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3:03 pm, April 18, 2015 Greetings players !   Another meme episode for you today,with some hardcore MLG montage(watch out for epilepsy guys).In my opinion,this is the best episode of this series ! I hope you'll thin [..] View

Why I HATE personnel missions.

3:03 pm, April 18, 2015 TD 15, do 8k damage and get 5 kills.   Then you get a great game like this, and also complete [edited]team mates that don't let you complete the mission. [..] View

So 3kish Battles and a Mixed bag.

3:03 pm, April 18, 2015 So after 3k battles the people i have encountered have been a Mixed bag of sort and i dont want to stereotype good players(green color by Xvm) but most of the time when i get rude comments in the chat [..] View

Calling [edited]on T20's stock traverse

3:03 pm, April 18, 2015   The traverse between stock and upgraded tracks doesn't change, but I disagree with the number on the stock tracks. I've played a lot of tanks and I'm pretty sure either: Yeah right. The st [..] View

Medium Tier VIII and Tier IX. Which tanks should i choose?

3:03 pm, April 18, 2015 I am trying to figure out which tanks to grind for, based on my playstyle.   I really enjoyed the american M4A3E8 and the russian T-43, as i found them to be very versatile for my playstyle. [..] View

What is the optimal FPS?

3:03 pm, April 18, 2015 What is the optimal FPS level?  What I mean by optimal is what level of FPS is the best without "wasting" graphic power?  Yes, yes, if you have the highest powered PC/Lapto [..] View

Game Never Closes, always have to end process

3:03 pm, April 18, 2015 Almost 100% of the time that I exit WoT, it keeps running in my background.  I can hear all the garage sounds.  Every time I exit the game, I have to goto the windows task manager an [..] View

A Request From a Friend

3:03 pm, April 18, 2015 Ok I have this friend I met him in my first match and it was also his first match Weve known each other since then and weve platooned ever since now we both have T8s. He is German and his English isnt [..] View

On Historicity vs "Balance"

4:03 am, April 18, 2015 There are countless debates over the issue of historical accuracy in WoT and whether it is (or should be) more or less important than achieving balance.   As someone who was involved with dev [..] View

Subpar Player Looking for a Clan

4:03 am, April 18, 2015 ^link no wurk   Until very recently, I had little interest in joining a clan... until I [..] View

Could someone explain the mechanics behind destroying tracks? Do tracks have an armor rating?

4:03 am, April 18, 2015 I've read that HE rounds are useful for de-tracking tanks.   Do tracks have some form of armor rating that needs to be penetrated just like the rest of the hull? I know how HE damage is appli [..] View

clan messaging to emails like we had before

4:03 am, April 18, 2015 There use to be a way in the past to email your clan members 5 at a time.  This allowed us to send messages to member who may not check the new clan message board.  This is a feature [..] View

Unlock shared equipment between nations when one has been researched

4:03 am, April 18, 2015 So I recently got the T1 Heavy and noticed the top gun was not unlocked even though I unlocked it while playing the Sherman III. I thought it made perfect sense if i unlocked a certain module no matte [..] View

Looking for a competitive clan.

4:03 am, April 18, 2015 Recent stats are climbing, should be in the blue range by Sunday or Monday. I have 10 tier 10's. I also only really play tier 10's or 8s in pubs.   BC25, E5, IS7, E100, T57, E3, Leo1, T62A, T [..] View

Playing Tier VIII, I'm just fodder

4:03 am, April 18, 2015 For the past few days, my platoon mate and I just can't seem to play a tier 8 game without ending up in tiers 9 and 10. What's going on with MM? Is there just a very large pool of players who incessan [..] View

Finally did it

3:03 pm, April 17, 2015 Well, I finally made it to the top.  After 9200 plus games, taking my time, learning and still learning, I finally bought my first tier 10.  Thanks to all those people who generously [..] View

Forum Post Deleted

3:03 pm, April 17, 2015 I leave the game and offer feedback as to why and a moderator removes my post?  Is this really how this forum and game is run?  Can you perhaps offer the correct place to offer feedb [..] View

