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Cant research T-44 turret with free xp!

4:03 am, July 6, 2015 Today I logged into the game and proceeded to play a massive game in my IS-6, I then converted my xp from the match and attempted to use it to unlock the T-44s upgraded turret. I have never played a g [..] View

Guide to Top Tier Mediums Equipment and Skills

4:03 am, July 6, 2015 So after reading a few threads on here asking for advice on load outs for medium tanks (at a high tier), and realising that some people seemed to have crazy ideas on what constitutes a good set up (GL [..] View

Tog 2 strategy help needed

4:03 am, July 6, 2015 I have been playing my tog for several months now, but can't seem to find the right strategy for playing it as a single tog unit. (all the videos show togs in platoons)  I have tried: follow [..] View

HORRENDOUS spotting mechanics. INVISIBLE tanks RAMMING me, 10/10.

4:03 am, July 6, 2015 No one else ever complains of this... and this time, I have a replay to prove it. I've been having a horrendous problem with 9.8; every now and then when I'm spotting, tanks don't get lit unt [..] View

looking for a clan 2500 recent wn8 and 57% recent WR

4:03 am, July 6, 2015 I just left my clan and i am looking for a clan to help me improve my game i currently have two tier tens IS-7 103 battles 58% WR E-50m with only 1 battle since i just bought it i am looking for a ver [..] View

im back, but this time, with an idea... lookin at you Japanese Tiger...

4:03 am, July 6, 2015 regarding the new *** tiger, at tier 6, this has given me an idea...  now german tanks were known for their accuracy, check they were also know for their armor, not so check... how do we fix [..] View

[IHOP] is recruiting publordz!

4:03 am, July 6, 2015 The International Home of Publordz is currently looking for new members! We are looking for players who love to have fun and seek to play strongholds, platoons, team battles, and eventually clan wars [..] View

AMX CDC model question

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015 I wonder if it is just my perception of the game, my monitor/calibration of the AMX CDC tank is way to bright? I think it needs to be a little darker and more contrasty.   Your opinions are w [..] View

_SNS_ looking for a caller

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015 We have some decent players: We are the 25th most active clan in world of tanks NA as of this posting: [..] View

You can't make this stuff up

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015 You gotta love humanity, huh?   Name not blocked because I'm willing to take the R/O to shame this guy.   -_-   Trying too hard:     BTW, co [..] View

When will players learn?

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015 that just because you are a scout, it doesn't mean you yolo across the map for initial spots?  just had a match where most of the team cried because i sat in a bush most of the map l [..] View

T62A - vents, rammer and ?

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015 Just after opinions for the third piece of equipment. Was going to go with the standard setup of vents/rammer/v stab, but it never seems to get hit too hard by dispersion so now I'm considering puttin [..] View

Camouflage Paint on Tanks Not Changing

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015 I have noticed that the camo paint jobs I have on my tanks are not changing to the corresponding maps that they get put on. I keep summer, winter, and desert camo paint on all my tanks. The right pain [..] View

Help with improvement

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015    Hi all, 1st time starting a post, so forgive if I mess up.     I have been watching vids, looking at the forum and seeking help from other players I know.&nb [..] View

Red Juicy Tomato in need of clan

3:03 pm, July 5, 2015 i have 3 tier 8s and nearly to my 4th one my stats are bright red(how does that matter?) however according to recent stats i am bluish green (does it matter?) almost 7000 battles and I am looking for [..] View

what happen to my first win of the day exp?!?!

4:03 am, July 5, 2015 i just logged on today hoping they at least give us a 3 star exp..... nope... i got nothing. so i went and restart the game, but still nothing 0.o i ask around in game, but no one wanted to talk -_- s [..] View

OP Tip: How to farm Crucial Contribution Medals

4:03 am, July 5, 2015 Step one. Get some kills in a battle. Step two. Find 1 or 2 people on your team that combined makes 12 kills. Step three. Invite them to platoon,hopefully they except. Step four. Get your Crucial Cont [..] View

i didn't get the first win of the day exp when i logged in

4:03 am, July 5, 2015 i recently logged in today and i didn't see the 2 or 3 stars first win of the day exp. so i restarted the game and still nothing 0.o... i heard other players in game was getting it, so i'm guessing so [..] View

About those x5 Weekend Teams...

4:03 am, July 5, 2015 Everyone always complains about how they can't win on x5 weekends. But here's the thing: when it comes to win rates, this really is a zero sum game. If someone is losing, someone else must be winning. [..] View

Don't underestimate the use of Armor in WOT

4:03 am, July 5, 2015 Don't underestimate your armor in World of tanks. Good positioning can save your tank and going hull down can do a lot for you. I went South pass on Fjord only to find a WTfe-100 an Is7 and a T57 in t [..] View

Selling fake gold

4:03 am, July 5, 2015 Has there ever been a known/reported case where the fake gold sellers have hacked or hijacked another players account and used that account to send out the gold spamming messages?   Just wond [..] View

Mouse does not work property after *****

3:03 pm, July 4, 2015 Hello. Sometimes my mouse stops working properly after *****. The cursor does not smoothly on the screen but appears to be in a very big lag and if I try to move my cursor around the screen it appears [..] View

Replay Viewer/Manager for 9.8

3:03 pm, July 4, 2015 Is there a replay manager compatible with the latest version of WoT?  Solo's mod pack used to include a Replay viewer, but it no longer does and the mod doesn't seem to be updated.  [..] View

looking for mod

3:03 pm, July 4, 2015 looking for suggestions for a customizable mod that shows in game, damage done, spotting damage, exp earned, etc.  never used mods before but seems like this might make personal missions a li [..] View

Team Battles RIP

3:03 pm, July 4, 2015 With the recent introduction of Global Map 2.0 and new clan wars mechanic for that map which requires influence that can be obtained in Strongholds Skirmishes, and also not-so-long ago when Stronghold [..] View

using free experience to increase training

3:03 pm, July 4, 2015 Hi tankers, is it me, or, are others having an issue with this? Announced recently that you can use your free experience to increase the training of your crew. I have followed the instructions to do t [..] View

IS-6 or T-54 mod 1

3:03 pm, July 4, 2015 So, I can buy one of them (sadly can't both ) but the problem is I can't decide which one should I buy.  I know, one is a heavy and the other a medium, one has better armor but worse mobility [..] View

Best equipment/consumables for S35 CA French tank destroyer?

