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9:05 pm, September 29, 2013

$$$ Phoenix Legion [PXLE] Recruiting $$$


Phoenix Legion is looking for recruits in our conquest for more provinces on the global map. We are fully active and want your participation. We are here to have fun but are competitive. We host weekly tournaments and competitions for gold, silver, and/or premium accounts/tanks when not active in Clan Wars to keep you occupied and to have fun! We want mature and serious players for Clan Wars, not people who think that they might be able to do or could do it sometimes, but ones that will on a regular basis.

Our requirements here:

-52% win rate or higher

-3 tier 10s in your garage

-TeamSpeak 3 downloaded and fully operational (mic working and able to hear us)

-Must be active 4+ days a week

-No drama of any kind

-16 years or older

If your interested in joining follow these steps:

1. Go to our website and go to the "Recruitment Center" page and fill out the application (Link below)

2. Message a recruiter in-game and they will do a few battles with you

3.You will receive a notification of acceptance/rejection within 24 hours of completing both steps 1 and 2

Thanks, good luck and we hope to see you with our tag next to your name. :blinky:



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SEA server has anniversary events :o

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Churchill 3 great value

3:03 pm, July 31, 2015 I would say out of all the t5 premium tanks (have them all)/   makes most money, amazing dpm, very well armored for the tier. can take a beating while firing away.   a must buy for $ [..] View

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WG afraid of the afk crowd

4:03 am, July 31, 2015 WoT has such a high percent of afk zero contribution players WG ran away from an effort to fix it.  The AFK leeching hoard is as bad as ever and ruins massive numbers of games, creat [..] View

Vilin Outreach Program

4:03 am, July 31, 2015 Andepans, of Vilin, will be doing a streamed Vilin Outreach ProgramTM . It will begin in 30 minutes. Only people with less than 3k PR will be allowed. So hurry up and contact him now. This is a golden [..] View

Reliable Intuition perk

3:03 pm, July 30, 2015 Intuition should be changed to give back a percentage of your current reload. If one loader has it, 20% (or something) of your current reload should be refunded when you switch shell types. If you're [..] View

wow.... just wow....

3:03 pm, July 30, 2015 Nothing like starting off my new Bromwell with a 18.75% win rate..... Must be all 10000000000000% me and not the other 14 top quality idiots players. Game after game after game after game after game.. [..] View

Fix the terrain inconsistencies in standard graphics

3:03 pm, July 30, 2015 WG can you please fix the issue with the terrain model not lining up with how it is represented graphically? Eternally frustrating to try to go hulldown only to find that the ground that you can see i [..] View

How to improve my stats further?

3:03 pm, July 30, 2015 Some of you who have been here for a long time may remember me.   My stats used to be solid black.   My recent win rate was sub- 45% and my ovr win rate was around 42.   My [..] View

I am not looking for stats related or rank in TS - But want to join

3:03 pm, July 30, 2015 Ok I know you have all ready looked at my stats and are thinking well he is below par, I don't wan't him, two premium tanks and a tier 6 brit arty and only 380 games played and he want's to join a cla [..] View

UI to be redone.

3:03 pm, July 30, 2015 according to Status Report -   UI in WoT will be reworked to ActionScript 3     why in the hell would WG use this ? actionscript3 is a part of the Adobe Flash. the most hac [..] View

The best game ive ever played

4:03 am, July 30, 2015   Title says it all.  Probably not all that impressive for some of you...but for me this is i [..] View

X1/360 cross platform play not working

4:03 am, July 30, 2015 Anyone else tried this yet and cannot get it to work?   Tried inviting from both 360 and X1, invites are not being received by invitees on either platform.  Game invites only, we kno [..] View

Where'd my A45 go?

4:03 am, July 30, 2015 Hello all. So, I was messing about in garage, and right clicked on my A45, (License not bought) and I saw an option that I had never saw before: something about check reset menu. So, like an idiot, I [..] View

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