World of Tanks Popularity

3:03 pm, April 17, 2015 In my little world, there seems to be less people on line. I saw an interesting survey a while back and wanted to run the same questions for comparison. [..] View

Arty Battle mode: Karl-like, arty only, incentive to stay out of Random pubs

3:03 pm, April 17, 2015 This is a suggestion for a new battle mode.     My belief is that a new mode like this would make arty players happy, would drain most arties out of Random mode, and make regular pla [..] View

Add Clan Rank Options ... Trooper and Tank Commander

3:03 pm, April 17, 2015 We have advocated more than once in related threads for the terms Trooper and Tank Commander to be included as rank options on our Clan Rosters.   Those ranks would still be equivalent to &qu [..] View

Release fdp files for sound modifications

3:03 pm, April 17, 2015 I am trying to figure out how I can increase volume of the sound I hear when my tank gets hit. So far I have tried a few mods from other players, but nothing does exactly what I need. I merel [..] View

[mc] Misfit Cavalry Recruiting Active Tankers

3:03 pm, April 17, 2015 Hi Ya'll We're Recruiting Active Goal oriented Tankers for Strongholds Skirmishes and Clan wars  We do have teamspeak it is Required for Clan activities  We are Looking for Members W [..] View

What are some pain-free grinds I should go for?

3:03 pm, April 17, 2015 I'm getting tired of playing my tanks from the T110E4 and T57 lines. I'm wondering, which grinds are not AS painful as most others, and lead to some ok tanks?   What I'm looking for: CW-Appli [..] View

E-75 vs VK 4502-B

4:03 am, April 17, 2015 I can get either one but probably don't need both.  Normally I would just get the E-75 as I know it is solid.  But facing the 4502 for quite some time, the armor in the front seems r [..] View

LFC 11+ tier 10's(2481 recent wn8)

4:03 am, April 17, 2015 Hey guys, as the title say im looking for a decent clan to do clan wars with. Im not looking so much for the skill level anymore just a good bunch to play with and to do clan wars and lots of strongho [..] View

Free xp

4:03 am, April 17, 2015 Hey, What do you spend your free xp on? I have about 55K at the moment, and I am not sure if it is the right time to spend it. I just got the St Emil and I hate it, so I would like to get away from it [..] View

Disaster Strikes

4:03 am, April 17, 2015 Hello again, So its a T8 match on Prokhorovka, and I'm in my Super Pershing, but there is a problem.  THERE'S NO ARTY TO PREVENT PLAYERS FROM CAMPING! Surely, the 1-2 line will be an&nbs [..] View

Unlocking a vehicle without the lowest level radio researched.

4:03 am, April 17, 2015 I'm currently working on the M37 American Light tank, this tank is capable of using three different radios:   VI: SCR 508 VI: AN/GRC-3 X: SCR 528   I have both SCRs unlocked but not [..] View

1750+ wn8 and 52% recent looking for clan to improve as a player

4:03 am, April 17, 2015 I would really like to join a clan to improve as a player. I do pretty good but I feel I need to be surrounded by better players to improve. I have peaked with the clans I was a part of in the past or [..] View

Team Killers really deserve long suspensions (and a beat down)

3:03 pm, April 16, 2015 In a game last night, a shitlord in a T14 took out two teammates tanks.  No accident, no enemy in sight. Yeah, he turned blue.  I hope he got more than a one hour time out. &nbsp [..] View

Struggling to get that 2nd mark [T29]

3:03 pm, April 16, 2015 Its really hard to get over 76%,cause when u get teams that cant hold a candle to the enemy team,u cant progress as much if u weren't getting bashed by MM's unicum friends who feast on people in tier [..] View

Medium Tanks

3:03 pm, April 16, 2015 I am currently headed up the American TD line but someone suggested that I might like mediums also.  I have played a few games on X-box and on a friends account and I seem more of a support t [..] View

To WG: No replay reporting = TK and pushing leaking into high tier

3:03 pm, April 16, 2015 WG, you recently announced that you will no longer accept reporting through the website.  Worst move ever.   We are already seeing more troll behavior even at higher tiers, because t [..] View

School me on the Matilda 4

3:03 pm, April 16, 2015 The tier 5 Soviet premium. Most of the time I run into these things, they are annoying. I need a low tier soviet medium crew trainer, and this seems like it (untill they release the t-34/85 with the d [..] View

Looking for a realistic clan...

