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Sep 29, 9:05 pm

$$$ Phoenix Legion [PXLE] Recruiting $$$


Phoenix Legion is looking for recruits in our conquest for more provinces on the global map. We are fully active and want your participation. We are here to have fun but are competitive. We host weekly tournaments and competitions for gold, silver, and/or premium accounts/tanks when not active in Clan Wars to keep you occupied and to have fun! We want mature and serious players for Clan Wars, not people who think that they might be able to do or could do it sometimes, but ones that will on a regular basis.

Our requirements here:

-52% win rate or higher

-3 tier 10s in your garage

-TeamSpeak 3 downloaded and fully operational (mic working and able to hear us)

-Must be active 4+ days a week

-No drama of any kind

-16 years or older

If your interested in joining follow these steps:

1. Go to our website and go to the "Recruitment Center" page and fill out the application (Link below)

2. Message a recruiter in-game and they will do a few battles with you

3.You will receive a notification of acceptance/rejection within 24 hours of completing both steps 1 and 2

Thanks, good luck and we hope to see you with our tag next to your name. :blinky:


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BERT - FV304

3:03 pm, December 16, 2014 Hello Tankers !   Today we're reviewing Bert,the tier 6 SPM(you'll see what M stands for). You'll find some useful tips about it and some nice interesting facts Enjoy watching !   [..] View

KV-5 or IS-6?

3:03 pm, December 16, 2014 I can't stand playing my T34 anymore. I want an easy mode pref 8 to grind silver and not have to deal with tier tens.   I'm fairly competent as a heavy tank driver, and so I am mostly interes [..] View

Clanwars tactics from Mr_Gordon_Freeman & CYA for beginner Combat officers

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3:03 pm, December 16, 2014 I love it when a tank on your team parks RIGHT IN FRONT of the arty and gets nuked. THEN SCREAMS THAT YOU ****** HIM!!! Note to stupid players who camp in front of arty: We can't see your stupidness w [..] View

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3:03 pm, December 16, 2014 It just perplexes me that players in this game can work their way up to tier X and yet can't even do the most basic function of this game. LOOK AT YOUR !#%$)*^%#_)(^& MAP!!!! When you see 90%- [..] View

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wz111 im impressed

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MM so broke it needs to get fixed 1 Vs 9 Heavys is very unfair matchs needs a TLC of fixing

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WZ 111 Mission....It is not the damage, it is the kills

4:03 am, December 16, 2014 I played a fair amount today and accumulated 133,000 damage and 88 kills (German).  The damage is going to be easy....but holy cow are people hunting kills.  I have lost many kills w [..] View

New Year's marathon purchase question

4:03 am, December 16, 2014 So I've come to a dilemma with deciding on what to purchase from the gift shop. I've got 100 bucks and probably wont have any more till after these tanks disappear from the shop and I was wondering wh [..] View

Type 59 to be sold again in GIFT STORE

4:03 am, December 16, 2014 I read this post online:   and was wondering when we will be having our 1 day to buy the Type [..] View

Giving out team positions - what action is taken

3:03 pm, December 15, 2014 Hi, I was wondering if any real action is taken against unfair players who give out the position of their own team mates once they have died. I have seen a few people do it and after being told they w [..] View

When did I get this?

3:03 pm, December 15, 2014 I sort my garage by nations and I don't own any Chinese or Japanese tanks... but yesterday, for no particular reason I clicked thru the different nations and when I clicked on Japan... I found I had a [..] View

don't play the Gr.Tr! very sad MM!

3:03 pm, December 15, 2014 I bought it! first 2 battle in T3 battle! and 5 battle in T 5 and 1 battle is T4! the weak 75L 24 can't pen any thing in T5 battle! yes it's can pen the rear armor of the MT. but they can **** you fir [..] View

Need a new home, looking to Platoon and Stronghold

3:03 pm, December 15, 2014 Hi there,   I'm looking for a clan where I can platoon with and do some stronghold battles.  I play most night but can't commit for CW.   If you have any other ques [..] View

Good luck Tankers- find the clan that fits you

3:03 pm, December 15, 2014 Look for a clan that fits you, not one that you have to change to fit in. you will never be happy, remember this is a game, most of us are not making money off of it and play for fun.  GOOD L [..] View

Silly question regarding box set purchases

3:03 pm, December 15, 2014 If I buy the box set of low teir lights they have available, I know I will get the gold equivalent for the tanks I already own out of that set, my question is about the garage slots... do I get the go [..] View


3:03 pm, December 15, 2014 I would like a T-72M "Monkey version" as a premium T10, it will cost you 150$ to get it and it doesn't make any more money than T8 premiums, it has less armor than the original T-72 so it ca [..] View

WZ-111 Mission

3:03 pm, December 15, 2014 If you have 0 tanks in a nations tech tree, and buy the 10 dollar token, will you be able to bypass the nation?  OR Are you required to have at least a tier 6 in the tree to redeem the token? [..] View

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