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KV2 needs heavier weighting in anti-team damage/TK system

5:03 am, September 16, 2014 So as we all know, with the patch of 9.2 came the implementation of the completely automated team damage system. Now, as with all things such as this, there will be exploits. This one is my biggest co [..] View

So...what happened to civility?

2:01 am, June 17, 2014 I freely admit I'm not the greatest or most consistent player...I have no problem with constructive criticism of my playing this game, and admit that I make plenty of mistakes along with some [..] View

[Rant]How long am I going to stay blue?

2:01 am, May 6, 2014 Story: last night I was minding my own business in my tier 3. Suddenly a ******* covenenter runs into me and of course it's MY fault and he derps me for almost all my HP. But that wasn&#39 [..] View

What happens when they finally replace the T-50-2? [Slight Rant]

10:05 am, July 10, 2013 Will they refund my 62k exp it took to get the damn thing?! Or the 725k Credits it took to buy it? They aren't even turning it into a Prem tank or anything like they did with the T34. It just [..] View

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