3:03 pm, April 16, 2015 Hi there, I am looking for a realistic British WWII era clan. I'm at tier 5, 15k XP to tier 6 (Cromwell). 45% avg. win rate. Available every day after 3:30 Pacific Time. Also available for Clan Wars ( [..] View


3:03 pm, April 16, 2015 A few of my favorite  quotes from The Holy Book of Noob :   "I'm a tier 8 in a tier 10 game.....I guess I'm useless" "I can't pen anything in this game" "Any [..] View

How many total MoE do you have in your garage?

3:03 pm, April 16, 2015 A random thread.   I've got 8 Tanks in my garage currently. Not many, I know, but I like what I have.   T-34-3: One MoE IS-6: One MoE T54E1: One MoE T30: Two MoE's WZ-131: Two MoE's [..] View

Good Game?

4:03 am, April 16, 2015 I just played my first ever game in a tier eight tank (the IS-3) and did 4k damage. I have 1500 games played. what I want to know is: is this a good result, or should I be getting more damage when I a [..] View

game locking up switching tanks

4:03 am, April 16, 2015 This sometimes will happen when i log in but mostly happens when I switch from one tank to another (doesn't matter which one). The game locks up on updating crew and "Loading....." with gear [..] View

Need a place to relocate an arty crew

4:03 am, April 16, 2015 The first few weeks I played WOT I experimented with Spg's in the Lloyd gun carriage. I played it enough to know I don't like playing it, then moved up to the Sexton I. I have decided to abandon the G [..] View

I feel like a potato/tomato hybrid

4:03 am, April 16, 2015 Since potatoes and tomatoes belong to the same family, I believe I have taken the worst from both.   Mission: Destroy 3 medium tanks. I keep getting teams with 0-2 mediums on the enemy team. [..] View

"Four additional arty game mechanics"

4:03 am, April 16, 2015 Searched here, googled, found nothing mentioning this particular phrase.   From Status Report: - Wargaming is currently reworking artillery by testing "four additional artillery game mec [..] View

Shells falling out of my gun are quite annoying

4:03 am, April 16, 2015 I have noticed many a first shot in a match fall short or are low.   Im in my 183 there is a tank less than 100 meters away and my round goes straight into the ground.  Im s [..] View

Overrated vehicles

4:03 am, April 16, 2015 I have to say, some vehicles are over hyped in the game. A great example would be the KV1 ... sure, it's a good tank ... I would NEVER say it wasn't BUT it does have it's limitations   Lowish [..] View

The backstabers

4:03 am, April 16, 2015   So I just finished a game where the top two tanks platooned together (a heavy WZ111 and a med T54 ) played a holding game. Myself (type59) another med and a light engaged 5 red tanks (a 54, [..] View

Accidental Fire at Start... point your gun up.

4:03 am, April 16, 2015 I'm sure we all seen those times where a team mate would shove a shell into the back of our heads at the start but it's accidental. Also in most maps combat doesn't really start in the first minute of [..] View

LF Casual Clan

3:03 pm, April 15, 2015 Recently just got back stateside from Korea, want to get back to playing tried a couple clans but most just sat around waiting for Clan Wars and didn't do much else. I have kids and a full time job so [..] View

Want to win more? To HE or not to HE; That is the question

3:03 pm, April 15, 2015 Please note:  If you do not believe you have control over your win rate please read this post: [..] View

VK 30.01 H - any advice for this waking nightmare?

3:03 pm, April 15, 2015 Okay I thought the DW2 was the worst tank I ever used, but it was a dream compared to the VK 30.01 H at stock.   I decided I wanted to try and go unlock the Panther and the Tiger so I am forc [..] View

RIGOR is recruiting! Toons/tbs/stronkholds/tournies Good players only

4:03 am, April 15, 2015 Rigor is recruiting for Toons, Strongholds, Team battles, and Tournies! Website, Ts, Monthly addresses and friendly competitive atmosphere!   We are a pretty laid back group that just wants t [..] View

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