4:03 am, July 4, 2015 I have wanted to buy this TD for over a year, but since the line its in seems to be lackluster, and since I didnt want to play the tier IV TD or probably also the tier VI TD in this line, I just never [..] View

Improving the Premium Tank System

4:03 am, July 4, 2015 So Wargaming has been removing premium tanks from the store slowly due to preferential matchmaking, but is that necessary? Why not approach it from a different angle and add more content/options than [..] View

looking for clan wars clan

4:03 am, July 4, 2015 so i have been around awhile now i am in need of a stable clan where if one person leaves it doesnt fall apart. that being said i have been a few clans over the years trying to improve but as soon as [..] View

Looking for clan...

4:03 am, July 4, 2015 Looking for a clan that doesn't allow illegal mods (if you are good you really don't need to use them), but is high lvl to what i play. I'm getting better and better, but I'm sick of these mind sets t [..] View

Tanking /w Science! Spall Liners, Ctrl Impact, and Ramming oh my!

4:03 am, July 4, 2015 Does the Spall Liner actually _DO_ anything useful?  How does it compare to what Controlled Impact does?   And what is the best way to cleave one of those pesky French LTs in half? & [..] View

Wheres Uncle Sam?! +prizes

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015                                     &a [..] View

Send a friendly PM mission

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 Hello everyone! I've noticed that the PM system is used, and I am not innocent of this, for starting fights and bitter, unfriendly conversations about something that happened in game. I challenge you, [..] View

For those who still have the T14 HVY. Question?

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 Each day I play the T-14 Prem that I switch crew with the M-103 and to clear the XP for the day. I know it is no longer a Tank that can be purchased, so I keep it in my garage as like others. What I a [..] View

I finished the Aufkl Panther

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 I guess I worked at it a little harder than necessary.  I don't know that I would've kept the tank if they weren't getting rid of it (not fun starting a new crew in a tier 7 light), but I enj [..] View

Learning the map

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 What is the best place to read about maps and opening moves? I have been looking over the threads on the forum, but many of the maps have been changed. I usually try to follow the best player in my cl [..] View

I love my M46 Patton (also here's a video)

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 The weekend's coming up, so here's a video and hopefully some anti-salt to kick things off.   So yeah, the M46 is still, tier for tier, a far superior machine to the M48. Fatton is fun to pla [..] View

Where are forum commands?

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 I used to have "View new content" and other commands to view new posts for my threads or threads I replied to, etc. They are gone. Can't find them. What happened? Why are they no longer ther [..] View

Dissapointed there is no tier 8 and 9 discount on American tanks

3:03 pm, July 3, 2015 Was kind of hoping for a discount on these tiers so I could buy my M46 Patton and T49 because I've already finished all the tier 7 american tanks . Went ahead and bought my T49 anyway cuz I couldn't [..] View

FV201 (A45)

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 Can anyone who bought the tank outright tell me if its worth the effort? Also, tell me this. If I rent the tank, and earn, say, 100k xp and get 100 kills, will it cost the same as if I just didn't eve [..] View

Even after the buffs, the T-34-2 is still horrible.

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 I can't remember what all the buffs to this tank were, but they were not enough.    While the ROF and mobility are not bad, the gun is horrible.  181 pen i [..] View

Do you have issues with the forum logging you out constantly? If so please post here.

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 Evening fellow World of Tanks players this is a bit of a public service announcement to bring awareness to this. About the same time as the 9.0 update the forum software for all Wargaming pro [..] View

Happy 4 year anniversary.

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 To myself(was really yesterday, but I was forum banned).    I can't believe it has been 4 years already.  Last game I played this long was eve online. Played for 5 years bef [..] View

E-75 accuracy.

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 I dont have this tank but i do come upon it when playing my T29 and no matter how hull down i get or even the distance away i get penned through the roof, not the commanders hatch but past the mantlet [..] View

Dont buy 268 they say, 268 is bad they say

4:03 am, July 3, 2015 Finally did TD-14 using my old trusted SU-122-44 this morning and decided to play Obj 268 to try to get 6000 damage done. Lots and lots of 2-3k dmg games, couple of 4-5k games, 15-5 W/L for a day, all [..] View

Panther medium tank

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 Slow, big, huge, paper. This pretty much describes the panther. I know people say to play it as a sniper, but if I want to snipe, I would buy a TD! That's what my E25 is for. Whenever I start shooting [..] View

Some actually good thoughts from WG's devs

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 Stuff I saw on Rita's Status Report this morning:   - the Mauschen was shelved for now because it's super hard to balance.  Overly powerful against lower tier tanks, and bad against [..] View

The real Batchat.

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 For any enthusiasts out there I thought I would just set the record straight.   Batchats were actually built and field tested, they were equipped with the 90 MM gun (F3). The French 105 gun t [..] View

Launcher Keeps Crashing

3:03 pm, July 2, 2015 About two weeks ago my launcher started to crash about once every two or three days, now it's getting to the point that it crashes once a day in the middle of battle. In fear that I will be p [..] View

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