes was made to this tank in 9.10 I think it was, ruined it.    It now gets ammo racked nearly every match, lower plate is butter, and I've never had so many ro [..] View

M4A1 REVALORISÉ Quick look.

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 as stated this is just a quick look, this isn't a full on review. someone far better than me at playing will probally have one up sooner or later here or over at wotlabs.   Fire power: ehh it [..] View

HEEELP ! Dont show anythings on the gameplay

3:03 pm, November 27, 2015 when i go to play, the game dont show me anythings, i try press Esc, Ctrl, C, V, M... and nothings...   Please help !!!! i need play NOW !  T_T    [..] View

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