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Artillery suggestions based upon current opinionss

5:03 am, October 8, 2014 I think that the following suggestions would be ones that 99.99% of all WoT players would like, at least in my impressions from the forums.  Please note, the following changes *only* would af [..] View

WoT mind games?

2:01 pm, August 14, 2014 I've heard several unicum streamers mention this when they are doing certain specific things. That they are playing mind games with their current target. As a curious person, i'm reall [..] View

Kriegstreiber's Hangar & decals for 9.1?

2:01 pm, July 6, 2014 Anyone know if there a working version of these? View

Who needs allies when you've got enemies like these?

2:01 pm, July 5, 2014 submitted by Jonticles [link] [21 comments] View

Horrible Lag Spikes since Latest Patch

2:01 am, June 27, 2014 Has anyone else been getting these? Almost every battle now, halfway through, without warning my ping goes to 999ms, and I'm completely desynced for the rest of the game. submitted by Nodul [..] View

Grotraktor - Krupp (How rare are these?)

2:01 am, May 14, 2014 submitted by MJCPRODUCTIONZ [link] [24 comments] View

What equipment does everyone recommend to use with the M24 Chaffee?

9:05 am, February 28, 2014 I've bought the ventilation, but I don't want to buy other expensive equipment without being sure of what I need to do with the tank. I've been considering the vertical stabili [..] View

What are these?

9:05 pm, January 9, 2014 Okay so, for the longest time I couldn't for the life of me figure out if the things on the side and front of some tanks were spaced armor or added armor to that certain area or purely cosmetic. Can a [..] View

As an alt to a previous post, are there any tanks that you for some reason hate, yet still perform well in?

9:05 pm, December 8, 2013 Reading Ceraunius's post "Is there a tank you love to drive, but have a terrible win rate in?" got me thinking about my garage, and how some tanks of mine I actually have a v [..] View

Discussion: Game Modes

10:05 pm, October 17, 2013 So I am going to try to do a discussion every day as long as I can think of something ~OC. Today I thought we could talk bout game modes. E.I. Standard, Assault, and Encounter. Questions to Keep in M [..] View

[Replay] What could I have done differently in this game? Defeat on Mines.

10:05 pm, June 24, 2013 Looking for feedback on this intense (for me) play. I've made several mistakes that I can identify: not staying arty safe at certain points, taking too much damage, not picking an optimal appr [..] View

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